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 Yes... Apple did do that... but does that mean that all of those 5S phones sold in August are now outdated? Besides... the original poster corrected his statement to make his original meaning more clear.
Some members have said that Apple finally listened to its customers and brought out a 5.5" phone in response.   I think that if Apple was actually listening to its customers then it would have updated the 5S.
 Apple went from 3.5 to 4 and yet there are still people who are quite happy with their 3.5" phones. When Apple went to 4", those same people said that they hope that Apple doesn't phase out the choice of 4" phones because even 4" was too big but at least it was still the right size to hold and wonderful to use with one hand. So that scenario has already played out and, in some people's minds, a lot of people still prefer the 4" size. This isn't about looking back. If I...
 Outdated? Did something happen between August, when the 5S was still the #1 selling phone, and September.
I've always said it's the OS and, to some degree, the ecosystem.   To believe otherwise is to deny Apple's overall success with 4" phones in a sea of phablets.   It's almost like Tim Cook lost confidence in his OS and went chasing after something that wasn't really necessary. (I'm talking about the 6+... I really really like the choice of the 6/4.7).   In my opinion Apple could have sold as many (or maybe even more) phones with an updated 4" and new 4.7".   It's...
 I always loved it when my diehard PC friend would phone me to tell me about his latest purchase, letting me know how much faster it was than my lowly Mac. I'd ask him what printer he was using... and, of course, he'd tell me that his pal, a computer genius who poo pood Macs, was coming over next week to work on hooking up the printer... and then he'd eventually hang up when all he could hear was laughing... same with adding cards and ram.
 ... and if one of the 2 sizes isn't 5.5.
 I know what you mean... but I keep mine around for variety... and entertainment. (Oddly enough, when I come to think of it... any of my friends that use Apple hardly mention it, it's just a toaster to them... but my Android using friends are very vocal, and not just with me, about attacking Apple whenever technology comes into the discussion.)
 Sorry to say... the Cube's design might have been awesome but the execution of the final product was flawed... cracks in the plastic were very common... and the on/off button didn't always work. It was Apple's Edsel.
 Thank you. Good luck.
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