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and... in case anyone cares about what he actually said about the iPhone 6 plus before it was introduced:   "Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities revealed in a new research note on Thursday, a copy of which was obtained by AppleInsider, that he expects both sizes of the new iPhone to be unveiled at Apple's Sept. 9 media event. However, he doesn't expect shipments of the jumbo-sized 5.5-inch model to ramp up until later this year. As a result, Kuo believes the 5.5-inch...
 I'd put Ming's track record against yours any day.
 Same guy who predicted the blow out sales for the iPhone last quarter.
 Where did he say that Apple is doomed?
Just make a 6 inch iPhone and be done with it.  lol
 I hope they get as much out of it as Apple did from Next...  Same price basically... but 18 years apart.
 I remember back in the late 90s all of the money that was being spent on internet start-ups. It runs through my mind every time I read a story like this.
 It's not my aesthetic but I'm very interested to see how it will be received by the 25 to 35 crowd.
 Just curious... what makes you think that I thought the wrist was a bad place for information?
 You have to watch what you say or that hair will be shaved down to 1/10000 of an inch. I wonder if they used those bands before the wrist watch was invented. The wrist watch for men is basically a 20th century invention. [ I picture a 3rd Century BC Egyptian wearing a stone block with hieroglyphics on it around their wrist ]
New Posts  All Forums: