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 If a larger iPad had been introduced we would have bought one as soon as it was available. Now we are most likely to buy an iPad Air 32 and save a few bucks.
  ???? Every comment is about something different so far. Any clues...
 The jump from 16 to 64 is meant to get more people to spend the $100. It's working in our family. When we get the new iP 6 and iPA both will have 64... prior to this we had 16 gb in both... and only needed a bit more in the iP 4S but not our iPad.
 The question was personal. I was asking thataveragejoe a specific question that only he can answer for me. What you or any other person says is irrelevant to me. I wanted to know what he/she was thinking.  Notice the qualifier (in bold)... "you".
 As I said... your answer is irrelevant to me. Others might have found it entertaining, though.
 You are answering questions directed at other members... so I just figured you must be one and the same. If you are not then your comment is irrelevant.
 Now we know you have 2 aliases on AI.
 So you are saying there is no demand for a 4 inch iPhone? ... and, again... which people? (I remember one person saying the 6+ would be cancelled)
 Pot... meet Kettle.
 Didn't you know... there is absolutely no demand for a 4" phone.
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