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Honeywell is no small company. I'm sure Google is not pleased but this surely was expected.   "Would you like Honeywell in your home... or Nest?"   Reminds me of what they used to say about IBM... "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM".
This really shows the massive size of this building.
 If Apple is going to release a 5.5" then I think your reasoning is sound. There wasn't enough to differentiate the 5c from the 5s... except for $100... and people, of course, went for the 5s. I doubt if Apple would make that same mistake twice. Mind you, I still don't believe there is a 5.5" model.
 AAPL is going down on technicals.
 You're very passionate about a rumored leaked design.
 ... and, hopefully, with some new colors.
 You need a history lesson... [on edit: you do have a point...]http://www.cnet.com/news/jonathan-ive-steve-jobs-stole-my-ideas/
 Plus it's obvious that asking supposed investment analysts for advice is even more laughable. So, I guess he's f*cked.
 It's funny what people remember because I seem to recall many people who thought Craig would be an excellent candidate for next in line if Tim ever stepped down.
 I would wait until the stock gets oversold. Right now it is overbought and is bound to go down somewhat. Right now I believe we're seeing "sell on news"... which would be news of the stock split. In the short term it could get dicey for anyone who buys right now but in the long term I really believe that we're going to see at least $700 ($100 post split) and most likely higher... on iPhone sales alone. ... but I'm just some guy on the internet.
New Posts  All Forums: