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 So you've never speculated about something in this forum? Why would I have to work for Apple? If it has exceeded Apple's expectations then I'd say Apple has lowered its standards.
Failure? Hardly.   Below Apple's expectations? Quite possibly.
 I'm sure that most people have read those tech articles in the local newspaper that are cringe worthy. Written by the same person, I'm sure, that wrote the baby notices last week. Newsweek, Time, USA Today and bunches of other weekly magazines splash Apple stories onto their pages whenever they think it is important (and it usually is not).
 I don't think Tim Cook is the type of guy that likes to have too much excess stock sitting on the shelves. ... or maybe I read your statement wrong.
 I know what you're saying. It comes down to, 'how many units would Apple have to sell at a reduced margin to give enough comfort to Wall Street to raise their targets'. What constitutes growth. Would lowering prices, therefore reducing margins, have any effect. Questions questions. I can't help think that Apple is better off staying the high margin course, at least for now. The devil you know. China and the developing nations seem to be the only areas where a lot of...
  No no... eps is already fairly flat. If margins are hit drastically then you will see $300... and I'm talking about over the next year or, sure, whenever. It's not a statement that says that margins "will" be hit but, rather, a statement that shows what Apple cannot do if it wants to maintain the current share price. Any hit to the margins will cause a hit to the stock. Margins keep AAPL alive and well at the moment.
 I think we'd have to wait an entire year to see how it stacks up against 4s sales. If Apple continues to advertise it at the pace we've seen lately then I'd expect sales to be almost double. ... but, then again, Apple doesn't break down sales by model.
 Let's put it this way... there is a lot more common sense to share prices than the average joe blow is able to see.
 If, that is "if", you reread my post you will note that it says nothing about this quarter. [it's a long term statement... 'if Apple ever does this then this' sort of thing]
New Posts  All Forums: