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 They weren't talking about market share. They were talking about saturation. How much of the high end market does Apple have in high end phones. If the number is really high then one should be able to reasonably assume that sales will be slowing down at some point. I didn't say "ending"... just slowing down. Which is what we are seeing. Apple still sells more phones yoy but the percentage over the year before is no longer what it used to be. The chance for wildly...
 I think Sog was just pointing out that I was wrong about Apple not being held by investment houses... but he might have also been using that as an argument for Apple's blue chip status, I'm not sure. I agree with the former... but not the latter... or at least that there's not a correlation between the two.
 Okay, you're right about that. I had read otherwise not that long ago and I didn't bother checking, instead going by memory. ... but... I'll have to remind you that Google is actually above Apple on some of the lists. I guess they'll be going blue chip soon as well. They're just another stock split away...
 I also consider BH a blue chip stock... who wouldn't. Apple still has a ways to go in my mind. A lot of investment houses back me up on that. ... but I would say that "soon" AAPL will be looked at as solid blue chip. Soon being within or no later than 5 years.
 You obviously didn't look at a comparison of AAPL / CSCO since 1990.
 Oh, yes... those are all the requirements for a blue chip stock. Silly me. By the way... I have not once said that AAPL is a bad stock... but anything over $105 is a sell to me.
 I'm glad you gave those examples... more companies that have been around for a long long time and have provided dividends for years and years and years.
 You think I make up these rules. Dividends and long term stability make up a blue chip stock. Not a quick rise to the top. I already gave a time frame.
 Apple has only been at the level it's at now for about 10 years... that doesn't sound very blue chip to me.
 I think you are wrong about that. Most investment houses are underweight in AAPL. Try using the DJIA for an example. AAPL aint in there. Those stocks are the gold standard for what is considered blue chip. Apple is actually very new at this, regardless of the age of the company.
New Posts  All Forums: