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 Well, that's what I said to my Wife. That I would rather she got a 6 than move to the 5S, just for features sake. At that point, having observed touched, fondled, measured and done everything possible that she could with the 6, my Wife said that she was happy with her 4S and would think about it. (I wish there was a way for Apple to remove those top and bottom bezels)
 Profanity?  You haven't heard a f*ckin' thing yet. (... and now you have moved your argument to installed base instead of actual phones sold in that quarter... oh, boy.)
 Cherry picking? Are you shitting me. That was the exact part of your statement that I quoted. It sounds like you are back tracking on your 6 statement. The 5S might be #1? Oh, boy. Now I know you really are shitting me.
 I keep on hearing these stories about how popular phablets (I'm talking about 5+ inch phones) are in other countries but then I see some of the numbers from analysts and they just don't jive with what I consider popular. Popular is selling 30 million+ phones of one type (ie: 5S) in a quarter... not 30 million phones in a year.
 Read my edited answer before this... and maybe you'll get it. (one thing I am waiting for is the numbers from Cannacord in December or so. Wouldn't it be a shocker if the 5S was in the #2 spot and the 6+ in the #3 spot)
 Apparently reading comprehension is dead. What you don't seem to get is that you are doing the exact same thing as me but you just don't get it. You want us to believe that a hypothetical phone would not sell as well as the current phones... which is something that you do not know. Let me speak slower for you... If you had said: "Apple is selling enough phones now that it probably makes no sense for them to go back to a 4" phone." I might have agreed... but you...
 So... in other words... you used a number that shows absolutely no breakdown whatsoever, absolutely no idea whatsoever of 6+ sales, to prove your point? ... and you have the nerve to say that I am pulling numbers out of my ass. Oh, boy...
 Isn't that what you did. Unlike you, I at least used words like "guess" and added a question mark. So who is skewing things to feel correct. Tell everyone how you know "absolutely" that a 4" iP 6 would not outsell the 6+. I want to see how you turn a hypothetical  into an absolute... let's see that answer come out of your ass.
 I don't recall anyone saying the iP 6 – would outsell the 6. I do think it would have definitely given the 6+ a run for the money. Out of that 10 million I would hazard a guess to say that no more than 2 million of those phones were 6+s. ... and we have no idea of the production capacity, so scarcity is not an argument.
The other thing I noticed from our little trip to the local telecom... there was plenty of stock of both the 6 and 6+... this close after launch. For the last 2 years it took a minimum of 4 weeks (and I think 6 weeks for the 5S) to see either the 5 or 5S.   How many of these things did Apple make?
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