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I raise the target to $100 without Apple having to do a damn thing.
 ... a then hypothetical Apple Phone that had a keyboard and basically looked like a Blackberry. That's the trouble with these surveys, and I'm sure the point of your comment, we have no idea of the final shape and function of the iWatch. People's interest in it will rise or fall once the product is in hand. [whoops - pipped by TheWhiteFalcon]
 I can spot a DED hit piece just by the title.
 ... and you don't know me. I'm very observant. If someone is obviously pointing a phone at me, unless it is a long distance away, I will notice.
 If someone is obviously pointing their cellphone at me then I would confront them. Fortunately this hasn't happened so far. I wouldn't punch them in the face, mind you.
You guys shouldn't be so quick to judge.   Always remember that everyone laughed at Vista when it first came out.   Oh... wait...
 Which brings us back to the Amazon Fire Phone... if the Kindle Fire is any indication.
 In the end... everybody dies... or so it seems.
The 5.5" phone is the iPhone of Tallest's dreams.   C'mon, don't deny it... you want it...   Har!
There was a collaboration between fellow performer Jay Z and Samsung last year?   Who's Jay Z? What's a Samsung?
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