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 All of that said nothing to the question I asked. Not sure why you quoted me.
 You do understand that Apple's penetration of "emerging" markets is much lower than 32%... right?
 Price is what we are talking about. The 5s / 5c feature comparison doesn't even enter into the equation... until, as you say, the 5c has 100-150 bucks lopped off the retail price. I really do wonder, though, if the 5c will stick around. At this point Apple has to be pondering the question of whether price alone would move the 5c in the numbers they were hoping to get the first time.
 Yup... hiring someone from the fashion industry really shows me that Apple knows how to manage the lower end.
 They know how to manage this? Please elaborate.
As if this is news. I think that many of us have known for a long time that people want iOS, being able to afford it is another matter. That's Apple's challenge. Finding a way to make a phone that has most of the regular iPhone features but has a price that more people can afford... while at the same time not cannibalizing the top end and not hurting margins too severely.
When a company reveals that Apple is one of its major customers, the shares in that company surge.   ... meanwhile, back at Apple.
If Samsung is claiming that its disclosure of Apple's licence was an accident and Apple turns around and says that its disclosure of the Nokia and NEC licences was done by accident...   ... well, Samsung could possibly be off the hook. Accidents happen.   Either that or Apple can incriminate itself even further... and both Samsung and Apple will be facing the same charge.
First thing that has to go is that suit and tie.
 Well, the CEO might set the direction but these days one of the CFO's jobs is to help set the direction by helping the team by forecasting the best routes for the company. If Cook has already decided to make services a more important aspect of the company then he might have hired Maestri for that exact purpose. Besides, not once in my comment did I allude to this being Maestri's call.
New Posts  All Forums: