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 You're right. I was still stuck on this piece of bs: 
 Exclude China and he's in. Why won't you exclude China?
 So... what would you think if the Apple Watch died after 6 hours?
Keep building 5.5 to 6 inch phones and get rid of the Mini.   [ I originally liked the idea of the iPad Mini... then I got older, lifestyle changed... and now I no longer have need for one. I always liked the Note, just because nothing was offered in that size from Apple. In other words... Apple, if you can make me younger, I will buy a 6 plus ]
 In case you are actually interested:http://www.queerty.com/life-imitating-art-butt-plug-sales-spike-500-percent-after-french-president-defends-giant-one-20141205
 When you read something broadly then there is usually a source for citation. My sources say that watch sales are on the increase after a cyclical decline. http://www.businessoffashion.com/2014/08/will-apples-iwatch-rattle-luxury-watchmakers.html
 If HF would have asked me that question in relation to the Apple Watch then I would have described something that is a fully functioning wearable. I'll wait for at least version 7. Until then I have absolutely no use for it. Watches are on the decline? Citation.
 What sort of an Apple fan are you?! You buy two watches...
 I didn't say that you couldn't reply. I just said that I'm not interested in your interpretation.
 I forgot to add @Slurpy. Forgive me, but I'm not really interested in your interpretation.
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