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 I don't really understand the difference between the two.
 Hmmmm... the Elantra offers proximity control for starts and doors in its 2015 offerings. I guess it's just started to be offered in a lot of vehicles.
 Is that right? I thought that keyless entry was almost standard these days.
 I've concluded we have 3 groups of Watch lovers: 1. Those that will buy any Apple product. 2. Those people who love new well made things, especially when they find that the item enhances their lives. 3. Assholes who think that having new expensive shit will somehow make them more important.
 Even my Wife's Civic won't let her leave the keys in the car.
 or... back in the day... DrugsMoneyKeys
 It's a cosmetics line.
 I was just thinking about that as I was puttering... I should have added... "He was never meant to be a CEO".
 I think Ron was the core of Apple's Stores success. He just didn't understand JC Penney. He went from premium brand to not so premium/bargain basement brand. Ron just didn't understand that people don't want the truth... they want to be sold on an idea... true, false or whatever. He was very fortunate to get a job at Apple. Ron and Apple were a perfect fit. Ron wanted people to have an upscale shopping experience and Apple provided him with the perfect product mix to do...
 There is that.
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