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 I think AI has improved greatly by removing the trolls and obnoxious people much more quickly. It was a real zoo for a while and it's actually quite pleasant now.
 Just curious... I haven't seen any 5s ads. Where have you seen them? I'd like to see it. I know that Apple just started a printed ad campaign for the 5s.
  Pal, we are all allowed to have our opinions. I don't think my opinions are any more valid than anyone else. I have already stated that. I have also stated that I have no more evidence than the next guy, that it is my opinion. Until I see more evidence to the contrary I will continue to think that the 5c, while not a failure by any means for Apple, has not yet lived up to its expectations. I gave my reasons and for whatever reason it really bothers you. I'm not sure why...
 Oh, great... using jungmark, a banned member, as an example of your little cabal. Nice group. You really got to get out more pookie and stop stalking people. Actually, I really don't think Rogifan wants to be part of your group. He/she seems to be much too civil and logical. Nothing I have ever said points to a wish for failure of the 5c. I believe that Apple wasn't trying for higher margins, I think they were trying for higher share... much higher share. Otherwise, why...
 Seriously? Lack of precise knowledge doesn't seem to have stopped you from opinions in the past. ... and I don't say that sarcastically or with malice.
 I think the person was making a joke... saying that "they", not you, spelled 'decried' wrong... knowing full well that the author meant to spell 'described'. That was my take, anyway.
 It almost reads as if they used Google to translate the original Chinese article to English. That's all I've got...
 I think you are assuming quite a lot.
 1. Basing what on? 2. Your question doesn't quite make sense. Almost... but not quite. I'll try and unravel it for you by asking... 'With everything you have read so far do you think that Apple has exceeded its expectations with the 5c?'
 That's what you got from my post? lol
New Posts  All Forums: