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 The one thing I will not do is to believe anything you have to say about this subject.
 Hahahahaha... what a bunch of bullshit.
 Actually, the conversation started like this... Elon: How much is Apple paying you?
 Madge might not be your taste but she is one of the most successful women on this planet. I'd imagine that she, Jony and Elon would have a lot to discuss.
 I think the statements that I highlighted in bold say it all... and I agree. Once more car systems have Apple (or even Android) OS, then we will see more people asking for higher quality systems. For my Wife and I, though, we still bought a Honda without either... but, I will be writing them to say that I want to see a higher quality infotainment system the next time I purchase or I will be looking at the competitors.
 Did they make him wait five hours before he could talk to a service tech...
 I don't believe that it affects buying decisions at all... or, at the very least, close to zero. After all, it hasn't really hurt manufacturers who have been selling that crap system from Microsoft all of these years.
 Never underestimate the exploiters of the capitalist system.
 I'm curious... how is the publication of the statement, "Apple is going to make an electric car", a defamation of Apple's character?
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