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 Well, anyone who reads that thread would not see comment after comment in the vein that you mentioned.
 A lot of people said that the iPad didn't need to be smaller. They are right in a way. The iPad didn't need to be smaller, but the Mini sure added a helluva lot to Apple's bottom line and, imo, it invigorated the iPad lineup.
 1. You don't talk about watering down the brand in a thread unless either it pertains to the thread or you are really confused. 2. If he didn't mean that a larger phone would water down the brand then he/she should have stated that. 3. There is nothing in this article that would lead one to believe that Apple is starting to cater to everyone's needs. 4. I haven't seen Tim adding a ton of choices.
 Mom!? Is that you?? lol
 (see post #2)
 I think you better change your brand of corn flakes.
 ... and
 Everyone's confused. They need guidance from Gene Munster.
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