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[QUOTE=druble;1625288]Wow, did you even read the article. This is about Apps that were originally written in flash, and they were converted to the iPhone through a process that converts the flash code to objective C, then complies it for the iPhone. There were tons of apps in the app store that were ported this way. What they means is they are NOT flash, but they were ported FROM flash. Apple has banned those. According to the CEO of Adobe, there are just over 100 apps...
I have to disagree. I have owned my own business for years, and five years ago ditched all the Windows PC's in the office and moved everything over to Macs. Yes, the Macs cost more to purchase up front, BUT THEY WORK! When I was running Windoze, every week I had systems down, bogged down with viruses, this and that doesn't work. Have to hire a tech to come in and trouble shoot them and get them running again. Not big enough to have in-house IT staff. I had to pay an...
Obviously all that grown is international. It appears to me that US growth is stagnating.
Apple is using toys and games to teach us students a new user interface for a new computing platform. Once the pieces are in place (an abundance of software), Apple will introduce a Macbook Touch. It will have ports, a camera, be a stand alone product that backs itself up to time capsule, it will have a large hard drive... If they introduced it now, it wouldn't sell. But a big iPod will.
good one
I am disappointed that it's not a computer. It's a computer accessory that must be synced with a computer. When it's a computer in it's own right, can print, can multitask, can back up to time capsule... let me know. Until then, I love my Macbook.
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