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 That will definitely discourage those 350,000,000 people from buying a goat.
 That's only because Apple didn't call it the iPhablet. I've seen a few blog posts where the + is called a phablet.
 You have to wonder why that is so. Did Apple only make 2 million of them and they are almost sold out.  Is there a manufacturing problem and supply will remain constrained for quite some time. Personally I don't think it's because demand is so high that Apple is selling them at a phenomenally high rate. [ oh... by the way... if my Wife gets rid of the 4S then she'll be getting a 6 / 64. ]
 The one I saw says, "Quit bending me, stupid." [ oh... I just noticed the "S"... ]
 My guess is that there are between 2-3 million iP 6+ phones out there right now. Start doing the math and you soon find out that even if 5,000 people complained then it is still an infinitesimal small number of problems. I wouldn't doubt that Apple employees are sitting down right now going over options to strengthen the frame. [... are we even at 3 people complaining yet?][ 3 people complain about a bent phone... 373 news outlets/ tech sites/blogs blow it all out of...
 If this does turn out to be a non issue and blows over, then I'd really be interested to see the internals of a 6+ in about 6 months time to see if there were any changes made to the shell by Apple.
 Naw... the damage isn't already done... people won't stop buying it. Apple has weathered other storms, all which turned out to be non starters. I don't think the market for the 6+ is that great in the first place.  lol
 Hey Relic... how's it going? Oh... don't get me wrong. I agree with you. My point being that, as you say, if people are used to putting a 5"+ phone in their pockets, back or front, then they're going to automatically think the iPhone 6 Plus will be the same. ... and, as I mentioned earlier, if it is indeed true that the iP6+ does bend in the pocket, then people will either not put it in their pockets or... they will abandon it.
 Oh... you're going there again, are you. Citation for the 5C sales, please. Hahahahaha... it didn't even show up in the big 4 US carrier top 3 sales from January 2014 on.
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