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 The whole thing is a non-story imho.
 This statement keeps resonating in my head...
 Out of curiosity and nothing more ... I find your post confusing. When you say this: "... which is why I find many people's stance on this "interview" movie to be ludicrous, hypocritical, not genuine and 100% fake." Which people are you referring to... the people raving about first amendment rights and calling Sony and Apple wimps or the people who are saying that there should be a more cautious approach (... or, in some cases, the people who have said it should be...
 You never know... Kim might like a movie about himself like Death of a President... as long as it showed the ills the country would have to endure if anyone else was their leader. I don't recall Bush being mocked and belittled in that movie... although, it probably would have been shown anyway.
 I posted a link above with even more information that is being ignored by the freedom of speech ravers.
Meanwhile, back at Sony... http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/dec/24/sony-threat-free-speech-north-korea-the-interview
 Well, it appears that it at least sold out in the theatres that are showing it. ... but, yes... I agree... it will most likely die out unless you are a Seth Rogen fan.
 Hahahaha... if Soli, Anan or even Jungmark had asked me for a rebuttal I would have given it to them. At least I would have been given a reasoned response. With you, the chances of a reasoned response are so low that it's not even worth it.
 1. Says you. 2. Says you. Trying to say anything to you is not really worth my time. I have never ever seen you say that you were incorrect about anything. ... and, to the main gist of my post... I'm really glad you are not running things.
 I thought it was sort of funny that the person doing this isn't bright enough to realize that, regardless of his attacks, the person being ridiculed still gets his reputation built up.
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