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 ... and every year they have supply constraints at launch.... and every year those supply constraints get larger. So... it is true... and it should be a concern.
 Imaginary demand? What the f*ck do you think analysts do? The 5S/5C error in the beginning should be enough to show anyone that, yes, Apple can make mistakes.
 There it is exactly. If Apple had 6 different phones (by different I'm talking screen sizes, chip etc.) selling 10 million units each then that is quite different than having 2 phones selling 30 million units each.
 There is also efficiency of numbers... and everyone seems to be at absolute capacity to fill Apple's requirements.
 So... the screen manufacturer has to increase production... but they have limited supply of materials. So... the chip manufacturer has to increase production... but they have a limited supply of materials. ... and on and on down the chain... until we come to Foxconn... who is waiting for parts... and then, even if they get them, which is doubtful, they have to ask themselves... do we spend billions ramping up production to well beyond are capacity to manage it, especially...
 Did somebody personally attack you? You obviously have no clue what is considered a personal attack either. (if it was a personal attack then the mods would have let me know.)
 You obviously have no clue about manufacturing.
 Oh for shit's sake. Give your head a shake. I'm talking about a future where Apple is at a limit as to how many phones can be made. Apple just can't snap its fingers and... voila!... phones are made... and you just can't build more plants for increased demand. There is a complete supply chain.
 It doesn't matter how many Apple wants... it's about how many can be made. As I mentioned before... Apple's manufacturers are at capacity now.
 That just doesn't make sense. Hell, Apple is constrained now and I really doubt the sales will be even close to 75 million for 1 quarter.
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