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When was a launch date announced for imatch?
Utter rubbish. It's simple accident (laziness, lack of innovation) that the Microsoft codebase has barely changed in over ten years. Not a business decision by apple. You want modern tech, get modern tech. Otherwise, stick with outdated hardware and software and deal with being left behind.
Nope. You need to decide if you want to run legacy software, or upgrade your software and hardware every five years or so. If u want the latest technologies, u need to get the latest technology. It really is that simple.
Nor is it to apple. Heck, even one of then old shuffles had voice control. And if they android do go on to develop this as a feature, they are clearly indicating that they don't believe a word of the criticism they're currently levelling at apple. Why develop a technology if it's pointless?!
LOL - seriously. What Jobs said was true, not just some pathetic dig at another company. 7" tablets failed. Mobile flash fails.
"Your phone is a tool for communicating. You shouldn’t be communicating with the phone; you should be communicating with somebody on the other side of the phone,” he added." Really, so why put a web browser, GPS, apps and other functionality on a phone. This guy really is a moron.
I clicked the button, followed the upgrade. No issues. Not sure why anyone would.there's an overlap between two different services. MobileMe isn't morphing into iCloud. Maybe that's the cause of yr confusion. MobileMe != iCloud.
I'm hoping for snowleopard compatible updates to ilfe and iwork allowing icloud functionality, i just think icloud is aimed squarely at ios devices and every ios device under two years old will run ios5, so no one will reasonably be left out in the cold. Ed. Not forgetting itunes match and all the other itunes functionality will run under snowleopard...
Yup, latest technologies require latest operating systems and hardware. That's the nature of technology, although i will say that apple try as hard as any other company to maintain compatibility with kit and os for about two years back. My ipad 1 is about to run OS5, as a free upgrade. Not bad for two year old kit.
why? Mobileme will soon be dead. Icloud uses your apple id. Only one account, only one sign in. It really is that simple. As for people with multiple itunes accounts, that's a tiny minority of people who cheated cross border copyright and release restrictions, and these people are already used to multiple sign ins.
New Posts  All Forums: