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 You are answering questions directed at other members... so I just figured you must be one and the same. If you are not then your comment is irrelevant.
 Now we know you have 2 aliases on AI.
 So you are saying there is no demand for a 4 inch iPhone? ... and, again... which people? (I remember one person saying the 6+ would be cancelled)
 Pot... meet Kettle.
 Didn't you know... there is absolutely no demand for a 4" phone.
 At the very least it lets people know who you are (which I have known for a long time now).
 That makes sense.
 Pot meet Kettle
 What am I waiting for? Wouldn't 9 million reservations equal 9 million preorders? You seem to know the Chinese ordering system. Tell me how this works.
Hmmmm... quite confusing. Over 9 million reservations but so far we have 1 million preorders.
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