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 I watched Frozen... less violent and more entertaining than Snow White.
 Doesn't Disney own Marvel?
 The whole thing is a non-story imho.
 This statement keeps resonating in my head...
 Out of curiosity and nothing more ... I find your post confusing. When you say this: "... which is why I find many people's stance on this "interview" movie to be ludicrous, hypocritical, not genuine and 100% fake." Which people are you referring to... the people raving about first amendment rights and calling Sony and Apple wimps or the people who are saying that there should be a more cautious approach (... or, in some cases, the people who have said it should be...
 You never know... Kim might like a movie about himself like Death of a President... as long as it showed the ills the country would have to endure if anyone else was their leader. I don't recall Bush being mocked and belittled in that movie... although, it probably would have been shown anyway.
 I posted a link above with even more information that is being ignored by the freedom of speech ravers.
Meanwhile, back at Sony... http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/dec/24/sony-threat-free-speech-north-korea-the-interview
 Well, it appears that it at least sold out in the theatres that are showing it. ... but, yes... I agree... it will most likely die out unless you are a Seth Rogen fan.
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