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Apple always seems to be held back because of manufacturing capacity.   Something that should concern analysts.   If manufacturing is stuck at 60-65 million units per quarter then that's the limit to Apple's sales... for ever and ever... unless Cook can figure out this problem.
 Does this knowledge come from frequent experience or have you just read about it? I've been using Paypal quite extensively for quite a few years (over 10, I believe) and have never had a problem to date. Couldn't have been as successful in my projects without it... not by a mile.
The big question... can 60 million phones be manufactured during fiscal Q1.
 Sigh... that is what you said and definitely what you implied.
 So you are still saying that Apple is going to handle "every" transaction on a Black Friday. With that, there is nothing else one could say....
 You posed a question? Hardly. It sounds like you already know the answer and have decided you know absolutely everything there is to know about the situation. How do you know that Black Friday is as busy at any one time as at the moment that preorder opens. How Damn, man, give your head a shake. Apple has 800 million itunes subscribers. what do you think it's like at Christmas for Apple. They are one of the busiest establishments on the planet. Have you heard of any big...
 I guess you have a comprehension problem. Is Black Friday as "complex" as a preorder day and, really, are there as many orders going through, of this nature, at one time in such a short period of time during Black Friday in any one establishment. Go ahead, big guy, tell us that you know all about it. We all know you don't. You're just swinging like crazy hoping that somebody will believe your bs. There are just too many questions, too many variables that none of us know...
 Right back at you, big guy. You obviously don't get the complexity and monumentality of the start of iPhone preorder day. If you think that shopping during a holiday, which is more spread out and a lot less complex, then I can't help you. The one thing we will never ever know is if, in the same situation, any other retailer, big box or online, could handle the volume handled by Apple during the first few hours of preorder.
I'm waiting for the iToilet that works with Healthkit.
 Which is totally different from Island Hermit Curmudgeon.
New Posts  All Forums: