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 I'm not sure if I buy that stance totally. I can't help but think of the big picture. What if Sony showed the film and 3 or 4 movie theatres were bombed with significant loss of life (one life is too many to me). Would Sony be more reviled for their current actions or for actions that resulted in a loss of life? They erred on the side of caution (or... at least I hope that was the reason and not the fear of more internet damage to their credibility). I think of this at a...
 I don't recall anyone saying that it's particularly funny, not sure, and we can't even be 100% certain that North Korea is the culprit. ... but a let down compared to all the hype it has received... I'm 100% certain that will be the case.
 You're probably right. Cook probably didn't think it was that big of a deal. It's a fuckin stupid movie, after all. It sounds to me, though, as if people think Apple is a traitor; has somehow or other let the nation down in a time of crisis. Damn... it's just a fuckin stupid movie.
 There's your answer right there...  lol
 I can tell you from experience... you're wasting your breath.
 It's a Beats product... all bass... no treble.
 Hahahahahahaha You're such a funny guy, Slurpy! Keep em coming. I enjoy your flailing about.
There's those pesky 4 inch models... still commanding 20% of the iPhone market.   Damnit!! Don't they know there is no market for 4 inch phones!!!
Don't worry, folks...   If the day comes where it looks more and more obvious that Apple really is going to release a new 4" iPhone...   ... SOG will magically change his opinion, explaining the virtue and beauty of a 4" design.   Har!
 ... or why are the combined numbers of the 5S and 5C still outselling most Android phones?
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