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 Don't you mean any Apple Pay retail day... or do you think that Apple Pay is going to be used for "every" transaction. I really doubt there is any day that compares to an Apple preorder day. Electronic transactions are a totally different bag.
 Splitting hairs? I want to know by how much or the number is useless. The 6 could sell 50,000 more units than the 6+... when we're talking 30 milllion units each.
 I don't think the retail world has too many "ready set go" moments similar to the volumes seen during an Apple launch. Purchases are steady but not absolutely insane at any one moment in time.
 I don't think the rating button is useless... it always helps me see what other dumbasses agreed with a stupid post.  
 Which have been very inaccurate in the past. For instance... the most popular model could be the iP6 with the iP6+ 2nd according to Cannacord's analysis. It tells us nothing. The 6 could have sold 45 million units in a quarter and the 6+ could have sold 12 million. ... and I never said anyone made that claim.
 We're going to start trusting the analysts now?
 ... and Apple does this?
 Why would they? (maybe I just don't understand what you mean.)
 There's a possibility that Apple will make a plastic 6 for the mid-tier. I think Apple has learned that by putting plastic in the middle of the line-up the top tier isn't cannibalized as heavily. I don't think they will put a plastic phone at the bottom, though. I think the 5S will drop to the bottom, giving people a premium metal 4" phone at the bottom of the lineup. The 5C might become a bogo in certain areas.
New Posts  All Forums: