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Sometimes you just have to turn down a deal... no matter how lucrative it appears. GTA just didn't have the wherewithal to walk away from a deal with Apple.
 Oh... I thought you just said it was 3 years. So now you are saying you don't know what the upgrade cycle is. You could have saved us all a bunch of time and said that in the first place.
 ... and if it's lower then you will say you have to compare it over 5 years. Been there... done that...
 She's not a troll. Just a very well educated technophile.
 Except that you are now shrinking the market for the iPad... moving a person from an iPad to a MBA. I thought the whole idea was to have the iPad do more to increase its market.
 The last 6 quarters in the previous 3 year cycle sold 15 million more iPads than the first 6 quarters of this 3 year cycle.
Maybe Mac sales will eventually be greater than iPad sales.   
 Unless, of course, iPad sales continue to slide... and then it could be less than 140 million.
 Just release one that is larger.
 If a larger iPad had been introduced we would have bought one as soon as it was available. Now we are most likely to buy an iPad Air 32 and save a few bucks.
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