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 Portable electronics are fine... just not 4 of them... and don't give clocks, umbrellas, knives, towels....
 I think final approval will magically appear in about 2 months.
 I agree... and, obviously, so do quite a few others on here (re: comments on another thread the other day). Whether Apple starts selling them in China now or 4-6 months from now, the demand will be so heavy that it won't make a difference.
 The way I read it is that Apple is not pressing for the approval... leading "some" to believe that Apple is using this to delay the launch either for increased anticipation or because of product shortages (or both). By the way... I'm not saying anything...
I was reading a Reuters article that said "some" have indicated that Apple is delaying the approval because it does not have enough product to satisfy all markets.   Mind you... I haven't found a link or anything to tell me who the "some" is...
 This is exactly why I said that the Apple Watch should have a target on its face. By the way... how do you like your Yorkshire Pudding...
 ... and every year they have supply constraints at launch.... and every year those supply constraints get larger. So... it is true... and it should be a concern.
 Imaginary demand? What the f*ck do you think analysts do? The 5S/5C error in the beginning should be enough to show anyone that, yes, Apple can make mistakes.
 There it is exactly. If Apple had 6 different phones (by different I'm talking screen sizes, chip etc.) selling 10 million units each then that is quite different than having 2 phones selling 30 million units each.
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