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 I think there should be more discussion about Hitler and the era in which he lived. Dispel some of the myths, for lack of a better word, that people hold from that period. It's about time we stop being Godwinned for even the mention of Hitler's name. ... and this does not mean in any way that I think the guy is good or anywhere close to it.
 What? Compare AAPL with MFST, GOOG or IBM over the last 3 months. Somebody seems to be buying Apple shares because the price has risen over 10%, besting the other 3 by a good margin... and you can bet that AAPL will continue to rise over the next couple of months... it will just depend on Cook's forward statement.
 Marriage was a legal bonding to prove that the man owns that particular woman (chattel). Anything she owned prior to the marriage became his upon marriage. Apparently, some men think this is still the case.
 For years and years I used to watch the market makers charts (for lack of a better description... age) throughout the day and I came to believe that there were signals given in the trades. ie - 37 shares would be sold by X house and the market would go down during the day then 43 shares would be bought by Y house and the market would go up for a period. Never got definitive proof but I always saw suspicious trades and then I would see reversals. Coincidence... most...
 You'd have to go back to October - November 2011 to see a similar situation. Cook came out in October and said that Apple expects a gangbuster holiday quarter, yet the marketmakers kept driving AAPL down until the third week of November. Nothing had changed in the month since Cook's announcement but the MM's knew that the report in January was going to be staggeringly good. Drive it down hard... buy in... drive it up hard and then slowly walk towards the short side.
 Actually, Samsung has head hunters looking for a gay CEO. I've also heard that Samsung has hired Woz and Kutcher to design their next phone in a garage. Samsung has decided to start at the beginning to see if that works.
 ... and 3 separate articles.
 Hahahahahaha... OFFS... read my other comments. I'm not the one saying to buy and hold forever. It's something I keep hearing from other members. Had someone bought AAPL in 1979 and held it through 1995 then I'm sure they would be crying their eyes out watching big gains slip away. I would never hold anything too long. Personally, I feel that AAPl is getting to that stage. If this sucker gets to even $125 in the next couple of months, I'm gone for quite a while. I don't...
 Well, I've run MSFT against AAPL on 4 different chart systems and MSFT always comes ahead.  WTF are you talking about? Maybe you should read the other comment from Spam. What I was saying is that wild swings are not uncommon with AAPL, so saying that AAPL could swing from 140 down to 80 is not improbable.
 Using the buy and never sell method... MSFT dwarfs all other companies over the last 25 years when it comes to gains.
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