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 You're probably right.  lol
 These guys aren't looking 2 weeks down the road.
 Do you think those cards are starting to collapse?  lol
 Until it turns out to be true. Should know fairly soon.
 What would really piss off Samsung would be Tim Cook offering BB $3.75B and having Blackberry accept.
 ... oh... Vic Gundotra... lol... got it.
 Just google (or bing) Carplay and QNX.
 Yes... but you're not allowed to kill and eat eagles.
 ... or, Samsung, a company that is constantly talking about "the internet of things", is buying QNX specifically for that purpose. They would also get a better OS to replace Android. On top of that, Car Play is tied to QNX.
 Hey... if Tim Horton's can be bought by Burger King then BB can be bought by Samsung.
New Posts  All Forums: