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 ... and I'm also saying you get what you pay for. You want quality then pay more. If I buy a $500 Android tablet then I will bitch and complain if it isn't secure... I could have bought an iPad. If I buy a $150 tablet then I will accept whatever bullshit comes along with it. What you are saying is that a person should be able to pay $150 and get everything that comes with a $500 tablet. Bullshit! Security is one of those things you leave at the door when you cheap out.
 If McDonalds is selling burgers for $2 and some guy down the road is selling the same burgers for 50¢... and I choose the 50¢ burger then I can expect everything that I get.
 If I bought an iPad and it had bugs in it then I would be pissed. If I bought something that was 1/4 the cost of the iPad then I would expect everything that came with it. Same with your car example. We just bought a brand new car for $20,000. You can't buy another car in its class for under $20,000. If someone had said, "Hey, this is a brand new brand X car worth $20,000... I can give it to you for $5000!". I'd tell him to stick it up his ass. I would expect every...
  If I go out to buy furniture and I have a choice between a $200 couch and a $500 couch but I take the $200 to save money... you sure as hell won't find me complaining about the legs falling off of it a year later. Maybe some people are that stupid but I have always known that when you buy cheap crap there are always going to be problems with it that are not apparent to the eye. Victims? What bullshit.
 Just tell the kid not to do any banking or purchasing on the device.
 Caveat emptor. ["It works just like an iPad."  "But it cost 1/4 the price of an iPad?" "Yes!" "Oh, boy!"... if it sounds too good to be true... (how many of these sayings do I have to put up here. Stuff I've been hearing since I could understand language.) ]
 Exactly. These people didn't have a gun to their heads... and there is lots of choice, Calling these people "victims" is just moronic. jmho
 I agree [with you]. The saying, "You get what you pay for", has been around for as long as products have been available for sale. Cheap shit products have also been around for as long as products have been available for sale. If people are willing to buy cheap crap to save a few bucks then that's up to them. It's not like they haven't been warned.  jmho
AI and all the other forums could easily be classified as the earliest forms of social networking,
 Sorry... is this supposed to mean something?
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