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Is AI going to do Sesame Street all week long. "C" is for candlestick. This iPhone will light your fire... "C" is for carnivore. This iPhone will eat your steak...
 To neutral with a $520 price target over 12 months. Hell... I'll be glad to make 15.6% on any investment in a year (based on today's price).
Damn analysts!! Always coming out with negative views about Apple!! Oh... wait...
 I think the 5S will sell by the boatload but the 5C, not so much. Since Apple doesn't break down the numbers in the quarterly reports it will be difficult to judge how well the 5C is selling compared to previous model sales in other years. As others have said, it seems that Apple was hoping to pick up a few extra sales in the second tier area by bringing out a pimped out new phone rather than sticking with the 5... but we'll never know if that happened unless Apple breaks...
 You seem to have changed your tune.
I know how much everyone loves polls.    I've seen a few reader polls on various tech sites and the 5S seems to be an overwhelming favorite (highest 5 to 1- lowest 2 to 1) over the 5C.   I know Apple doesn't break its sales down usually but it would be interesting to see the sales breakdown of the 5S and 5C to see how it compares to the polls.
 The only way it can change is with numbers (and even that is up on the air) because Tim Cook sure isn't going to change.
 Apple has been announcing first day pre-order numbers since 2009. It didn't do it with the 5C. Lots of reasons why it didn't release the numbers. Take your pick.
New Posts  All Forums: