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It would be interesting to know how well Tim Cook would do at another company.
 The cape was designed by Samsung. Jony tried to tell her at the party that it was mistake having them design anything for her.
 That is not even close to being funny... imo. Godwin's Law at post 29??!!
 What would make you think I don't have one. I've been laughing at you for a while now.
 MS... what a sad sad mess in mobile. Just think... that bald headed moron was in charge of a company that makes money hand over fist, sells an operating system that had close to a monopoly and he couldn't come up with a strategy to make MS number one in mobile. He should have been fired in 2008.
 You are using a video of a wardrobe malfunction where a woman could have easily hurt herself quite badly as proof that she is no longer successful. How sad for you.
 I want more than one or two articles a week to read... click-bait or not.
 Actually, GaGa flubbed a few notes near the end but then did a save... but this is how much they have perfected lip sync technology... make everything pitch perfect and then, at some point in the performance, throw in a few off key or off range notes just to keep everyone guessing. ;-)
 So, therefore, if I don't believe anything you are saying about GaGa THEN the two above statements must pertain to me? Hahahahahaha You sure think a lot of yourself, don't you. Har!
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