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 As more and more people use electric cars, I can see the price of charging at various locations getting more and more expensive. If there is a buck to be made somewhere, it will eventually be exploited. Unless, of course, the advent of the electric vehicle is the harbinger of socialism.
 Now we don't have access.
 ... but you also, obviously, can't imagine an Apple designed car. I would imagine that it would have much more to do with computing than anything that has ever been built.
 I already have a fart detector.... my Wife! I know exactly what has just happened when she starts beating me on the arm and calling me a pig. 
 Does this mean that Apple shouldn't have gone after Samsung for copying the iPhone?
 That would apply to both... the banee and the bannor.  :-)
 Just curious, Dick, did you buy the first iPhone?
 sog35 the demigod. Seer of the ages. hahahahahahaha Johnny Carson comes to mind.
 The question I have... "How will we know how many are sold?". It will all be speculation.
 That may well be true... but it still doesn't change the fact that I (or the other person) haven't heard anyone saying that they are interested in it.
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