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 Are we grumpy today. I actually don't think AAPL is going to stay at/near $500. I actually think it has a good chance of hitting $600 after the 1st fiscal quarter numbers are released in January. ... and I still stick by the idea that AAPL will sink to $300 if margins are drastically hit at any time over the next year or two. By the way... anyone who puts their money where their mouth is isn't a good investor. You should put your money into something that provides more...
 There's also probably a few heroines that you don't like and aren't good for you.
  OS 9 to OS X was a huge jump, much greater than iOS 6 to iOS 7. The benefits just aren't as obvious. By the way... OS X v1 was a dog with fleas that garnered lots of negative press... right alongside all the talk of how Apple was moving in the right direction.
 Hmmmm... apparently, if comments on here are any indication, the cost of producing the 5s will remain the same throughout its lifespan.
 Some of those projections come from calculations of necessary iPhone sales to maintain yoy eps growth. 80 million would definitely send the stock up... unless, of course, iPad shipments tanked drastically... which I can't see happening.
 I keep thinking that any indication of Apple's margin going south along with flat eps will send AAPL to $300.
 I'm not sure how you derived at this conclusion. I doubt if too many people on here have any shares. In the early days Apple had a vibe that struck a real positive chord with creative and intelligent people and, through thick and thin, that general feeling still exists today. Apple's stuff is cool and I'm sure that's how most Apple fans feel.
 What color is the sky in your world? (oh, I get it, that was sarcasm... right?)
 Sure, pumpkin. [I like it when he gets so bossy]
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