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 We all know this is what happens when you stick your Mac Pro in your back pocket.
 You should really go back and read my original post... 
 ... and there is the one word that makes me wonder about its longevity... "depends".
 It wasn't about its function. You said that normal watches were costly and time intensive to repair. I gave an example of longevity. Hell, even the cheapest watches I owned lasted at least 10 years... and always performed the function expected of them.
 It's a matter of function. iPods, iPhones and iPads offer functions that people use continually on an everyday basis. The "want" factor is much higher in my opinion... and I already addressed that. I just can't see the same "want" factor in a watch... yet. As far as your second point... I call that the iPad syndrome. People are satisfied with their old iPad that functions perfectly fine... so they don't bother to upgrade... therefore a decrease in sales. Not a good thing...
 Okay... I give you that. So you are saying that the watch will be outdated in 4-5 years?
 Sorry... I didn't read that feature on the watches. I'd be interested in reading about that. Could you provide a link?
 ... and last for years and years and years and years. I have my Grandfather's pocket watch. 90 years old and still ticking. Seriously.
 Well... I have heard varying rates of success... ... but I noticed you didn't bother telling me how it works on the 4 or the 3GS.
 How well does iOS 8 work on the 4S... or how about the 4 or the 3GS? You can't tell me that 4 years down the road there won't be better processors and better storage capacity that can handle a more complex OS and applications. I understand people being convinced to upgrade laptops, tablets, phones... but watches at $350 to thousands of $$$ a pop. I'm not convinced.
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