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 That wasn't the point.
 ... and I'm sure Apple agrees with you.
 ... and yet the S4, now a year old, is still in 2nd or 3rd place. Makes that "no longer 'new'" argument seem a bit pale. By the way, unless each carrier has increased sales exponentially, you can pretty much extrapolate that sales have either remained the same, increased or dropped for each individual phone, depending on its place in the sales lineup.
Yup! That 5c is selling like hotcakes!
 I thought it was proof that the war on drugs isn't working.
 I should have known better. lol
 He is defending himself.
 DED's whole argument is based around the figure "12.5 million" 5c iPhones sold. So... you are saying that he isn't doing what every analyst is doing by making up a number that fits his argument. That somehow DED actually knows Apple's iPhone breakdown. Huh...
 1. I already did. 2. You are not the deciding factor. There are obviously some people listening to what I am saying.
 I was kidding.
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