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 I just noticed I added a "don't" where it doesn't belong in my reply to you. I meant to say: "I have nothing personal against the 5.5" but I [don't] think it was a stupid decision on Apple's part to chase that market.
 You are a sad little man. Apple must have changed its target market because the 5S was the top selling phone right up until August. So what target were those people? I guess they don't count. As I said before, those millions of dollars didn't help Apple to get the mix right last year... so it can always happen again. Depending on how the 6+ sells we might well see a 4" flagship next year.
 I too wanted to see Apple give people a choice in a phone that was larger than 4" but I always championed 4.7" as the largest phone that Apple should make. I have nothing personal against the 5.5" but I t think it was a stupid decision on Apple's part to chase that market. I don't think there is any more of a market for that phone than there was with the 5C. It's a niche product that will never garner Apple the sales that I believe Apple expects of it. I always thought...
 When I pay for something that is supposed to have style and I receive an item that has what appear to be cracks, then I don't care what name you give to it. If I am told ahead of time that there will be mould lines in the finished product and that those lines are a part of the aesthetic then I have a choice as to whether I want to buy that product. Obviously that wasn't the case with the Cube as it went down as a sales disaster. As far as polycarbonate plastic... so......
 I don't quite get what you are saying in the context of this thread.
 Same with my Wife. Has a 4S... didn't want anything above a 4" phone. Said she'll wait as long as possible to see if Apple will offer an updated 5S before buying an iPhone 6.
 Rather than changing the argument, let's have a look at what you actually said in your original statement: "For all of you wanting apple to stay with 4" and smaller phones, I suppose it would make you even happier should we all still be using desktops built in the 80's and laptops built in the 90's. I will never understand the desires to go backwards and not forward, regardless the tech being discussed." My point being that it isn't the size that indicates the advancement...
 Help me understand what is forward of 5.5"............ 6.5"? If Apple made a 6.5" phone and we asked them to go back to 4.7"... is that going backward? Just curious.
 Are you still using Samsung phones?
 Yes... Apple did do that... but does that mean that all of those 5S phones sold in August are now outdated? Besides... the original poster corrected his statement to make his original meaning more clear.
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