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 Using the buy and never sell method... MSFT dwarfs all other companies over the last 25 years when it comes to gains.
 Personally, with AAPL trading the way it does, I have always believed in selling a portion of my shares at or close to what I believe is a high and then buying back more shares when AAPL hits a substantially lower price. Either way... hold or trade... AAPL has been good to its shareholders.
 Why? Take a look at AAPL over the last 4 years. The swings are huge.
 You're probably right.  lol
 These guys aren't looking 2 weeks down the road.
 Do you think those cards are starting to collapse?  lol
 Until it turns out to be true. Should know fairly soon.
 What would really piss off Samsung would be Tim Cook offering BB $3.75B and having Blackberry accept.
 ... oh... Vic Gundotra... lol... got it.
 Just google (or bing) Carplay and QNX.
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