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OMG. When is iPhone going to come with a matt screen? I can't buy one until it's matt.
You can still use google maps through Safari. And save the icon to your home screen so you access it just like any other app.
You'll see way more Android users if you skip the airport and take the bus.
Am I the only one who finds it odd that Apple and Intel would launch this without a single peripheral on the market that uses it yet? The intel video had a bunch of "coming soon" products in their demos, but didn't mention when they'd be released. Are Lacie/WD/Seagate et al reluctant enough about the tech that they couldn't co-ordinate some sort of launch at the same time? Apple's cinema displays use it instead of mini display port
The Lion preview is available to Mac Developer Program members through the Mac App Store today, and the final version of Lion will ship to customers this summer. I wonder if the final version will be available for sale through the Mac App Store too, eliminating the need for external media?
Snow Leopard came on a USB flash drive with my Macbook air
When I sell products through Amazon or eBay, they definitely take their cut. This is no different.
Why would a bank pay 3% interest to Apple when they can borrow money from the Federal Reserve at .25%? I'm surprised Apple gets 1%.
No problems here connecting to European networks with At&T
I live in Phoenix, too, and yes AT&T sucks here. But, I won't be switching. Especially if I can't do data and voice transmission at the same time. I think people use both simultaneously more than they realize.
New Posts  All Forums: