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Oh, yes, Samsung, water proofing will definitely make me want to buy your phone. What other reason could there be.
B & N plus Samsung.   A winning combination.           /s
 If Apple sells 72 million units it will be an unprecedented number, well beyond the expectations of any reasonable person. The only way your scenario plays out (based on my comment) is if the stock price is above $140 on the day that Q1 2015 is announced.
Headline around January 23rd, 2015:   "Apple only sells 72 million phones, not the 75 million anticipated. RBC downgrades AAPL to a sell."
 Don't leave us hanging. Tell us what you do with your iPad at work.
 Sooner than it'll turn into profit.
 I think it's more of an offensive move against [more] stupidity.
Why this wasn't obvious from the start is a mystery to me.   The iPad, as complex and wonderful as it is, is not really ready for prime time. Never has been imo.   Great for content... not quite up to the task (yet) of workhorse.   I give it another 4 or 5 years. Tops.
New Posts  All Forums: