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 Now we don't have access.
 ... but you also, obviously, can't imagine an Apple designed car. I would imagine that it would have much more to do with computing than anything that has ever been built.
 I already have a fart detector.... my Wife! I know exactly what has just happened when she starts beating me on the arm and calling me a pig. 
 Does this mean that Apple shouldn't have gone after Samsung for copying the iPhone?
 That would apply to both... the banee and the bannor.  :-)
 Just curious, Dick, did you buy the first iPhone?
 sog35 the demigod. Seer of the ages. hahahahahahaha Johnny Carson comes to mind.
 The question I have... "How will we know how many are sold?". It will all be speculation.
 That may well be true... but it still doesn't change the fact that I (or the other person) haven't heard anyone saying that they are interested in it.
 Where is he anyway?... must be in bed.
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