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 First of all, you have to actually read my comment. Then proceed from there. The headline says:  "Apple announces 7-for-1 stock split..." The article says: "granting each AAPL stock owner six shares for each share owned..." That is neither clear nor correct. It should say:  "granting each AAPL stock owner an additional six shares for each share owned..." There. Clear and correct.
 It doesn't say you have to give up your shares either in the headline... that makes it 8 for 1.
 "... announced a split granting each AAPL stock owner six shares for each share owned..." Not clear? No. Just wrong.
7 for 1?   Later it says 6 for 1.   More than likely 7 for 1.
Nothing really to complain about for this quarter (other than iPad sales). Margin is up. Cash pile is growing.   I just wish Apple could find a phone line-up that would keep them above 50 million units at all times.   Not sure what to make of the iPad shortfall. That doesn't seem to bode well.
 Apple's stock price is a mess. Apple, the company, is doing just fine. [oh... and, yes... September 2012 - $700... not September 2011 ]
 Not quite right. I made money from AAPL selling at $545 after buying at $390, thinking that it should have topped out at that point (and, technically, it should have). Shortly after that it went up to $700. If the person who bought my shares at $545 kept them until $700 and then sold... well, we would have both made about the same amount of money. Anyone buying long at $700 would then have lost money... if they have sold since that time.
 ... and all the people on this board who have apparently made mucho dineros on AAPL... or at least that's what we keep hearing. 
 Malcolm X ... or were you just being coy, Roy.
 I stick my phone in my front pocket. If it was 4.7 to 5 then it would be a lot better for me, easier to see, and I could still stick it in my pocket. As you say, it's more than just a phone and, in my opinion, having a larger screen allows you to use one device instead of two.
New Posts  All Forums: