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 Wake me up when the class action lawsuit starts.
 This has been going on for thousands of years. One of the first phrases for the term, " you get what you pay for" was... "Don't be an ass when buying an ass!"
 Unless you bought it to watch movies or listen to songs on Youtube. Not bad for $69.
 Go f**k yourself. (Mods... you can boot me if you wish... but anyone who uses starving people for a cheap shot deserves even more abuse than this imho.)
 Absolutely... if you pay $69 for a tablet.
 ... and I see nothing wrong with what I said. Malware only affects people who want to use the device for data sensitive operations. If you think you can do online banking on a $69 device then you deserve everything you get.
 Wrong. My argument has always been that these people aren't victims. You get what you pay for. Malware included. If you want to do internet banking or other sensitive data actions then you shouldn't expect to pay $69 to get the same functions as an iPad. That's like telling a Formula One driver that a stock Lexus will do the same job. { Now THAT is fucked up } How smart do you really have to be to realize that there must be risks involved if you buy something for $69 to...
 No... you just aren't following the argument. If I see someone selling a $12 burger for $4 then I know that something isn't right. I won't eat that burger. YOU are welcome to it... but Caveat Emptor. You've been warned. Don't cry victim. {... and you have wandered off the original argument so far it's becoming a distant memory}
 ... but that wan't the argument. My buying experience has always told me... you get what you pay for. If you want to be a rube then you are welcome. "MAN EATING CHICKEN INSIDE" Just $5 to view! Pays the $5... goes inside... sees some dude having a Kentucky Fried Chicken dinner.
 Like I said... anyone selling an $8 steak for $2... you know something is wrong. lol!
New Posts  All Forums: