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I couldn't have said it better myself
That's what everybody said when Apple got into the cel phone market.
They usually come out with at least one major operating system upgrade during the year between hardware releases. These are available to EVERYONE and add great functionality each time. Most Android upgrades never make it down to people who already own Android phones. My iPhone4 is already better than it was when I bought it.
Many of them would have bought an iPhone if it were available on other carriers. Can't blame them for that. I have spent quite a bit of time playing around with their phones, and every time it makes me appreciate my iPhone even more. For those who love Android, more power to you. But, in my opinion, it is the Windoze of the smartphone world; overly complex.
If you're counting operating system numbers, you need to include iPod touch and iPad sales with the iPhone as they run the same operating system and the same apps.
People unlock Verizon phones for use on Cricket here in Phoenix. $55 per month for unlimited everything.
Elimination of software piracy is a HUGE advantage the app store will have over developers each trying to implement their own cumbersome registration processes that, in the end, don't really work. This should more than make up for Apple's percentage. I think Apple's store will also draw a lot of attention and sales to developers who don't otherwise get it. I think the advantages are huge to be in the store. Those that turn their nose up will soon have a change of heart...
The majority of my friends who want an iPhone but don't want AT&T are still holding out. I can think of half a dozen. Half of those have bought an Android phone.
As I said, I don't know the economics of it, but I certainly could imagine the GREAT PR it would get if Apple said tomorrow 'we are moving all our manufacturing jobs to the US' ! It would make a huge statement to the rest of the big businesses who are sitting on top of huge cash surpluses while millions of Americans are out of work. That kind of good PR would have to generate income down the road.[/QUOTE] It may or may not be good PR for Apple to produce products in...
Why hasn't an independent label who already has access to iTunes not set up a portal for unsigned artists to publish their music to iTunes through them? Perhaps they take a 10% cut, but hey, 60% is better than 0. Then it isn't Apple doing it and they aren't violating their agreement with Apple Corps.
New Posts  All Forums: