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All this talk about faster and more ram is nice, but what I want before I buy an iPad is for it to REPLACE my laptop, not tether to it. For that to happen, I need it to be an independent device. It needs iLife. It needs to be able to back up to my Time Capsule like my lappy does. It needs to be able to sync directly to my iPhone (Perhaps through the cloud in NC). Until then, no iPad for me. My 11 inch Macbook Air should be here tomorrow. And although Mac nerds will...
iLife is included for free with all Mac purchases. ilife 11 is already on the store shelves at the Apple Store.
Steve Jobs said that software downloads could be downloaded once and used on all of your personal computers.
Me too
They will probably make iDVD still available in the current version via download, like they did when they updated to the current version of iMovie. They probably just won't update it and include it on the install disk anymore.
That may not be possible for much longer. iPhones have a high resale value as a lot of people want to hack them for T-Mobile. Once they can get a new handset subsidized by T-Mobile, the market for used iphones may dry up. Or, at least the price may come down.
I usually watch porn at home, where I have wifi.
I do it every 30 minutes everyday with my Mac when I wirelessly back up with Time Machine.
I tested all my favorite flash porn sites on an ipad at the Apple store. Every one of them worked.
I have several friends who manage Starbucks stores. I think Starbucks had two big problems. One, they were actively remodeling their stores to encourage people to get their drinks and leave. They didn't want people hanging out. They took out carpeting so the stores would be loud and removed the soft furniture. Two, at the same time Starbucks was doing this where I live, Mom and Pop coffee shops started springing up all over. They encouraged people to hang out with...
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