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 ... but if the share price goes up 10% or down 10%, it's exactly the same thing on your total balance, pre-split or post-split.
 What do you mean, how did he find that? He wrote it! Just kidding, TS... just kidding...
 I'm impressed by all the sizes and colors. That takes dedication.
 Apple doesn't fight spec wars.​ 
 Maybe that was the rationale for the split (or at least one reason)... easier to convince people to keep buying up to $165 than to keep buying up to $1100+.
 He asked what Mr. Odo would say. I gave one example.
 I'm thinking that the new iPhone line-up in the fall will increase sales to around 60 million units in the 1st fiscal quarter 2015. That should more than do it.
 Do you expect AAPL to hit $600 in the near future?
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