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 ... or, Samsung, a company that is constantly talking about "the internet of things", is buying QNX specifically for that purpose. They would also get a better OS to replace Android. On top of that, Car Play is tied to QNX.
 Hey... if Tim Horton's can be bought by Burger King then BB can be bought by Samsung.
If this is true, Blackberry would be foolish not to jump on this offer.   QNX has to be worth at least half of this offer.
 ... and this is why I think it is so important to defy these barbarians in every way possible. The killers might have thought they avenged Allah, but, instead, they have only poked a sleeping giant. Nothing has been accomplished by them... zero, zip, nada... to the contrary they have awoken the world to Charlie Hebdo. They have brought these cartoons to the world. The barbarians have shamed their Allah by allowing these cartoons to be seen by even more people. Well done,...
Report: 'Je Suis Charlie' iOS App Fast-Tracked by Tim Cook   http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2475089,00.asp
 I hope more vendors find the balls to sell this edition. To anyone that thinks selling the paper will cause more retribution, think about the possible consequences of not selling the paper... the chance to embolden these barbarians by giving in to them.
 Anyone who doesn't consider that a serious attack is a few nuggets short of a happy meal.
 On AI we only mock profit when we discuss Samsung.
 ... and I'd like to share some real knowledge with you. Nothing is as it seems.
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