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 I would think that Billboard would have at least as good an idea of the valuation of a company whose primary business is music. Billboard would know a lot more about Iovine and Dre's contacts and contracts and what they are actually worth. The only thing that Billboard wouldn't know is what exactly Beats means to Apple personally because only Cook and Apple's Board can come up with that answer. Whether or not they ["they" meaning Cook and Company] are correct in their...
 Dingbat entertainment publication? Hahahahaha I'm sorry, Anan, but that's the silliest thing you have ever said. You don't don't keep a magazine going for 120 years by being a bunch of dingbats. A business trade magazine at that...
 Apple is buying Beats?
Yawn... Dr. Dre has a resume?
 That's exactly what I am suggesting. Personally, I don't consider Beats quality to be even close to the quality of Apple's products.
 Just curious. Which of these two attributes would you say is most closely aligned with Apple products? 1. Good enough for every day use. 2. Most accurate.
 ... or they could have bought a product out of sheer ignorance. It still happens to me. Not near as much as it did when I was younger. Hype thrown at a gullible audience has built quite a few companies.
 I guess you haven't been paying attention.
 Is Ive quitting?
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