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 You have to watch what you say or that hair will be shaved down to 1/10000 of an inch. I wonder if they used those bands before the wrist watch was invented. The wrist watch for men is basically a 20th century invention. [ I picture a 3rd Century BC Egyptian wearing a stone block with hieroglyphics on it around their wrist ]
I fully expect specs and software to change on the Apple Watch (not that we know what they are now).   ... but I'm wondering if there are going to be any design changes.
 The question is... "Does it matter?"
 Well, I do. ... and [ I don't remember anyone using the wrist prior to the wrist watch to convey information ]
 The literal interpretation of the watch face etc. ie. the watch as metaphor for a device which obviously does so much more. I'm sorry but the Apple Watch just reminds me of Newton type technology. Good idea... wrong implementation. Apple has the bucks to get it right if it's wrong. Maybe in 5-7 years we'll get the iPad version of the Newton in Apple wearables. I was going by memory... and I flipped the 2 reasons in my mind.
 Is this a fault of the device or the app? If sharing software was included with every phone then you wouldn't have to ask. Just bump and go.  ... and, although slightly more convenient, the person would still have to have an Apple Watch... and it would have to be visible.
 ... and I was talking about the Apple Watch and how I don't think Apple should have been so literal in its interpretation. How much more clear can that be. It was you who started talking more about wearable devices. ... and I have never tried to wiggle out of anything. I have never had to so far and I just wouldn't do it anyway.
 If I knew the answer to that I wouldn't be sitting where I am... I just know in my heart that at some point in the future wearing a device on the wrist will be old technology. The wrist became a convenient place to put a watch when that technology became available. Prior to that the wrist hadn't been used for much over a period of thousands of years. The idea of a watch on the wrist was very novel and a perfect solution to keep both hands on the job while still being able...
 Of course, you seem to be forgetting this your interpretation of what I said is just an opinion. Not solid fact... or anything close to it. That you don't get what I am saying is of no concern to me. It seems that you believe that everyone has misinterpreted what I am saying but we don't know if that's the case. Your position is no more valid to me than any other member. Please don't forget that.  You also forget that my life doesn't hinge upon agreeing with you or you...
 WTF are you talking about? The watch as metaphor means that although it isn't limited to being just a watch it still looks just like a watch. You're the one that said that Apple won't give up the wrist... whereas I never said anything about Apple giving up the wrist... nor did I say anything about the wrist being a viable place for anything other than a watch. You're really all over the place lately.
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