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 Just had to add another level...
 Another $100-200 million is chump change to Apple. I also don't get the holdup, especially when it's to a "relatively" small company like Synaptics.. Well, maybe Apple will have to buy Synaptics now.
 That's it! It's my psychological need to pretend that Apple invented everything that has held me back all these years. You have released me from my chains with this realization! I am free!  I am free! Thank you!
 Sure there is an angle... Cook, Ive and a few of the other Apple Brothers like to drive Samsung nuts. A leak this close to the big event should have the Samsung hive buzzing. lol
 Oh... I'm sure it didn't go over TS's head. 
 There's a joke there...  lol
You've still got a week, Samsung. You should be able to get something out by this Thursday!
 I think that, more than anything, these are concepts that need to have all the bugs ironed out. It's going to take a while. Certainly not within the next 20 years.
 The telephone in 1906-1908 was not so rudimentary anymore. It was basically in its final form for a few years to come. For someone at that point to say that it has no future would have been the same as someone looking at an Apple computer or and IBM Jr. and saying the same thing. I can fully appreciate someone looking at a mainframe from the 1960s and not being able to see a use for it at home. ... or maybe I just read your comment wrong.  lol
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