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 Would that include everyone... including yourself?
 A headband that punches right into your temporal lobe.
 Seriously? Not rich but would buy a new watch every year? Come on.
Regardless of anything...   Even if Apple only sells 3 million Apple Wrist Computers, they are not going to throw in the towel.
 You've added "though slightly disappointing" to the 15 million mark. Plus you've added some extra categories... I guess to fine tune the difference between failure, disappointing, slightly disappointing, success (which has been increased from 15 million).
 You've tweaked that a bit in the last couple of months.
 I tend to agree with most of what you have said... but the idea of it being outpaced within a year or two must be something that Apple has explored extensively. I'm waiting to see if there will be a way to update the chip or something like that.
 From an investment standpoint, 1 million would never ever cut it. If it had been introduced like Apple TV, as a hobby, then, fine, but otherwise... no.
 Yes... context is everything. Selling 10 million of almost anything is a success... unless your goal was to sell 20 million. Then you have failed to meet your goal.
 As I said to you previously, I expected 65 million a year before that (2014 Q1) because I thought Apple was going to bring out a 4.7" phone alongside the 5S. That was the big increase that I thought would happen. When it came a year later, I again expected 65 million, just because of supply constraints. So I was surprised, but not shocked, that Cook was able to get 74 million made... the selling part was more or less expected. I attributed this to pent up demand for a...
New Posts  All Forums: