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 http://www.theguardian.com/media/2003/jun/27/theguardian.pressandpublishing Just so you can catch up a little.
 Naw... they weren't... and I was hoping that my original post made that clear. ... and there is a difference between bigot speech and hate speech.
 Now you're just being silly.
 Free speech to some... hate speech to others. You are free to think what you want... but when it comes to inciting others to harm people because of their race, religion, sexual preference... well, quite a few countries have an issue with that.
 That might be where you put the shame.
 ... in the United States.
 We were able to make french toast and maple syrup. There is hope.
 As long as it never leads into hate speech.
 It all depends on how costs and revenues are tabulated. R&D is placed in a whole other column in real world accounting. Look it up. Others on here can explain it better than I (Anan) but I understand the simplified version of the procedure.
 Call it what you may... In accounting it is called a profit. Furthermore... I don't give a shit.
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