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 ... and what does that have to do with what you said earlier? Are you saying that Cook expects the sales to be below 10 million the first year?
 I'm not going there. lol
 I think that even Apple would call 2.5 million a quarter a failure as well. ... and anything less than that could easily be called a failure by Apple's current standards.
 Why are those numbers bullshit? I think the conservative nature of those numbers makes them very accurate.
 I can agree with those numbers.
 ... and...
 Wouldn't that be something if the Apple Watch had the ability to swap future chips.
From the office of: Hookum, Crookum and Tookum On behalf of: Samsung Electronics To: Mr. Timothy Cook, CEO, Apple Inc. Dear Mr. Cook   Our client, Samsung Electronics, has insisted that you stop laughing or legal action will be forthcoming.   Sincerely   Isaiah Tookum
 About as much as bringing up issues with Microsoft.   
 Keep telling yourself that. lol!
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