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 It's obvious that Google has not yet found another area that aligns with their original business model (they had one, right??!!).
Apple has climbed the mountain. From "beleaguered" to "interloper".  lol!
 There is that.
 Well, Amigo, maybe in the land of incomprehension but not in the real world. This headline: Smartphone shipments topped 1.2 billion in 2014, Samsung's share plummeted in face of Apple gains would make anyone believe that smartphones topped 1.2 billion in 2014... and that during that time Samsung's share (of the 1.2 billion) plummeted (it did) and that during that time (2014) Apple's share (again, of the 1.2 billion) gained (it did not). The headline would make you believe...
 Oh, bs. The graph and the headline are there for everyone to see. The headline says that Samsung lost share and Apple gained share in 2014. I don't care about each quarter when the graph presented shows that Apple clearly lost share in the year... regardless of any gains in individual quarters.
Apple actually lost a tiny fraction of share. Both Samsung and Apple sold more phones but neither, according to the chart provided, increased share.
 ... and yet you take the time to comment about it. Steve was told by Ron that he (Steve) had designed the store completely wrong. Steve agreed, and from that time forward he left it up to Ron to make it right. Obviously, Ron was right.
 Get ready, sog's going to belittle Cook for creating an altar to Steve.
 Okay... I got it. Proximity based systems are what is being offered in most cars in 2015... Hondas had it in 2014. Like what was being said about Car Play the other day... people will start not accepting a car without proximity based keyless entry in the near future... but I believe most manufacturers have started offering it now.
 ... but that's what I was talking about... proximity based keyless... which is what is being offered on most cars in 2015. Anan seems to be talking about something else... either that or we're all talking about the same thing and people aren't realizing that proximity sensing is the standard these days. Not sure.
New Posts  All Forums: