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 Where is he anyway?... must be in bed.
 1. Yup... only me. Sure I'm a troll.  :-) 2. It doesn't matter to me if I win or lose... I had to take the opportunity, no matter how slim the odds, to have sog leave for a month. Losing a bet on the internet won't harm my credibility (you need some to lose it anyway) and my ego certainly won't be damaged.    (As we've both said before (in one form or another)... even if the initial watch is a slow seller, Apple won't throw in the towel and eventually wearables will be...
 Oh... I was just going off track and talking about prices back in the day... you know, we walked 10 miles to school, up hill both ways etc. ... but, yes, around $6700. PS - I took him up on his bet.
 Better than grabbing a $$$ iPhone when covered in mud... but your point is one of the reasons why I think uptake will be slow at first.
 We bought a IIci, 15 inch monitor and an 11 X 17 printer in 1988... total cost... $26,000... then we had to buy a 10 mb hard drive for back up that cost another $2000.
 Damn it will be nice not having you here for a month.
 I don't care who puts it on the watch... the ability to have various bluetooth probes that connect to software on the watch would be indispensable. If you ever gardened you'd know that pulling a phone out of your pocket is impossible when your hands are covered in mud. Current instruments suck until you get into the $300 range... so the Apple Wrist Computer would be perfect for something like that.
 Hmmmm... which made me think that a bluetooth ph probe would be the way to go. Gardeners everywhere would buy something like that if it was accurate enough. Current ph meters are lousy until you hit the $300 mark.
I need the watch to also have the ability to plug in a probe so that I can get an accurate ph level reading for my outdoor plants.
 Enough health functions and even I might have considered the Apple Wrist Computer.
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