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I'd like to know the stats for the iP6 vs the Note 4 in S. Korea.
 They've probably learned a lot over the last year.
 Apple got screwed? Apple went into this contract with its eyes wide open.
 I think Apple threw money at this thing hoping to achieve a certain goal but protected itself with onerous demands that GTAT was foolish enough to accept. GTAT should have known better... it's not like the BOD were a bunch of high school kids. 
 This "might" be one of those unexpected hurdles I mentioned earlier.
 Shouldn't have said anything... I thought your post was brilliant (still do, actually).  lol
 ... or that "any" government is honest and trustworthy, and that we should believe them.
 It was subtle, but the point being... sog35 has not yet commented in this thread... one of his favorite subjects... hence ThePixelDoc's comment.
 Not necessarily. Depends on the deal set up to reorganize. Obviously Apple accepted this deal.
 I don't ever remember discussing this with Bageljoey.
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