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Samsung should advertise on toilet paper.   [I'm sure it would sell well to quite a few AI members]
 You wouldn't know that's the point by reading these comments. It seems that a lot of people think that this about stopping the sale of Samsung phones.
 Google Glass will destroy your sense of self respect much quicker.
 You answered my question. None. Do you really think that workaround wouldn't be implemented in all new models... tomorrow.
 freediverx is just pissed off because I called him lazy.
 Is Samsung still selling phones in the Netherlands?
 Right. Question: How many of the new models infringe? Answer: None
The eye pain for the user is nothing in comparison to the pain in the ass for others around them.   "Are you looking at me..."
 ... and that was another one of the things I mentioned. No matter what Apple does at this point, Samsung will spin it in its favor. Samsung doesn't care what we think, what Apple thinks... what anybody thinks. Pull out Apple. No matter which way you go it won't make a stick of difference in the end. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
 I think that Apple has itself in a "damned if they do" "damned if they don't" situation. I think it's time to cut its losses [gains... whatever].
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