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 ... in the United States.
 We were able to make french toast and maple syrup. There is hope.
 As long as it never leads into hate speech.
 It all depends on how costs and revenues are tabulated. R&D is placed in a whole other column in real world accounting. Look it up. Others on here can explain it better than I (Anan) but I understand the simplified version of the procedure.
 Call it what you may... In accounting it is called a profit. Furthermore... I don't give a shit.
 The Pro 3 actually turned a profit... now Microsoft is only out $1.6 billion on the Surface line. ... oh... and the margin was huge... 13.6%!!
 At least read my post. It says very plainly... "on ai". ... and, no, I don't know they are there. I have always seen reasons given. So I guess you can't give me an example.
 Example, please and location (on ai). [... and quit with the insulting tone]
 1. I haven't seen anyone not give reasons when they say they think it won't be a hit. 2. I think you have to point to a specific post or individual, rather than just generalize. jmo
 I read that quickly without my glasses and I thought it said flatulence.
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