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 I'm not so sure I'd be betting on that 70-80 million number (which I'm sure is the implication). If Apple sells 60 million iPhones I'd be happy... but I'm thinking in the 65 million range... just because of constricted manufacturing capabilities (imo).
 That was exactly what I was saying. The iPhone had a unique perspective via its OS. So much so that, even lacking features that other phones had at that time, it wiped the floor with them. It changed the entire industry. ... and my original point being... that I don't see the Apple Watch having the same clout (or the same uniqueness).
 So you are telling me that there were other phones like the iPhone before it came along?
 Hmmm... interesting... because I felt that the iPhone broke with tradition so greatly that it almost bankrupted the leading seller and caused one large corporation to change its plan of what a phone should be. The Apple Watch on the other hand seems to follow in the path of existing manufacturers, albeit with different features.
 I wonder, though, if Apple stayed too close to the watch metaphor. ... but I guess this watch more closely resembles the Mac 128 than the latest iMac. I really want to see 5-7 years down the road to see if the watch still resembles a watch as we have always known it.
 Only time will tell...
 We all know this is what happens when you stick your Mac Pro in your back pocket.
 You should really go back and read my original post... 
 ... and there is the one word that makes me wonder about its longevity... "depends".
 It wasn't about its function. You said that normal watches were costly and time intensive to repair. I gave an example of longevity. Hell, even the cheapest watches I owned lasted at least 10 years... and always performed the function expected of them.
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