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 He's vacationing in the Alps right now...
 Don't get all bent out of shape, pardner. (get it... "all bent out of shape"... hardeharhar!) I don't see anywhere in my statement where it says that I believe this farce... but I'm only one out of the 11,000,000 that have seen this video. ... and I can't speak for everyone... maybe you can... but I certainly can't. If the other people are gullible enough to believe the bendy video at first blush then Apple might have a problem. Now quit puffing out your chest and relax.
 Such good examples... comparing cat videos to videos about items, that may or may not be defective, sold by a company that has investors. I'm impressed.
 Women... always women. [I used the British version...]
 I've got a heavy duty vise and a 36" pipe wrench...
 That will definitely discourage those 350,000,000 people from buying a goat.
 That's only because Apple didn't call it the iPhablet. I've seen a few blog posts where the + is called a phablet.
 You have to wonder why that is so. Did Apple only make 2 million of them and they are almost sold out.  Is there a manufacturing problem and supply will remain constrained for quite some time. Personally I don't think it's because demand is so high that Apple is selling them at a phenomenally high rate. [ oh... by the way... if my Wife gets rid of the 4S then she'll be getting a 6 / 64. ]
 The one I saw says, "Quit bending me, stupid." [ oh... I just noticed the "S"... ]
 My guess is that there are between 2-3 million iP 6+ phones out there right now. Start doing the math and you soon find out that even if 5,000 people complained then it is still an infinitesimal small number of problems. I wouldn't doubt that Apple employees are sitting down right now going over options to strengthen the frame. [... are we even at 3 people complaining yet?][ 3 people complain about a bent phone... 373 news outlets/ tech sites/blogs blow it all out of...
New Posts  All Forums: