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 An 8gb iPhone with a larger screen sounds like a real loser to me. Won't people who are willing to shell out the extra bucks to have a larger screen be the same people who won't accept anything less than 32gb?
 "I think its a bit optimistic to expect the 5C to sell as well as the 5S." "This doesn't mean they expected it to ship as well as the 5S which is what you're implying." Twice. So, now I really am wondering.
  ... and twice you've said that I implied that it should have shipped as well as the 5s. So I've got to wonder. ... and, yes, we do know Apple's expectations with the 5c. Greater than what they did sell.
 Why would it be a slap in the face for Apple? (... and why would Cook say that has sold lower than expected? What the hell, do you think I make up this stuff)
 For a phone that was so heavily advertised... I'm sure that Apple thought its sales would come close to the 5s.
  Is this the problem solver? We don't this and obviously Apple doesn't know this. I've said it before. Apple isn't sure at this point why the 5c sold lower numbers than was expected. Do people just not like it as much as Apple thought they would, is it price, is it features. I'd imagine this 8 gb model is testing the waters more than it is solving a problem.
 Doesn't matter. Cook said it didn't live up to expectations. Sold lower than they were hoping.
 Hmmmm... Ever since Cook announced that they didn't really know when it comes to the 5c... well, I'm not ready to accept that as an answer.
 1. I never used the word troubling, nor did I even come remotely close to saying it is troubling. 2. The 5c is not the second best selling phone in the US.
 All of that said nothing to the question I asked. Not sure why you quoted me.
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