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When I'm working on a document, watching a movie, browsing the web I want the content to be the centre of my attention. The application interface should be subtle, unobtrusive and in the background. Monochrome interfaces with well designed icons are the future. We don't want endless toolbars and buttons in candy-striped colours all clamouring for attention. Monochrome is the way forward, let the content we are viewing take centre stage please.
No, it isn't Furthermore it is standard industry practice. If I go to Walmart to buy a product, I pay the price in Walmart, the original manufacturer of the product isn't sat in Walmart saying "you can also buy from me and save a little money, don't bother going to the cashier here, i can take payment from you instead". Consumers accept then when in a retail outlet/distribution model you pay the mark-up of the retail outlet/distributor selling the product. Sure - there...
10.5 is a beta - I assume you're a developer and are reporting your issues to Apple?
Been there for ages - get info on a track (or your entire library if you want) and tick "remember playback position" in info. Can't imagine anything more annoying that going to play a track and being halfway through already though...
This still doesn't address the issue where users of wacom tablets can't drag tracks and playlists around - very annoying not being able to create playlists and tidy the library without having to swap input device....
Utterly ridiculous statement - "will never" - that's just a stupid thing to say. Of course in the future they will have enough processing power, storage, pico projectors, wireless external monitors - you have no idea what the future holds. I know accountants who already use the iPad as their main input device when out with clients, and this in year two of a new device.
So, rumour states that new device is round the corner, no device appears, so another rumour is invented explaining why. 12 month iPad product cycle. Any less is commercial suicide. Apple know this, why don't the creators of these BS rumours?
Sales tax in the UK is 20%, you also pay import duty as part of the price. it cancels out most of the difference, although prices are still slightly higher outside of the US.
Nothing has been announced, therefore there is no delay. So the news might be frustrating, but it's not news, just people back tracking on early guess work and fiction so they don't look stupid in a few weeks when they are proven wrong.
Because as long as legacy software that holds back development is supported there is no pressure for software developers to join the rest of us in the twenty first century. It's like web designers having to compromise everything for windows XP users running ie6. Enough is enough, six years is enough time for any company to bring their software into the modern computing world, or to go bust as they deserve to do.
New Posts  All Forums: