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 iPhone - 4"iPhone Pro - 4.7"iPhone Air... head - 5.5"
 Don't forget about the HTC One Mini at 4.3" which, apparently, is going to be updated in May. Though still not outselling the larger phones, to the best of my knowledge.
 I guess you didn't actually read my comment. Here, I'll give you something else not to read. I never said it would be the exclusive larger phone.
 Funny how it actually works... the 4S is still one of the top selling phones in Finland, Switzerland and India. Don't tell them that demand dies down for older top end phones... once they are discounted. Hell, in Canada the 5 was selling better than the 5C. Having a top end phone in the mid tier area would, I believe, bolster over all sales.
I think that a 5" iPhone with the Apple logo inlaid on the back with real gold and sold at a ridiculous price with at least 3 times regular margin would sell really well to  image conscious people. Apple could also limit the production run each quarter.   That gold inlaid logo would proclaim your wealth to the world whenever the phone is held up to someone's ear.   Of course, it would probably be stolen more often than any other phone.
 Whenever I hear the argument that says the iPhone 5S is the best selling phone on the planet so, yes, people love the 4" size... ... well... hogwash, in my opinion. What I think the majority of iPhone buyers like is the ecosystem/iOS. If you're not given the choice of a larger phone then, of course, you're going to buy what is offered. (the same "might" even be said for iOS 7) Hopefully that theory will be tested later this year.
 ... and, to tell you the truth, my initial reaction to the sale of Square would be for Apple to buy it. Maybe Cook is too concerned about the purchase price, which is hard for me to believe because, from everything I have read, he is a long range planner. I guess that's the question to ask...   Why would Cook/Apple grow soft on the idea of buying Square? Does Apple already have a system nearing completion and Square doesn't fit in with that vision? That would be my first...
 Oh, I know it's okay... but you sure as hell wouldn't believe that for a minute after reading a few threads on AI.
 So has mine.
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