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 There's a possibility that Apple will make a plastic 6 for the mid-tier. I think Apple has learned that by putting plastic in the middle of the line-up the top tier isn't cannibalized as heavily. I don't think they will put a plastic phone at the bottom, though. I think the 5S will drop to the bottom, giving people a premium metal 4" phone at the bottom of the lineup. The 5C might become a bogo in certain areas.
  Yes... the response can be incredible... just like it was with the 5S... but Apple still miscalculated the mix and was short in 5S availibility. Sorry... I forgot... your comprehension level is low.
 People often don't make bets when they know they are wrong... Which is weird when they post 30 times or more about a subject. I guess that's to be expected... you change your mind so often, even after posting continuously on a subject.
 As Tim Cook said about the 5S/5C... Apple miscalculated the mix. Since Apple never breaks down the numbers I don't think we'll ever know if 6+ demand was underestimated.
 Your feelings were not as strong for that? Hahahahahahaha Okay... sure... somewhere in the vicinity of 30 posts declaring that to be the case. What's the cut off line for strong... 50 posts?
 Regardless... For long time iPhone users, I think there should be a better process to order a new phone. Nothing says you're not important to Apple like having to wait in line with everyone else, even though you've bought at least 3 or 4 iPhones since 2007.
 What if I had asked you to walk the walk on the mid tier plastic phone (I always believed the 5S would move to mid-tier)... would you have done it?
 Glass houses etc. I always believed that there was demand for large phones... actually, at a time when you castigated me for believing it. I never believed that Apple would make a 5.5" phone... not because demand didn't warrant it, but because I didn't feel it was necessary for Apple to build one if a 4.7" model was made. It's in TS's nature... I remember the naming debate... same thing... big deal. Let it rest.
 Did TS ever take the bet? ... just sayin...
 We all make predictions that don't pan out. I honestly didn't think they would mention the Apple Watch this early. ... and you didn't think that they would keep a metal phone in the mid-tier... that Apple would use only plastic because of costs. That's the nature of predictions.
New Posts  All Forums: