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 Sure... if you say so.
 Hard to say if this will come back to haunt Apple. I've always said it's about the OS... that's my reason for believing it will blow over. We should find out in December when Cannacord usually releases the numbers from the top 4 carriers in the US for the top 3 phones sold. If the Plus isn't #2 or #3... or worse yet... the Plus is #3 but the Note 4 is #2... Then. We'll. Know. Oh... and by the way... people aren't interested in buying a goat (maybe, if it talks)......
 ... but a really really big sewing circle.
 Oh... it'll blow over alright... but I'm fairly certain that it has already received much more attention in 2 or 3 days than attennagate did in 2 or 3 months. In 4 years social media has grown substantially.
 I don't know about the embarrassment part but I have to agree that I think Apple would have done just as well... if not better... with 4" and 4.7" phones... skipping the 5.5".
 I'm sure that at least 4 of the complainants were dumbasses who were trying to replicate the conditions in the video.
 I heard there is a lot of high fiving over at Samsung HQ.
 Enlighten us.
 He's vacationing in the Alps right now...
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