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Seth Rogen as Woz... hahahahahahahaha...   Perfect!
 Hell, man, they don't even know what items are on sale in the weekly flyer... how do you expect them to know about Apple Pay.  Har!
 I agree. My Wife's 4S works absolutely fine after 3 years and holds a charge almost as well as the day she bought it.
 Look at the 6 numbers for fiscal Q2... either he's really screwed the pooch on his Q1 numbers for the 6 or the Q2 numbers are much much too low. ... and the 5C is going to sell even more??! I really have no faith in these numbers whatsoever. imho
65 million... tops.
Says investors underestimate Apple Watch... raises target $11 above current price.   ... $9 under two other investment houses.
 I understand that fully... but are those the numbers that Apple wants to see in order for revenue and profit to grow at 10-15% per year. That is why I think Apple would perceive it as a failure if less than 10 million were sold and, for sure, I'd want to see 15 million sold in the next year. 10 million is a good number that really helps the bottom line. 15 million takes Apple into the future and 20 million is crazy ass great.
 Damn, man... really? Think about it. Ask yourself what the connection is between one and the other. Who gives a shit about Google. Probably most members on AI think that Google is 1 year from implosion. So... are you saying that if Google fails then there is a good chance that Apple will fail. Who are these mysterious people who cut Google slack?
 WTF. What has Google's business got to do with Apple's business?
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