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 When those laws were penned things weren't so complex. I can just imagine the morass that would greet the government if it stepped too far into this area. Apple vs. Samsung would just be one of thousands and instead of taking 5,6, or 7 years it would take 12, 15, 20 years to have cases settled. Literally crippling international trade. Job well done.
 Agreed upon? Hardly. Every thread on the subject has dozens of theories about what should be protected and what should not be protected. I can see why the government doesn't really want to wade into this matter too deeply. ... and this in a thread about Samsung headphones that look like every other headphone... not just Beats. Rant on!
 Sure... if you want the government involved in everything. Bring it on! More government! More government! More government!
At least now we know why Samsung didn't buy Beats last year... they just copied them instead.
 LOL! You were the one giving us YTD and 12 month performance. Not me. You should take some of your own advice. BTW - $700 for AAPL was also an anomaly. Shouldn't have gone much beyond $560.
 Show me a swing in GOOG that equaled the swing in AAPL in the last 5 and I will. AAPL has been a lot more volatile over the years. It makes people antsy. $200 back down to $80 [on edit: "although this was a time when most stocks took a large hit")... $700 back down to $360. AAPL is still a stock that makes people hold their breath when they buy it.
 From the fact that last year at this time Apple was down 40% from its high of $100. The stock market is not based upon YTD or 12 month performance.
If anything, it might help legitimize Apple in the enterprise world.
 Just an fyi... Steve passed away going on almost 3 years now.
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