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 For you they'll have the gold edition.
 Humans can hit hundreds of pedestrians in just a couple of months... meh... a self driving car hits one pedestrian in 2 years... boom!!! ... the media will react the same way they do when Apple sells 10 less iPads than was expected.
 Using a quote from Steve Ballmer does not enhance your argument.
I see that Ballard fuel cell tech and the deal with Volkswagen is in the news today.   http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/industry-news/energy-and-resources/ballards-80-million-deal-with-volkswagen-sends-shares-soaring/article22930532/
 ... and that is one of the theories as to why investors have never taken Apple seriously. ... but then there's... Google.
 Irrrelevant? Hardly. It's actually very pertinent to what you are saying. So much so that you are actually agreeing with me... whether you realize it or not.
 The difference between a Honda or Toyota and an MB doesn't really become apparent until you're doing 170 kmh down the autobahn.  :-)
 I agree... and I've driven some very nice cars... but I've always enjoyed mass transit, although I'd much prefer to be chauffeured... so, whether there was a driver in the front seat or not, I think it would be just great.  :-)
 I've already heard that the frame will bend if you slide it sideways into a telephone pole.
 ... and the prices of Nokia and Motorola phones at the time the first iPhone was introduced. Now apply that $$$ ratio to cars. Unless, of course, the Apple Car is only meant for wealthier people.
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