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Don't worry, folks...   If the day comes where it looks more and more obvious that Apple really is going to release a new 4" iPhone...   ... SOG will magically change his opinion, explaining the virtue and beauty of a 4" design.   Har!
 ... or why are the combined numbers of the 5S and 5C still outselling most Android phones?
 Because those other vendors really don't know what they are doing. ... or are we starting to give these no profit companies credibility now? It's hard to keep up with all the shifting viewpoints on AI sometimes.
 Dumb and blind? Hardly. Everyone was scared shitless after nearly 30 years of rule under Stalin.
 "Because something is happening hereBut you don’t know what it isDo you, Mister Jones?"
 She looks a bit crazed. Like 5 seconds later she had that thing in her mouth and was trying to eat it.
Ai must have needed a few more clicks.   This article should get the job done.   lol
 Soon it will be beleaguered. 
This ad reminds me of an iPod ad. Difference being, the iPod does basically one thing... music... the iPad... many many different things. How do you get as much of that into a short time frame? This ad.   I liked it.   Does it compare with some of Apple's great ads? Not even close... but neither did the Your Verse ads... which I really disliked... so damn pretentious.
 I think there is some truth to what you are saying. Most people who don't wear watches aren't going to suddenly go out and buy an Apple Watch. In the future, as it gains more functionality, there is always the chance that there will be enough reasons to start wearing a watch. The main reason is usually convenience.
New Posts  All Forums: