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 ... and I see you've really added to the discussion with all of your in-depth analysis.
 Isn't that a professional sport...
 $100 million buys you an ice arena for a junior hockey team in a small city.
 I agree with that, I had forgotten about Claris. Just so you know... my last statement... "From everything I'm reading I really doubt it." ... honestly wasn't about doubting if Apple had ever created a subsidiary... because I wasn't sure if Apple had or not. It was about doubting if they would create a subsidiary of Beats because it sounded to me that they were already starting to meld the company into Apple.
 Good to know.
Actually... when the Clippers lose, Ballmer will be on the loose.
 Well, has this Apple ever done it (Jobs/Cook)? Seriously. Slowly, Tim Cook has made this his Apple. With the Beats deal, Tim Cook has finally put his stamp on the company in a big way. I agreed that Apple has made a subsidiary in the past but that was 26 years ago. I wouldn't call it moving the goal posts. I'd call it defining the era in which it happened.
 As Mstone said... this time he has handlers. We'll see.
 It's hard to say what you were implying or saying because Rogifan and Spam (who I was referring to) were saying completely different things... and yet you lumped them both together in that reply.
 I actually thought about that and I have to agree with you. Maybe Iovine, who is 61, will just retire in the next year or two. I wonder what his contract states.
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