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 "sometimes meaningful conversation" What??!! Who let that happen??!! When did it occur??!! 
 ... and I agree with that and was not arguing that point.
 "but I wouldn't underestimate the ability of the car industry to respond and adapt to the provocation" Like all the other companies that have joined the boneyard when new technology came into existence. There is no reason to believe that the auto industry will fare any better. The landscape will change to some extent... some companies will die, others will carry on. The one thing competitors should fear the most is Apple's OS and ecosystem.
 Phil!! What the hell are you doing??!! Anything close to agreeing with me will make your credibility plummet! Har!
 If it really is true that Apple is building a car then, at least, everyone is getting a warning well in advance. It would be interesting to see if they would fare any better.
 I click on them occasionally... as I would imagine a lot of people do. Once in a blue moon an ad pops up about something that interests me.
 It's obvious that Google has not yet found another area that aligns with their original business model (they had one, right??!!).
Apple has climbed the mountain. From "beleaguered" to "interloper".  lol!
 There is that.
 Well, Amigo, maybe in the land of incomprehension but not in the real world. This headline: Smartphone shipments topped 1.2 billion in 2014, Samsung's share plummeted in face of Apple gains would make anyone believe that smartphones topped 1.2 billion in 2014... and that during that time Samsung's share (of the 1.2 billion) plummeted (it did) and that during that time (2014) Apple's share (again, of the 1.2 billion) gained (it did not). The headline would make you believe...
New Posts  All Forums: