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 Youtube videos. Oh for f*cks sake. It's on the internet so it must be true. Your videos say exactly the same thing as what I said... if you were to really think about it.
 Are you comparing Charlie Hebdo to a bully?
 ... and like Christianity, I believe reform will come to the Muslim religion. Either that or they will really piss off the wrong country in the wrong way and their mother countries will be turned to glass... it just aint like it used to be where a few thousand guys would gut each other with swords.
 Yet... for every violent Islamic extremist there are thousands of Muslims who are peaceful.
 Depends on how it is done.
 There is that.
 I hope there are more. Those three paragraphs were much more informative about current technology than the entire article about Samsung.
 Personally, I don't have the time to give a shit about Samsung's financial health. They matter not at the moment. That has been established time and time again. The only thing that interests me is Apple's financial and technological health. If Samsung or some other company brings out some earth shattering technology then I want to hear about that. I then want to see how Apple will respond. Blackberry and its response (none) to the iPhone in 2007 comes to mind. As far as...
 ... and I still don't give a shit about them.
 I agree with you... I think we're quite far into the "who gives a shit" territory where Samsung is concerned.
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