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 Although what you say may be true... it still doesn't make this story any more credible.
 I've been around long enough to see all sorts of reports about this company or that company increasing output, starting output, decreasing output, stopping output, to know that there is as much bullshit as there is credibility. Believe what you want to believe.
 If you say so.
 One report is just as believable as the other.
We can stomp and scream all we like about how great the iPad is when compared to the competition but it's news like this, when filtered by the mainstream media, that can kill any momentum Apple might have had in this arena.   I'm guessing the HDX will sell really well this season and I'm thinking the Fire will just continue to get better. Two years ago I thought Amazon would throw in the towel about 6 months after Christmas but it looks like it's in it for the long haul.
These guys are hilarious!   Tim, get a team together, grab the bats and head over to J.D. Power.   Beat some sense into these guys!
Google just announced the Nexus 5 with a 4.95" screen. Available tomorrow, November 1st.
 Whoops! Thanks for catching that. Tim Cook doesn't have the skills to run a lemonade stand!!
 One has to ask, though, how big is the high end market. Can Apple grow its tablet business much beyond the current rate? It has to be remembered that the tablets from other manufacturers aren't all "cheap-ass" junk. There are a few of them that are perfectly acceptable for the task at hand and aren't thrown into the back of the closet. Knowing that, it begs the question, 'How much is this impacting Apple's tablet business?'.  The holiday quarter won't cut it for showing...
 Pepto-Bismol will help with that.
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