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 I think you do a great disservice to yourself by denigrating Relic. Some people might deserve a little punishment but the vast majority of people on this site don't even come close to Relic's knowledge of computers, computing and all that goes along with it... so any criticisms should at least have some substance. You might want to reread some of her posts. Otherwise you just make yourself look bad. [ oh, yeah... jmho ]
 I think Gatorguy has done a helluva job defending his comments. I put his record up there with the very best on this site.
 I don't think that anyone should use force to bed anybody.
 ... uh, oh, I didn't want to bring that up. lol
 Tim Allen brought out his Blackberry Passport on Jimmy Kimmel the other night. You really can't condemn Blackberry's latest attempt. It shows guts and determination. It's not an iPhone killer by any means, and neither does Blackberry think it is, but the Passport definitely breaks from the pack in an, imo, interesting way.
I can't believe that we are all still talking about this.
I'll reserve judgement on Bendgate until I see the fiscal Q1 financials.   That should tell us everything we need to know.
 I think that fallenjt might have just been using that post as an example to show that sog35 was banned.
 ?????? Is that the comment that you think got him banned?
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