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 This is nothing new to anyone that has even an inkling about marketing. Selling "distressed" jeans at exorbitant prices is one of the best examples of this phenomena. Maybe the next thing will be $35,000 Apple Watches that have cracks in them.
 I'm basing it on the jewellery industry... which is one of the oldest in the world.
If Apple wants to really gain traction in the watch/smartwatch category they will have to have more than one design.   A watch isn't just a piece of tech... it's a fashion statement. Not everyone will want what the next person is wearing. You can have all the bands you want but, if the watch is the same then people will look elsewhere for a different design.
 Swatch also makes a ton of $60-$70 watches.
 At least if you buy a sport model you can always point out to a person with the Edition model that your watch is built to the same exact standards... same software too... just minus the gold.
 I was going to bring that up yesterday... but couldn't decide which avenue/angle to take... considering that there was an Apple Watch orgy happening in most threads.
 Crude might be cheaper, still, but gas prices are going back up.
 I think a more apt comparison would be 5 Yugos...
 It aint just Gruber and Siegler focusing on the gold watch. Check the threads today: Sport Watch - 13 comments Steel Watch - 98 comments Gold Watch - 218 comments Just saying...
Wow! I can see that this model is creating a lot of excitement...
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