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 It's hard to say what you were implying or saying because Rogifan and Spam (who I was referring to) were saying completely different things... and yet you lumped them both together in that reply.
 I actually thought about that and I have to agree with you. Maybe Iovine, who is 61, will just retire in the next year or two. I wonder what his contract states.
 Is data the whole story here? All the data in the world doesn't guarantee that your plan will work. I agree that Apple is late to the party on this one. The writing is on the wall. Only time will tell if this Beats strategy is what it will take to right the iTunes ship or even if Apple is able to pull it off.
 Just a side note... Just because you and the analysts are warming to the deal doesn't mean that it is a good deal. Only time will tell that. This is a site for opinions. It's more likely that you refuse to understand because you don't agree. 
 Apple doesn't have business from young people?
 I've never seen a price for SoundJam but Jobs had a two year secrecy deal with Robin Casady and Michael Greene. Maybe Cook should have done the same thing with the Good Dr. Fantastic ROI.
 I guess Apple has done it... but not this Apple.
 I'm waiting for my Apple electric toothbrush.
 Apple subsidiary? Has Apple ever done that before? From everything I'm reading I really doubt it.
 Exactly. Making Iovine head of iTunes won't change Cue's role... much. iTunes is about to get much much bigger... Apple hopes.
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