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 I think it's more of an offensive move against [more] stupidity.
Why this wasn't obvious from the start is a mystery to me.   The iPad, as complex and wonderful as it is, is not really ready for prime time. Never has been imo.   Great for content... not quite up to the task (yet) of workhorse.   I give it another 4 or 5 years. Tops.
 I understand it just fine... and it's still shit that cheapens Apple's brand..
 I fear that it might be... but then this is what I expected anyway from an in-house team. Hoping it isn't.
 Except that I wasn't one of those people.
 If it actually aired on tv then I'd put money on it that it would affect Apple's image... for the bad. The contrast between Apple and Beats images couldn't be displayed better than in this ad. smart and savvy compared to cheap and gaudy.
 I think Phil and Jimmy made this piece of shit... together.
 Google Barge...  Garbage...  Google Barge... Garbage... Google Barge... Goobarge. Hmmm...
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