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 My drawing abilities would get me arrested.
 Info that proved the US government operates illegally [... and unconstitutionally against its own people]. ... but I guess that's all okay with you. Don't do as I do... do as I say. Such hypocrisy.
 Snowden has offended the Almighty Allah. He must be slaughtered to avenge Allah.
 Maybe AI needs a new subject heading in the OT column: Fox News Facts Probably be quite hilarious.
 Well, you inferred wrong. That's why we have question marks. (I can't get emoticons to work correctly with 10.6.2 and an old version of Safari... just add a smiley face to the end of the above statement)
 Is there something wrong with wearing women's clothing at parties?
 Wrong place. ... but I will say that sometimes it bothers me when people immediately yell "godwin" whenever Hitler's name enters a discussion (... and this isn't to say that I'm pointing directly at Solipsism when I say this). There are times when mentions of Hitler et al are appropriate as an example/comparison.
 That number might rise a fraction... some Jews have decided that Europe might not be the best place to live right now.
 I think there should be more discussion about Hitler and the era in which he lived. Dispel some of the myths, for lack of a better word, that people hold from that period. It's about time we stop being Godwinned for even the mention of Hitler's name. ... and this does not mean in any way that I think the guy is good or anywhere close to it.
New Posts  All Forums: