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 Wait until you see Samsung's "We were gay first" ads. Puts a whole new meaning to "The next big thing...".
 Wait until people won't hire you because you're straight; or people beat the shit out of you for being straight; or that you can't hold hands with the one you love for fear of some form of brutality... ... then you'll understand the courage it takes to tell people who you are and that you are proud to be that person... for the sake of all people that are just like you.
 Right back at you.
 That's a lot of inferring. ... oh, and the Edsel was not the beginning of the end for Ford. More inferring I suppose.
 Number 3 isn't even close to what you said. You just left it out there that Paz's comment was foolish. ... but now  I do hope that Paz does have the last laugh.
 OFFS. Do I really have to explain it to you. When you call someone out, then commit to it... otherwise your comment is not relevant other than it's just there to put down the other person in your own clumsy fashion. ie:_______________________ What a stupid thing to say!! Well, of course, you could be right. So, in that particular case, it's not that stupid. But what a stupid thing to say!!_______________________ Think about it.
 Tim, while in China..."I've heard that there are some very good hackers in this country. If that's the case..."
"...a "secure cloud-hosted network."   Hmmm... I wonder if Jennifer Lawrence would have anything to say about that.
 Hmmmm... let's review your original statement:  ... and, now, let's review my last reply:   So... I didn't understand you? I thought you said that it was clear that there was a market for the larger phones because they have been a huge success for Apple's competitors. ... and I replied that Apple's decision and Apple's success were not so clear if based on competitor's sales, but, rather, that Apple would have been successful regardless of size because of the OS. Wow....
 Now you are making light of the Forum. Cute.
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