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 Great... I've got another groupie.
 Hahahahaha... coming from you I'll take all of that as a compliment.
 I've seen how well you've done in other areas on this forum. I'll wait until someone from Bloomberg, WSJ, Fortune, NYT or some other actually knowledgeable person says otherwise. Then look at all the fun you'll have quoting from the publication.
 Why, I didn't know that. Thank you for your opinion.
 1. Tax losses 2. Money acquired on acquisition 3. Sale of set top boxes (plus 15% stake in Arris) 4. Remaining patent valuation 5. Sale to Lenovo
 Google is keeping a lot of the Moto patents to itself... but is licensing those patents to Lenovo.
 Moto has a US presence complete with great contacts. Add in the cross licencing deal...
 It's only a one or two billion dollar loss and Google dumps a money loser... I'd be a happy GOOG shareholder at this point.
 I would say that the loss isn't as great as many on here would think... plus, add the fact that the Moto losses won't be on the books any more... stock goes up. [... and, yes, it appears to be a lack of strategy... maybe they learn fast. They certainly aren't afraid to move quickly.]
 Accounting for tax losses, cash acquired in the deal, 2.4bn from Arris plus a 15% stake in Arris... and, if it goes through, 3 billion from Lenovo... looks like Google might come out close to even (what's a billion or two here and there). Hard to believe they might be exiting the hardware business (well, okay, not that hard).
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