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 I really hope there's something different... soon.
 Time for you to get out your tin foil hat.
 Yup... and I know it's one hundred percent correct.
 That's been your approach for a long time. lol
 ... and "if" there is a drop of 50% yoy... what then? (the insider thing is garbage... that's for sure.)
 ... and he said later in the year, July I believe, that it was pushed back, December at the earliest. The announcement happened in September. Why are you so angry?
 Hmmmm... I don't see anything about "flatout" in your response. Well, we all know what that means. Probably also means that you aren't well researched about your other claims. ... and, by the way, he said the Apple Watch wouldn't happen till at least December 2014... that it kept being pushed back. Hahahaha... even the early prediction graphic shows the iPad Air2 coming out in the fall.  lol
 Do you know what a "conservative scenario" means? It means a scenario given to the most cautious investor. The guys who feel that fixed funds might be a better idea. In other words... the absolute worst case scenario. He backs it up by saying that even "if" the delay scenario happens, Apple will still sell 71.5 million iPhones and it will not affect the bottom line.
 I'm much more satisfied with his track record than other analysts... and he's not just repeating what other analysts are saying. This is a guy that tells his clients that Apple is going to have a blowout quarter... that iPhone sales are going to be way beyond anything we've seen. He also said that even "if" the Plus is delayed it won't affect anything. All true. From that it sounded as if he was promoting Apple. Everyone is happy. Now, the same guy says that iPad sales...
 Obviously you can't read. "May be" is far from "flat out it will get delayed". You went from this: "This is the same clown that said the iPhone6+ would be delayed till 2015" To: "flatout would get delayed". Leaving out the 2015. You changed in a matter of a couple of posts... and you didn't even get that right.
New Posts  All Forums: