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 Tim Cook (and Jobs for that matter) is a products guy. If that is his comfort zone then I don't see him straying too far afield from that. I think we have to wait yet another year to get an idea of where Cook and Company is going. If we don't see any clear indications by this time next year then I'd say Apple will be getting into deep waters.
 Hmmm... from the link (which seems to underscore Odo's point): "Of course, that might be cold comfort to shareholders who thought they were waiting for the next iPhone rather than the next dividend check. Since Apple’s market capitalization peaked on Sept. 19, 2012, at about $658 billion, its market value has shrunk by 25%, vaporizing roughly $162 billion in paper wealth for shareholders."
 I've used it for purchases on a couple of websites that I manage. What I found is that a few of the people won't use it because they "heard bad things" about Paypal. Apple gets involved too deeply with Paypal and this will be the headline: Apple and Paypal are there to rip off your bank account! I can just feel it...
 Carl is hedging his bets. Buys into Apple. Buys into Ebay. Begs Ebay to sell Paypal. Paypal comes knocking on Apple's door. [Hmmmm... now that I look at that again... maybe it's Ebay's way of fighting off Icahn. Get Apple involved.]
At least we can see Carl Icahn's plan much clearer now.
 ... and we thought Google was blowing through cash!
 Losing a few thousand in a day can make even the best people a bit edgy. ... but now we've got a Dame looking after Apple retail... so all should be good now.
 Youngster! You and your fancy 512. In my day we only had 128s!
 Well, at least now I know how much you know.
 Hey... get in line behind Rogi and Rede if you want to be one of my groupies. To come after me with this phony accounting accusation is strange. Hell, even if I was 2 billion out and the loss was 4 billion, I'd still be much much closer than the people saying 9 billion, 12 billion, 8 billion...  ... so, why are you coming after me. Is it love...
New Posts  All Forums: