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 Silly? Ha! That you missed my point tells me there is no use to try and explain it to you.
 Here's your problem... you are not quite as smart as you believe. You were trying to put down another member for his thoughts. Thoughts you got wrong, for that matter. That's not what TS said. But, anyway... What I was trying to put across to you, and what you completely missed, is that it wouldn't matter if Apple had only offered just a 4.7 and a revised 4... sales would have still beat anything that is offered by Samsung or any other competitor. That Apple offered a...
 No offense? Comparing me to your 5 year old son? You, sir, don't have to be a complete tool when answering posts.
 I think that the only thing that has always been clear as day is that, "It's the OS, stupid!". Apple's phones have always blown the competition out of the water regardless of size. How would you account for that? So... it just goes to follow that if Apple built a larger phone then it expands Apple's target market. Don't forget... the 5S is still selling quite well. I'm still waiting to see Cannacord's chart for the Big 4 for October and November (and beyond).
 If you are going to say something like this and call someone out then commit to it... don't give yourself an out. Either you feel he is right or he is wrong... period.
 Phablets in general were declared a niche market by quite a few members.
I'd like to know the stats for the iP6 vs the Note 4 in S. Korea.
 They've probably learned a lot over the last year.
 Apple got screwed? Apple went into this contract with its eyes wide open.
 I think Apple threw money at this thing hoping to achieve a certain goal but protected itself with onerous demands that GTAT was foolish enough to accept. GTAT should have known better... it's not like the BOD were a bunch of high school kids. 
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