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 Not forgetting, of course, that Mr. Uber Elite Investor burned himself by investing in GTAT, an unproven junior company whose only real claim to fame was a contract with Apple.
To be fair... I don't see any objective opinion coming from a third party in this article. This, so far, just looks like he said-she said.   Regardless... it has been worked out to the satisfaction of both parties.
 I think you are the only person that is actually talking about the article. From what you are saying it appears that this is an actual problem.
If the "gay" threads were some of the most interesting posts on AI in a long time then this thread is the most stupidly funny one that we've had in a long time. Har!   "Is!"   "Is not!"   "Is!"   "Is not!"   "I've made thousands of dollars!!"   "DED exposes the truth!" "Does not!"   LOL!
Obviously Apple saw this coming.
 http://www.theguardian.com/media/2003/jun/27/theguardian.pressandpublishing Just so you can catch up a little.
 Naw... they weren't... and I was hoping that my original post made that clear. ... and there is a difference between bigot speech and hate speech.
 Now you're just being silly.
 Free speech to some... hate speech to others. You are free to think what you want... but when it comes to inciting others to harm people because of their race, religion, sexual preference... well, quite a few countries have an issue with that.
 That might be where you put the shame.
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