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 What?"In its own court filing, GTAT opposed the extension, noting the delay could hinder negotiations with potential equipment buyers that would in turn delay returns to lenders."
 Last man standing (or woman).
Just when I thought things were going back to boring... lol!   Thank you, AI...
 I'm a swing trader as well as investor. I use technicals for trading... but I don't swing trade companies with lousy fundamentals.
 Age hasn't been kind to me...  Of course... you are absolutely right. Fundamentals is what I really meant.
 I think you said the same thing I did... just differently. Technicals always trump psych after a certain amount of time. People just can't stay psyched about a stock if the technicals keep proving them wrong. Eventually they run. Apple slipped into its high p/e like it was an old pair of slippers and continued to increase valuation and the p/e went down. Amazon's slippers are on the wrong feet and, yes, it will eventually crash if it doesn't improve its bottom line.
 Unless, of course, you bought MSFT in 1988-89.
 Unlike you, at least one person thought that I had written something totally different than what I actually said.Like you, I too think that Apple has lots of potential... but statements from hedge funds that talk about trillion dollar market cap... pfffffft...
 Thank you for agreeing with me.
 Negative in one year... hmmmm... three years... maybe. I'll mark your post.
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