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 Monster battery.
 TS is here to make you feel good about yourself.Har!
Samsung... dead man walking.
When they say "Historic" it makes me believe that the media for the announcement is historic and not necessarily the product being announced.
 Ugly is why we come here.
 There... fixed that for you.
 They just have to buy an Android phone... they'll quickly forgive and forget.
Props to the assholes who thought up this one.   I can see these guys sitting around a table trading ideas about the best way to hurt Apple before next week's big reveal.   "Let's put together all the photos we've gathered from a multitude of sources over the last year or so, dump them on the internet and then say they all came from a hack into iCloud!"   Brilliant, boys... just brilliant.   Now let's see if it will stick. I sincerely doubt it.   ... and then,...
 The cheap part wouldn't matter to me as much as the malware threat.
 You obviously don't know how the consumer tech world works. It all looks good on paper until you hit the really big speed bump of reality. "Apple's IPad?"  "No... because Apple is so arrogant as to believe that they can make me buy a two year old product and that I'll think it's brand new." It's not how you think it is... it's how the buying public perceives it to be.
New Posts  All Forums: