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 I wish they'd come up with better arguments or at least stay more consistent.
 My how your tune has changed: 
 40 million in its first year? I'll take that bet because I don't think it will even be close to that number in the first year. Hell, if I lose it won't make a stick of difference to anyone if my sorry ass isn't on here for a month... but, if you lose then there will be a lot of people rejoicing that you won't be here for a month. I'm willing to take that chance.
 Actually, most premium phone buyers bought a 4" phone over the last couple of years... before that, most premium phone buyers bought a 3.5" phone.
 So you are saying that those phones sold better than the 4" iPhones? Interesting turn of events.
 This. ... or maybe sog35 is saying that the 5S isn't a premium phone.
 Yes... it sold more than the 4S the year before it but it was not in the #2 sales spot around the globe for months and months. I think it made the #2 spot for about 2 or 3 months at best. If someone says otherwise then they need to show some links... and not that op-ed piece by Daniel.
 So now Android manufacturers have the answer. You said that about Samsung the other day as well. I'm beginning to think you favor Android's business model over Apple's.
 Good points. Forgot that the watch would work with the 5S. Thank you.
 Of course I didn't own one. Never owned an Edsel either.
New Posts  All Forums: