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 I'm with TheOtherGeoff here.
 Did you send Tim an email to let him know this?
 Hmmmmmmm... Sounds like you are saying that Apple should cut off its nose to spite its face.
  I don't think that was meant for you... Sog was trolling for the great blue Benjamin Frost with that bait.
Another great discussion, people.
I'll wait for the Cannacord top three chart from the big 4 carriers in the US.   ... BUT... let's assume the numbers in the above article are correct - 3 to 1.   ... AND... let's assume Cannacord's top 3 chart shows the 6 and 6+ in the #1 and #2 spot.   What would that say about whatever phone was in the #3 spot.   Looking forward to seeing that chart.
 I'd like to see that post. Could you give me a link to it? (Har! Ben said 10 million and Malax even has it in one of his replies... proof that Ben didn't change the number)
Flow?   Really.   Once upon a time I heard a woman tell another woman that she was having a "heavy flow" day and was going to ask for the day off from work.   ... and that's the first thing I thought about when I saw this.   (sorry, guys and gals...)
 I haven't seen any evidence of that in this thread.
 ... but Cook hasn't said it's a "hobby"... yet.
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