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 Apple subsidiary? Has Apple ever done that before? From everything I'm reading I really doubt it.
 Exactly. Making Iovine head of iTunes won't change Cue's role... much. iTunes is about to get much much bigger... Apple hopes.
 What job do you think Cook will give to Iovine? Making music deals? Isn't that one of Cue's jobs? Running iTunes? Isn't that one of Cue's jobs? I think that there will be some head butting in the iTunes department... and $3 billion tells me that Eddie isn't going to win. jmho
Very shortly this might say "former" iTunes Chief, Eddy Cue.
 Says you, but not the investment community. ... but that wasn't the gist of my comment in the first place.
 It doesn't even matter if Cooks "knows". It doesn't even matter if the whole thing fails. This is pocket change. Play money. The only thing that can get hurt is Apple's ego.
 I'm sure Spotify would have asked for twice that. I guess Tim believes that he can use Beats streaming service to eventually bankrupt Spotify and have Beats headphones pay for the whole show.
 Not then... but when Dr. Dre steps into the design department and starts giving him design tips.
It'll be interesting to see if any 1st tier Apple employees, who are connected with this deal, walk over the next few months.
 ... on both sides of the coin. But, this is a speculation/rumor site. I see nothing wrong at all with people giving their opinions. Sometimes they're wrong but sometimes they end up being right.
New Posts  All Forums: