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 I hope more vendors find the balls to sell this edition. To anyone that thinks selling the paper will cause more retribution, think about the possible consequences of not selling the paper... the chance to embolden these barbarians by giving in to them.
 Anyone who doesn't consider that a serious attack is a few nuggets short of a happy meal.
 On AI we only mock profit when we discuss Samsung.
 ... and I'd like to share some real knowledge with you. Nothing is as it seems.
 Hahahahahahaahaha...   (... but you sound like you live in a fascist country)
 I didn't read anything about poor immigrant neighborhoods in the link you provided. I did see "socially mixed neighborhood".
 I heard he's been hanging out in Pigalle as a street vendor making crêpes.
 Oh... okay... got it. I had said in my comment that I'm quite sure that is the case... but, personally, I have never been in one of those zones so I would only be assuming.
  I was waiting to see if you, Anan, were going to respond to TS's answer. I'm just thinking that if TS is correct, and I'm not saying he is, then this would be the mother of all fatwas, wouldn't it.
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