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 Can't offer the 4s or 5c at dirt cheap prices without affecting the products currently for sale in other areas.
With what version of the OS?
 Functionality will be just as important as price. It could be $99 and it wouldn't sell if people didn't see it as useful. People already have a phone that acts as a computer that fits in their pockets. An iWatch would have to incorporate functions beyond that which would: a) not cannibalize  iPhone sales and/or make enough money to not worry about that; b) have functions not available on the iPhone [and/or available on the phone but not on the watch... limited...
 One only has to look at first year iPod, IPhone and iPad sales. They didn't reach even close to 58 million sales... total for all three.
 Well, the other guy, Ireland, is speculating that you are wrong. I think you are here just to insult people.
 Did I miss an Apple announcement?
 True, that. Just because we know the identity of the woman behind Siri's voice doesn't mean that she has to be shown. Please, AI, keep Siri as anonymous as possible. Drop this woman's image.
 Does that mean that you think that Gene Munster is a good lay?
.................... Katy Huberty  
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