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 I can hardly wait to see what colors he chooses for the new iPads... in plastic.
 Maybe next year Apple will introduce a 4.3" phone as its top model, shoving the 5S to the middle and then the 5C to the bottom (possibly where it should be now). I think that would make a great line-up.
 You're not making sense.
 Well, let's hope it's FUD and not FUBAR.
 You don't know the reason why Apple changed from the 5 to the 5C. I never heard Tim Cook or any other Apple executive tell us the exact reason. Pricing structure alone is not the business model but making a different "new" phone to replace the 5 is absolutely a change to that business model. Apple had a given structure to the way they did business. They have gone to a new model of phone which makes it an unknown in the business model. Apple cannot look at past years and...
 Hmmm... Apple just made a change to its business model. Go figure.
 Huh. Go figure. I was taken to task the other day for saying that Apple's persona is that of a premium brand. Two or three members went after me for even suggesting that Apple is viewed as a premium brand. Nobody chimed in to say otherwise. Weird forum, I tell ya.
 Your comment probably makes sense to you.
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