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 I know what you mean... but I keep mine around for variety... and entertainment. (Oddly enough, when I come to think of it... any of my friends that use Apple hardly mention it, it's just a toaster to them... but my Android using friends are very vocal, and not just with me, about attacking Apple whenever technology comes into the discussion.)
 Sorry to say... the Cube's design might have been awesome but the execution of the final product was flawed... cracks in the plastic were very common... and the on/off button didn't always work. It was Apple's Edsel.
 Thank you. Good luck.
 Why am I included in your little rant? I have not once mentioned anything about the antenna or CR. Makes me question how rational you are.
 MacRumors?? Hell... it looks like we could keep it going around here for at least another week or so... right, coolfactor!  lol
I'll be sad to see this wind down... it was such fun while it lasted.
 Republic of Maldives.
  Actually, I think a quite a few people would agree that postponing more rollouts would help alleviate some of the backorders from the initial week. I don't think anyone said to wait 6 months. Hell... if it took Apple 6 months to supply people from the initial rollout then Apple has a really big problem.
 Changing someone's words in the Quote should be worthy of a one week suspension... imo.
 They just do that from regular use.
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