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 I'm glad you gave those examples... more companies that have been around for a long long time and have provided dividends for years and years and years.
 You think I make up these rules. Dividends and long term stability make up a blue chip stock. Not a quick rise to the top. I already gave a time frame.
 Apple has only been at the level it's at now for about 10 years... that doesn't sound very blue chip to me.
 I think you are wrong about that. Most investment houses are underweight in AAPL. Try using the DJIA for an example. AAPL aint in there. Those stocks are the gold standard for what is considered blue chip. Apple is actually very new at this, regardless of the age of the company.
 ... but, among large investment houses, AAPL is still not considered a blue chip stock, regardless of market capitalization. Maybe in 5 years... but not yet.
 I didn't think AAPL was considered a blue chip stock.
 I haven't bought into the 5.5 inch iPhone yet. The 4.7, yes, but I don't think that Apple has to go larger than this.
 Why do people constantly discount the importance of iOS.
 I just ignore Sog. The vast majority of his comments are half baked.
 Let me rephrase that so that it is more obvious that I was staying on topic with the earnings call. "Hell, even Mac sales were up yoy." I've never thought a business stupid because it bought Macs.
New Posts  All Forums: