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I really really like the new plastic phones that were just announced... oh, wait...
 At some later date Apple will divulge a secret about Steve Job's greatest achievement... Tim Cook... he's actually an Android... oh... wait...
 If Apple actually is making a car then I can hardly wait until we start discussing version naming.  Har!
 Damn, man, we'd have to erase 70% of the comments if being relative to the thread was a requirement for posting.
 The Mac was invented by IBM in 1973.  :-)
  ... and (from CNet)  :-)"1968 - Jobs calls Bill Hewlett, the co-founder and co-namesake of Hewlett-Packard, looking for spare parts to build a frequency counter. Hewlett gives Jobs the parts, as well as an internship with the company that summer." The same year that Apple Records was formed.
 Myself... I couldn't give a rat's patootie about wardrobe coordination (... and you'd know that if you saw me). On the other hand... a few of my male friends and every one of my female friends, including my Wife, would agree with you wholeheartedly... especially if they are going to spend over $300 (or $100 for that matter) on something attached to their wrist. gold gold gold
 I've had the same view for quite a while now... and, basically, received the same reaction on AI. It's not that we are saying that Apple is doomed, or that the whole idea of wearables sucks, or even that this iteration of the Apple Watch sucks. It comes down to you and I both believing that we don't feel compelled to buy this version at this point in time. This coming from two people who immediately saw the personal potential and usefulness of both the iPhone and iPad...
 This is an absolutely new game for Apple. We'll just have to sit back and see how it unravels.
 It also keeps the post count up.
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