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 Hmmmm... that's odd. I hit the link for AppleInsider and somehow or other I got transferred to MacRumors.
 Irrelevant, sure... but I'd love to see Apple sell 85 million iPads in 2014 to make it even more irrelevant.
Hold it! Isn't this just a ploy by Cook to increase demand?
 It's a mystery to me. I only mentioned it because I have noticed a few people talking about Apple divulging channel inventory. It might make sense to them but it sure doesn't help me understand Apple's numbers any better. [this is not meant as a slight against Apple]
 Speaking of channel inventory... I noticed from the q4 2012 that there was an estimated 9 million units in the channel. In the q4 2013 there was an estimated 14 million units in the channel. I'm not even sure what all that means but I'm sure it is not inconsequential.
Here's a question:   What's the solution for Apple to grow its bottom line?
 As a consumer they are all over priced in my opinion. In Apple's  and other companies' opinion... well, they'd be stupid to price something lower when they know they'll do better financially if they price it higher.
 You sound like a very unhappy person. ... and his/her preface still explains all of that.
 I don't think analysts want Apple to give up making profits. I think analysts are wondering how Apple is going to grow the company from this point.
 You must have missed the preface to those links: "Lastly, it's a good thing Samsung sells more than just phones eh?"
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