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 I'll wait to see if the 5S shows up in the #3 spot in the Cannacord report.
 Even more hilarious if it's true.
 You forgot the classic line: "I've been an Apple user for a number of years, but..."
 Okay... so Apple collects everything that is sitting in the channel... what are we talking... 200,000 maybe 300,000... and ships them to China. There... are you happy now. All 10 million are sold.
 Actually, Tim Cook answered that question as well by saying at the beginning of this year that Apple didn't get the 5S/5C mix right. Had Apple anticipated the demand of the 5S then it would have made more 5S models and less 5C models. The number given by Apple always includes some channel fill. Last year it was much more (ie. 5C) and this year, much much much less. [ In other words... Apple sold every iPhone that was available to them at launch. China would not have made...
 That's an interesting lineup. I'm really torn about the 6C, though. That $100 difference has already been tried and I still don't think that Apple sold as many of the plastic phones as it had hoped... regardless of how well it might have sold. Here we are... discussing next year's phones already.  Har!
 No... I don't see your reasoning because we don't know how big the market is for the 4" model. Maybe in 2 months we can see how well the 5S did.
 Hahahahahaha I never ever said I wanted a 4" phone. Again... you don't read. You just assume. I am wondering how well a premium 4" phone would sell. Hell... you don't even know yet how well the 5C and 5S will sell in this quarter and you're already spouting off. Hahahahaha... you are a funny funny guy. Oh... and, by the way, I don't think the sell through for the 6 or 6+ was as great this year as the 5S last year. So much for that theory...
 Sure makes it difficult to guess how the lineup will look next year. Last year it was quite easy to see that the 5C would drop to the bottom with the 5S in the middle and then a larger phone at the top (I really didn't expect Apple to put 2 large phones at the top). Next year gets more difficult because Apple would face the same problem as last year if it put plastic versions of the 6 and 6+ in the middle... but even more problems if Apple put the 6 and 6+ in the...
 Okay, you're right. The Chinese Americans are really well organized. Arriving in 2 to 4 buses carrying 30-40 people each. All with handfuls of $100 bills.
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