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 Sorry... I should have been more clear. I was talking about software.
 Who would have ever thought that teens and music would mix.
 The one thing that really bothers me that doesn't bother me about my other gadgets is longevity. I expect to replace my phone and tablet. A watch... I just can't see it. ... but maybe Apple can convince people that they have to replace their watch every 2-3 years.
 ... but it does show that the Apple Watch has a more limited market than other products made by Apple.
"AAA says Apple's Siri causes potentially dangerous driver distractions"   False title.   The report said nothing about Siri being the cause of anything.   Stupid people were the cause.   Siri was just innocently in the car when the driver decided to look at something other than the road.
 Which people?
thataveragejoe would tell John that he is immature for using profanity and that he has some growing up to do.  Har!
 Sure... why not keep the consumer space... this way you can watch it go into bankruptcy.
 Show us what you know, buddy. SolipsismX did a good job of it... so let's see how you do.
 That wasn't the point. Read through the threads... probably in this one as well... you'll find a few people saying that the iPhone 6+ is such a snowflake that it should be treated with care and not stuck in pockets, especially back pockets... and that is from the proApple camp. That was our point about mentioning what Tim Allen did with his Passport. Next!
New Posts  All Forums: