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 This is something that I'm also wondering. Apple's manufacturing capacity is already stretched. As if they hadn't learned from the incident with the 5S and 5C... expecting in the beginning to sell more 5Cs and less 5Ss... but they were still only dealing with 3 models. Now they want to throw even more balls into the air. In my opinion, the 4.7 was enough. We'll see.
 Asking somebody to watch the kids will take on a whole new meaning.
As I said in another thread...   This thing needs a target on the face.
 If taken at face value you'd think so. ... but when I think about it for a second I can just dial it out and life becomes crystal clear again.
 Pricey? I remember some of the first Seiko digital watches. $250 - $300 was common... and that was over 35 years ago.
 A label given to me by my Father-in-law many many times...
 Rolling in his money. He got bored playing video games so he went out and bought the real thing...
I want to see a clip of Monkeyboy's reaction to the Apple Watch.
I think it should come with a target for the watch face...
 At 5 grand I want someone to come and put it on my wrist every morning.
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