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 Well... actually... it was.
 Sure... third place is still very good... but it is definitely not 2nd... at least in November. (some new stats from Cannacord should be arriving shortly)
  It's really funny why someone might say that the 5c isn't "currently" the 2nd best selling smart phone in the US. Oh... wait...
 F*ck me. How many posts do I have to read from people that use anecdotal evidence to refute anecdotal evidence. I think that anyone who says things like this must be a liar.
 Irrelevant? You wish. re: the comment So... now you want to be a smart ass.
 So you were the member who made the original commented that elicited my response. Cool... now I know you have two aliases.
 You clearly didn't get it. You left out the part about Apple's actual expectations as compared to what it was they got. Nobody knows that except Apple.
 That doesn't even make sense.
 Were you the one who posted the original comment that elicited my response? Do you know what that person will say if Apple does drop the 5c? Why the f*ck are you talking about things you know nothing about.
 ... and I'm just wondering what you will say if Apple actually does drop the 5c.
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