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 So you are saying that those phones sold better than the 4" iPhones? Interesting turn of events.
 This. ... or maybe sog35 is saying that the 5S isn't a premium phone.
 Yes... it sold more than the 4S the year before it but it was not in the #2 sales spot around the globe for months and months. I think it made the #2 spot for about 2 or 3 months at best. If someone says otherwise then they need to show some links... and not that op-ed piece by Daniel.
 So now Android manufacturers have the answer. You said that about Samsung the other day as well. I'm beginning to think you favor Android's business model over Apple's.
 Good points. Forgot that the watch would work with the 5S. Thank you.
 Of course I didn't own one. Never owned an Edsel either.
 Your post is full of irony... you realize that, right?
 Now why would sounding stupid be a bad thing to "you".
 TS... the US is iPhones biggest market and the 5C wasn't even in the #3 spot from Jan 14 onward on the big 4 charts. Hell... it was only in #2 spot on two of the big 4 spots in November. He didn't say that it sold more than the 4S.
 Citation. [remembering of course that sog35 is the poster who claimed that Apple had seen the light and that plastic is the way to go for the middle of the lineup and from here forward we would see a progression of plastic phones, with the 6C being in this September's lineup. Yup... that happened.]
New Posts  All Forums: