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 If HF would have asked me that question in relation to the Apple Watch then I would have described something that is a fully functioning wearable. I'll wait for at least version 7. Until then I have absolutely no use for it. Watches are on the decline? Citation.
 What sort of an Apple fan are you?! You buy two watches...
 I didn't say that you couldn't reply. I just said that I'm not interested in your interpretation.
 I forgot to add @Slurpy. Forgive me, but I'm not really interested in your interpretation.
 Please describe your interpretation of "massive success".
 I'm not too worried about the self driving car's abilities. Certainly a computer can react much quicker than a human. What bothers me are software bugs. If you've got even just 2000 self driving cars on the road and there's an unforeseen glitch in the software, then the results could be catastrophic. At present we have enough accidents from defective parts in automobiles. Having defective parts actually controlling the vehicle will just add to the problem. Eventually...
 Not to worry... they're all on other sites raging about Obama's remarks at the Prayer Breakfast.
 Conveniently? Naw... I just couldn't be bothered reading the rest of your drivel.  lol
 Personally, I don't think the leaps in technology between 2115 and 2215 will be as great as the leaps between 2015 and 2115. I think that 2215 will be still using the ideas and technology discovered sometime in this century. Operating rooms and surgery have been around for a lot longer than 100 years. We've had a lot of advancements but a lot of the techniques are the same. What will be there in 2115 will be much different than anything we see today or anything we've seen...
 Health management and care is going to take tremendous strides in the next 100 years, imho. The idea of chemicals and surgery will become a thing of the past. Looking at today's operating room in 2115 will be even more antiquated looking than the way we look at the operating room of 1915... again, imho. Apple Inc. will probably break off into divisions.
New Posts  All Forums: