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 Were you the one who posted the original comment that elicited my response? Do you know what that person will say if Apple does drop the 5c? Why the f*ck are you talking about things you know nothing about.
 ... and I'm just wondering what you will say if Apple actually does drop the 5c.
 We could assume that but one piece in the puzzle that we don't know is if the extra 5s sales actually exceeded any lack of 5c sales. Hard to say if there really was a net gain overall.
 Hmmmm... and here I thought Apple was more interested in profit than revenue. Who knew...
1. I think it can be said that most forum members believe that Apple sold more iPhone 5s phones than expected.   2. I think it can also be said that most forum members believe that the 5c has sold up to Apple's expectations (that is if I am to believe what I have read in this thread).   Does this mean then that Apple expected to sell less phones in the 1st fiscal quarter than it did?   Would this not worry an investor if it was seen that Tim Cook just got lucky by...
 The main problem with this article and any other assumption about the 5c is that we don't know how many units Apple was expecting to sell. If they were expecting to sell 4 or 5 million less 5s iPhones but an extra 9 million 5c iPhones then Apple has lost revenue and profit. Without actual figures it's all assumptions... including almost everything in DD's article.
 That's a lot of words for saying it's a limited market.
 Your numbers seem to suggest that every one of these people are going to buy an iPhone. There are much cheaper alternatives than the 8gb 5c... and these people seem to be buying them already. Sure... it's worth a shot... but it's still a limited market for Apple.
... and I'm thinking this hits a fairly limited audience.
 It's okay, man, Ben Frost is in the very small percentage of people who still believe that Cook meant that the 5c was selling to expectations.
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