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I see where you're coming from - but this device is about the future, not about legacy offices. It's time to upgrade - I'm sure the macbook Air would be no use in your set up either. I do understand financial pressure on business - I run my own;However I suspect that this device simply isn't for you, which is fine. Doesn't mean that many businesses, both uptodate technologically and new start ups won't find many uses for this. I'd like to know what these new features...
Yes, I do think they were downloading web pages live - and if screen synching was being used (unlikely) don't you think it would have been type-o free with zero glitches?
No, he's not - there is an adapter for SD cards and a USB port - this is not a card, it's a bit of plastic that slots into the dock connector socket (whatever it's called) for the occasional use that people would need this for...Your link:http://www.apple.com/uk/ipad/specs/
I believe the iPhone has exchange support, as does snow leopard, so I think it's a given that exchange support will be here.
What do you use your USB port for? There is a USB port btw, an inexpensive adapter - I can't think of a single use for it in a device with 3G and wireless networking though? I do use one of the USB ports on the back of my imac, this is for an external HD - why is this a necessity for a business tablet device?And don't dismiss the device because of a guess on your part - "if you can't even have a documents folder that syncs with your desktop computer then it's totally a...
Nope, this is NOT intended to replace anything, it is a new device category. Why don't people get this? Laptops and desktops have their place, as do smart phones/PDAs. This is something new, not a replacement. Smarter than a smart phone, not as functional as a netbook/laptop.
This isn't being marketed at kids/teenagers - the macbook, iPod Touch and iPhone are for that sector. This is for those who just wanna read and browse on the couch, it's too big for a teenager to fit in a pocket, so useless for them, most males don't carry a bag, and teenage girls prefer designer handbags, again a fail for them.yes, Apple - fail after fail. A growing share of the OS, laptop and desktop market, complete dominance in smartphones and music players, a brand...
Nope, that isn't what he's claiming. He's suggesting that it's a great device for those who don't need a laptop and carry it around everywhere only to check email and do the occasional bit of surfing. Some people don't need a laptop on the road, but could with being in touch online.
Oh dear. How would you hold it in the cup of your hand without obscuring the screen if the bezel was any smaller? It has a brand new version of iLife, and a new OS, with version 4 obviously on the way. I'm sorry you don't see the innovative nature of a device designed for a very focussed set of tasks that starts up in 16 seconds and has a ten hour battery life, weight one and a half pounds, will drop into your man bag, is smaller than a laptop and replaces the...
I disagree, this is a home device for those who don't want a computer in the living room, but do wanna browse, listen to music and check their email while reading the odd article. It will have a niche market in business, that it's not aimed squarely at the business market is it's main strength in marketing, and why all others have failed.
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