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 Irrrelevant? Hardly. It's actually very pertinent to what you are saying. So much so that you are actually agreeing with me... whether you realize it or not.
 The difference between a Honda or Toyota and an MB doesn't really become apparent until you're doing 170 kmh down the autobahn.  :-)
 I agree... and I've driven some very nice cars... but I've always enjoyed mass transit, although I'd much prefer to be chauffeured... so, whether there was a driver in the front seat or not, I think it would be just great.  :-)
 I've already heard that the frame will bend if you slide it sideways into a telephone pole.
 ... and the prices of Nokia and Motorola phones at the time the first iPhone was introduced. Now apply that $$$ ratio to cars. Unless, of course, the Apple Car is only meant for wealthier people.
 Why? Tesla has profit margins around 5%.
 ... but are they making money?
 It was nice of you to show it to us a second time.
 Fine. To each his own. I obviously make more than you and I would consider it waste to purchase everything new each year.
 It will be made by [ Hyundai ].
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