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  We all know you have to 'click' it.
 The foldable cover will become the iPad/Air. 
Is that all Apple can do these days is to copy other companies? /s
Most important update since the first iPad? Give me a break.   Retina mini? Sure. Very important.   Larger form factor? Sure. Something totally new is always important.   Going on the evidence this analyst is using? Oh boy.
 ... and/or the IACC... International Association of Color Consultants.
 I think you read too much into that statement.    Ads are the foundation of a marketing campaign. If you blow your main ad it can put your entire marketing campaign in jeopardy. a successful ad or two ≠ knowledge in marketing (and, no, I am not talking about Apple... this is a general statement)
 One would hope that Apple does know about marketing. It seems that they do... at least I think so. Although, being a big company with lots of dollars available for advertising doesn't always translate into a successful marketing campaign. It's not always a given. ie. the lemmings ad was not received well and it was shown only 1 year after the iconic 1984 ad.
 I'm honestly curious. What exactly did you read? Just so it's clear.
 I don't think we'll ever see another apology letter from Tim Cook about. Anything. Ever. Again.
 I'm glad I could be of help. It must have been this angry post that got to him:  Yup... I'm, a real angry emotional guy. I'm sure it must have been this post that caused it all: Quote:Originally Posted by island hermit    Pal, we are all allowed to have our opinions. I don't think my opinions are any more valid than anyone else. I have already stated that. I have also stated that I have no more evidence than the next guy, that it is my opinion. Until I see more evidence...
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