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All I know is that there are a lot of iPod, iPhone, iPad users that I know that are absolutely not interested in the Apple Watch.   What that says to me is one of two things:   1. The user group is smaller than any or all of the above.   2. The user group is different than any of Apple's other products.   Maybe it'll grow on some of these people. Not sure.
 Damn, Ben, should have taken the bet at 40 million. Your odds are going down.
 ... and you can't do that without design sense.
 You need to do some more reading.
 It was good that they disbanded, lost Marriott, and then had the other three joined by Wood and Stewart. "Faces" was a much better band, imo.  
 Super Nietzsche. "Without an Apple Watch, life would be a mistake."
Quick, sog35, make a bet with them!!   Piper Jaffray must shut down for a month if they are wrong!!
 The first day of sales will be greeted with the inevitable video of the destruction of an Apple Watch using a cindercrete block.
 Must be an interesting workplace...
 I've heard a lot of people say they like it because they can easily see what is in the frame. I live in a tourist destination and I'm always surprised to see how many iPads being used as cameras.
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