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 With the most ever activations in a Chinese iPhone introduction you'd think there would be a bit more of a bump to the 2nd fiscal qtr... it doesn't matter if they are in only 16 of the 300 cities. ... and aren't those initial 16 cities the largest by far? 
 This article is talking about growth. So... everybody has a phone. Then they upgrade. Are they using both phones? Did the market grow? If you answered "No" to both of these questions then, answer this, "Did Apple grow?".
I've forgotten... what was this article about?
 To paraphrase Churchill: “Tim Cook is the worst form of CEO, except for all the others.”
 I think your analogy is flawed. Reverse the win/loss/Superbowl record for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years and then maybe you'll be on to something.
 I agree... and was sure to edit my comment before you replied.
 Then why does Apple have advertising? [I see what you are getting at... but first off... Apple has to get them in the store. Then the product should sell itself]
 So you are saying that Apple is to expect absolutely zero gain [from China Mobile] for the next few months?
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