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 Hahahaha... if Soli, Anan or even Jungmark had asked me for a rebuttal I would have given it to them. At least I would have been given a reasoned response. With you, the chances of a reasoned response are so low that it's not even worth it.
 1. Says you. 2. Says you. Trying to say anything to you is not really worth my time. I have never ever seen you say that you were incorrect about anything. ... and, to the main gist of my post... I'm really glad you are not running things.
 I thought it was sort of funny that the person doing this isn't bright enough to realize that, regardless of his attacks, the person being ridiculed still gets his reputation built up.
 I'm just glad that you are not running things. The US certainly doesn't need another hothead in there who only sees the world in black and white.
 There is that.  Anybody who is educated and honest with themselves doesn't know the answer to that question.
 If you had actually read my post you'd realize that your response is redundant. The real question that arises is about any one person's decision to speak for the many. A lot of facts have to be weighed before hand, otherwise we could be frivolously throwing away lives. By the way... your analogy about automobiles, comparing it to free speech, is just stupid. By the way 2... although admittedly obscure... you took my one life comment wrong... it was meant to say that I...
 Could you be more specific about which religion you are mentioning. At least three come to mind... Oh... and... Who really gives a shit about The Interview!
 That statement is worthy of its own website.
 I was trying to figure out if you protest against the actions of others in any way shape or form outside of yelling at the tv or screaming at a mirror.
 Do you not believe in rallies? Do you protest through another channel?
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