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You mean you don't need it?Some people have their ipod with them when on holiday for 2/3 weeks, or when working away from home for months at a time. Like me, some have completely uncompressed audio files for live broadcast quality playback - thirty hours of uncompressed audio doens't fit on a 32gig device, and the touch screen can be problematic when accurate control of playback is needed.There are lots of reasons that people want, use and like their iPod classics and...
It's an intermittent issue experienced by a minority of users, this issue wouldn't have bedn known about until it was reported in the wild.This is a firmware update specufically for an issue related to thunderbolt coonections to this specific monitor, nothing else. If you have a flickering issue other than this, then you should contact applecare and have it corrected or your money refunded. Geez, how can people criticise a company for fixing a problem?!
This specific issue is less than 8 weeks old. Pretty good going.
I see, because the difference between a 3.7 display with the highest resolution on the market place is so much smaller and more difficult to read than a 4 inch display with a third less pixels...?
I do hope apple is listening to all you experts, as they obviously have no idea how to run their company. People create rumors, guess at launch dates, then create delays, problems where none exist as nothing has been announced. Apple will state on the fourth what the new product is, heck, these rumor mills couldn't even get guesses on the new kindle correct, so u don't have a hope with the new iDevices. How about all you so called experts criticising the most...
Thanks for explaining. What an apallingly written article. Talks about a problem but doesn't clarify what the problem is or clearly explain what it affects!
The thunderbolt display got into the hands of consumers this week, but has issues that have been lingering around for months? That makes no sense at all.
Android phones do not outsell iOS phones, they are given away by cellphone companies, meaning there are more in circulation. Every iPhone out there is purchased either directly or through an upfront cost and loaded monthly fee to the cellphone provider. The majority of Android handsets are free on relatively inexpensive contracts.
No, they don't. Most iPhone owners will be on contract, and when their contract is renewed they will be offered a new phone, probably an upgrade to the five The five will be sold primarily to those who do not currently have an iPhone. Normal people (not tech heads like us) will be on a standard upgrade cycle. The iPhone 3G works great, the 4 works great - there's no reason to upgrade other than "I want the latest/greatest", those buying will always aim for the...
You mean a request is sent, but until u authorise it, the other person can't see you. Pretty crazy paranoia you have there.
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