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 I see what you are saying. Yes, it could be worded better.
 Naw, Slurpy, you'll own 210 shares but they will be worth around $80 each.
 If I actually believed that a stock split would make a big difference then I too would mention everything that you have listed. I don't. ... and the year the member received the reply was 2012. That and this year are the only two years of concern to me, re: my comment. Plus... and not meaning to be rude or disrespectful, I do value the fact you replied in a civil manner... I would like to hear Mr. Cook's reason.
 I guess I could have been clearer... this time. I meant, why would Cook want the stock to be more accessible this year than last. One of the other members posted a reply from Apple Investor Relations saying that a stock split wasn't in the cards because it wasn't in Apple's best interest at the time. What changed?
 For fu*ks sake. Could some of you please read the damn comments before replying. Do you think for one minute that I don't know everything you are saying? Really? The headline said one thing and the article said another. Headline 7 for 1... Article 6 for 1. I was adding the necessary words to make the article correct... well, more correct. That is all I was saying. Oh boy.
 I'd still like to hear Cook's reason for the split.
 I love watching penny stocks reverse split. The stock leaps 5 to 10 times, depending on the reverse split. People jump in. The stock goes back to its pre-split price. Priceless... and pathetic.
 First of all, you have to actually read my comment. Then proceed from there. The headline says:  "Apple announces 7-for-1 stock split..." The article says: "granting each AAPL stock owner six shares for each share owned..." That is neither clear nor correct. It should say:  "granting each AAPL stock owner an additional six shares for each share owned..." There. Clear and correct.
 It doesn't say you have to give up your shares either in the headline... that makes it 8 for 1.
 "... announced a split granting each AAPL stock owner six shares for each share owned..." Not clear? No. Just wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: