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 Our first gen is finally almost toast. It really struggles on a lot of websites and apps lately. We're waiting to see what comes out in the fall.
 Yes, that's my opinion, just like that's your opinion... and I'm not so arrogant as to speak for what other people believe. You started the off topic discussion... and I have absolutely no wish to discuss this with you privately.
 Then it will soon be just a niche product if Apple can't find new buyers for the product. Hell, even pc sales were up yoy.
 Whether you like his bias or not, GG's post are more informed and better written than the vast majority of the people who comment in this forum. He can muse as much as the next guy. Hell... I basically said the same thing as GG. The iPad is getting down to niche status and I believe it's because the iPad doesn't do enough yet to pull it into a real category of its own. You can't replace a pc with something that doesn't do as much, especially when most people's phones do...
 That's not an answer.
 You're joking, right?
 Your statement begs the question: What is your explanation for the slide in iPad sales 2 quarters in a row?
 If I were to guess then I'd say that more and more people tried the two screen experience and then decided that their phone was enough. More reason for Apple to get a larger screen phone in the market place. Those that want a large screen tablet are becoming fewer and quite a few consumers are choosing things like the cheaper Kindle Fire which is taking away from sales that are dwindling in the first place.
 When those laws were penned things weren't so complex. I can just imagine the morass that would greet the government if it stepped too far into this area. Apple vs. Samsung would just be one of thousands and instead of taking 5,6, or 7 years it would take 12, 15, 20 years to have cases settled. Literally crippling international trade. Job well done.
 Agreed upon? Hardly. Every thread on the subject has dozens of theories about what should be protected and what should not be protected. I can see why the government doesn't really want to wade into this matter too deeply. ... and this in a thread about Samsung headphones that look like every other headphone... not just Beats. Rant on!
New Posts  All Forums: