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 A few of us think it will pick up during the holiday gift buying. Parents buying their kids a colorful phone. The more of them seen in the wild, the better the sales as time goes on. It just has to get trendy. 
 So, you are saying that the last set of Localytics stats showed that the 5c is a failure. Wow. That's harsh, little stalker buddy.
 By not using words like supercilious?
Localytics statistics apparently had no value before so I'm thinking they must hold no value now.
 3rd fiscal quarter. (oops... pipped by Gatorguy)
 3rd quarter sales were down 27% yoy.
  We all know you have to 'click' it.
 The foldable cover will become the iPad/Air. 
Is that all Apple can do these days is to copy other companies? /s
Most important update since the first iPad? Give me a break.   Retina mini? Sure. Very important.   Larger form factor? Sure. Something totally new is always important.   Going on the evidence this analyst is using? Oh boy.
New Posts  All Forums: