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 I think you said the same thing I did... just differently. Technicals always trump psych after a certain amount of time. People just can't stay psyched about a stock if the technicals keep proving them wrong. Eventually they run. Apple slipped into its high p/e like it was an old pair of slippers and continued to increase valuation and the p/e went down. Amazon's slippers are on the wrong feet and, yes, it will eventually crash if it doesn't improve its bottom line.
 Unless, of course, you bought MSFT in 1988-89.
 Unlike you, at least one person thought that I had written something totally different than what I actually said.Like you, I too think that Apple has lots of potential... but statements from hedge funds that talk about trillion dollar market cap... pfffffft...
 Thank you for agreeing with me.
 Negative in one year... hmmmm... three years... maybe. I'll mark your post.
 You'll also notice... like AAPL's forward p/e at one time, Amazon's forward p/e is slowly coming down. Looking at stocks over a 10 year period it becomes more obvious that technical always trumps psychological... even if psychological plays a big part at times.
 We all know which one of the two is actually a troll.  lol
 Reaching $100 in 2012 was an anomaly... a real pump and dump. AAPL should have hit no higher than about $81. That's what I see happening this time as well... one real blow out 1st quarter... drive the stock up to a $trillion, then slowly drive it down and then pull the plug at the first sign of any sort of decline in sales.
 ... or... if the Apple Watch doesn't zoom to record sales in the first quarter. ... or... if the iPad has a 9 million unit sales quarter. ... or.... all three together. I find it funny that some people condemn Wall Street when AAPL is used as a pissing post but the minute that Wall Street starts touting AAPL as the next big thing and will exceed expectations... well, then Wall Street is everybody's momma.
 I always love it when people put an "if" in a statement that is supposed to be absolute.
New Posts  All Forums: