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Tim's going to have a test track built into the spaceship.
 This... coming from you!...  hahahahahahahahahaha
I wonder if Apple is only leasing Chrysler vehicles.
 They might have an impact but I sincerely doubt that Apple would have the same impact on the automobile trade as they would in the tech gadgets trade. My point was that Ballmer was a clown who couldn't predict shit. Same with those two silly asses at RIM. It doesn't mean to say that everyone is an idiot. There are people out there who thought Apple would do quite well with phones and iPads. Even Apple dropped the ball initially by overpricing the first iPhone.
 I seem to recall doing that at least once while driving through Nebraska in the 70s....  
 5 - 10 years? Try 15 - 20 years and 5% of the market with 10% of the profits.
 For you they'll have the gold edition.
 Humans can hit hundreds of pedestrians in just a couple of months... meh... a self driving car hits one pedestrian in 2 years... boom!!! ... the media will react the same way they do when Apple sells 10 less iPads than was expected.
 Using a quote from Steve Ballmer does not enhance your argument.
I see that Ballard fuel cell tech and the deal with Volkswagen is in the news today.   http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/industry-news/energy-and-resources/ballards-80-million-deal-with-volkswagen-sends-shares-soaring/article22930532/
New Posts  All Forums: