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 In this thread? [Michael didn't seem shocked. I wasn't shocked. ]
 I must have missed the part where someone said they were "shocked" by 74.5 million sales.
 Production hasn't been able to keep up with demand for a good many years. I had always said that making an iPhone larger than 4" would increase the numbers in a phenomenal way... thinking in the 65 million range... never thinking 75 million... but I had been saying that long before the 5 was introduced and I thought that Apple would have introduced a 4.7" along with the 5S when it was introduced. So, to me, I felt that the 75 million was pent up demand. People wanting a...
 Well, then both Tim and Jean Louis don't know what the law of large numbers actually means. I know what they meant to say but the law of large numbers has nothing to do with business growth.[ I see he covered that - "This is the Law of Large Numbers, not the proper one about probabilities, but a coarser one that predicts the eventual flattening of extraordinary growth." ] 100 million? Possible, sure... anything is possible. Probable... not in my opinion. Equal to or 80...
 Hell, 5 million would be impressive, if it wasn't Apple. I only say that because Tim Cook has already said that he doesn't believe in the law of large numbers (har... you're a funny guy, Tim)... or, what he meant to say... that Apple will continue to grow at a good clip. How many people believe that Apple will sell 85 million iPhones next holiday quarter or 60 million iPhones in the following quarter 2016? If either of those numbers actually shrink from the year before,...
 Whoops... I thought the debut for the first Note was in January of 2011. Okay... move it down to 7-8%.
 You're making assumptions. The Note took somewhere in the neighbourhood of 12-15% of smartphone sales at the time. smartphones were healthy but not that healthy. Feature phones were by far the dominant phone at the time. The Note was quite a strange bird. The iPhone 4 was 3.5" and the Note was 5.3". Many people on here laughed at first quarter sales of 5 million. Considered the number "small" and insignificant. Understand... it had nothing to do with comparison to the...
 Just take the bet. It's not like losing will affect your standing on AI. lol (even though I agree that the goalposts have been changed... but that's not what the bet is about)
 That's what I said... anything in that range is considered a niche product.
 Doesn't matter... niche is niche. By the way... the 3.5" iPhone 4 was only selling between 13-14 million at the time of the first Note. Anything over 5" was not considered to be a big market... so it wasn't the "biggest market in tech history".
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