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 Why would Lord A. know that info?
At least 2 1/2 years ago I was saying that all Apple had to do was build a bigger phone and they'd bury Samsung. One of the bigger Android trolls (possibly the guy who bought 3 of everything) replied that Apple fans had been saying that year after year after year with Samsung and Android only getting bigger and bigger.   I told him that the day was coming very soon. Get larger iPhones out to the world and people would no longer have any compelling reason to stay with...
Shocked?   File this under, "No Shit, Sherlock."
Can we finally lay to rest these stupid statements that say that AAPL only goes down after an earnings announcement.
 ... and offer it in brown.
 In recovery? Last I heard they were in intensive care or DOA.  lol
Have a look at the "Currently Viewing" list. >
Come on... everyone here knows the new Wall Street angle...   "Well, Apple will never be able to top that next year. Sell."
 Apple would be taking it up the backend if it acquired Netflix.
 I think the Microsoft numbers spooked a few people.
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