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 Change? (btw - apparently the two shitheads involved have been killed)
 This... from Mr. Original himself... spouting the same old crap taken from theyareallbadpeopleandIamgoingtotellmymom.com. Tarring the entire group with the same negative brush without having a clue about the religion. This is what happens when people get all of their information from the internet. (if you don't believe me then take a look at some of the sources given by this person... Ask Dr. Brown for instance... a member of the new radical right. ... and allmypeople...
 Okay... I have to agree... but that sure aint going to happen overnight. If what you are saying is true (extremist groups plucking the young), and I'm quite sure it is... then what is the solution now. Hell, it just takes one scumbag to recruit a dozen more. You kill 30 and 50 more pop up. This will go on for eternity. I think the moderates will eventually win... out of preservation if nothing else... but that is going to take a lot of time. Well, at least I'm sure it...
 I have to say that I was somewhat surprised as to how unprepared the police were to protect Charlie Hebdo. All the threats, the firebombing... and one cop outside with a handgun. In my world he would have been inside a bullet proof and damn near bomb proof box. Anyone coming or going would have had to go by that box and then enter through a two gate system controlled by that cop. (or something to that affect). I'll be even more surprised if things don't change in that...
 Did you even read the comment that prompted my reply? From that one comment you have deduced that I am uneducated, that you somehow or other know more than I do about this situation? Did you even see the other two comments I made before that one? About exterminating the extremists... about turning their mother countries to glass. It's about time you realize that my reference was a simple statement to show that there are millions of peaceful Muslims but that all countries...
 By the way... saying that all Muslims are terrorists is just as banal. By the way 2... did you actually make a point. I didn't see one.
 Youtube videos. Oh for f*cks sake. It's on the internet so it must be true. Your videos say exactly the same thing as what I said... if you were to really think about it.
 Are you comparing Charlie Hebdo to a bully?
 ... and like Christianity, I believe reform will come to the Muslim religion. Either that or they will really piss off the wrong country in the wrong way and their mother countries will be turned to glass... it just aint like it used to be where a few thousand guys would gut each other with swords.
 Yet... for every violent Islamic extremist there are thousands of Muslims who are peaceful.
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