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 Android users... for at least 2 years now.
 That is the point. People expect to put a phone in their pocket if it fits. It's natural. You talk as if Apple was the first company to make a 5.5" phone. Once people find out they can't put a iPhone 6+ in their pocket (if it actually does bend) then most of them will stop buying it.
 How many people put their sunglasses in their pocket? How many people put their phone in their pocket?
Hahahahahahahaha   A whole new thread on bending!   Great!
 Let me guess... You didn't understand my lame joke.
Come on, you guys... put your back into it... this thread should have easily been past 400 posts by now!!
It should be noted that 2 out of every 5 people tried to bend the ad.
 Does anyone else smell something burning? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
 Geez, man... don't get so bent out of shape. Hahahahahaha...
New Posts  All Forums: