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 ... and, to tell you the truth, my initial reaction to the sale of Square would be for Apple to buy it. Maybe Cook is too concerned about the purchase price, which is hard for me to believe because, from everything I have read, he is a long range planner. I guess that's the question to ask...   Why would Cook/Apple grow soft on the idea of buying Square? Does Apple already have a system nearing completion and Square doesn't fit in with that vision? That would be my first...
 Oh, I know it's okay... but you sure as hell wouldn't believe that for a minute after reading a few threads on AI.
 So has mine.
... and now it's okay to question Tim Cook's decision making?   Hmmmmm...
 I just thought I'd follow your lead.
 All I've got. This from a guy that believes that Apple doesn't have the ability to do it's own payment system. That it's "mind boggling". I guess Apple should have just sold the other guy's computers, used the other guy's mobile os, used the other guy's mobile phone etc. etc. etc. Give me a break.
 Hmmmm... now you change the use of your term "mind boggling". Makes me wonder.
 Mind boggling? That's a bit of hyperbole.
 ... and, of course, the WSJ has been bang on concerning anything Apple.
 What would really make me dance is to see Google buy Square for >$8 billion and then have Apple unveil a killer system of its own.
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