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 No no no! That 27% figure is for the US only. For all you know they shipped 3 million units to China with only a 15% sell rate. The 23% and 27% figures are not even valid for a real discussion unless you know the numbers available and sold in the US for the 4s last year and the same for the 5c this year. [iow - the yoy growth in the US, according to the figures used form that study, was a statistical dead heat.]
 Your problem is that you keep telling me that I don't know certain things. Of course, the flip side of that is that you don't know things. You should just leave it at that. We both don't know. You can no more prove your figures than I can prove mine. We're both equally right and we're both equally wrong. How's that for you. Have a nice day.
 Independent research firms? That's like trusting analysts.
  I've heard so many people say that Samsung does much better than the other Android phone makers because of its heavy marketing. So I'm inclined to say the same thing about the 5c. With so much advertising you would think it would do a lot better than 17% growth year over year in the US (and that is giving the statistics the benefit of the doubt). Add to that, we don't even know how many 4s units were made available last year or 5c units this year and how many were left...
 Mac As mentioned above. Bandying about that 27% of 9 million figure might not be a good idea. It's a US figure only. So, unless Apple sold 9 million units in the US then... well, I'm sure you get it. Trouble is... none of us really knows anything and I doubt if Apple will ever let us in on the secret. If we call out the analysts then we have to admit that our guesses aren't any better.
 When you redesign an old model to make it new, then advertise the crap out of it while basically ignoring the flagship model... well, you can bet that Apple is banking on the 5c to perform really really well. Disappointed? I doubt it. It is selling in the millions. Wanting it to do better? I'd say yes, a lot better. Oh, by the way, that 27% figure that you use... that's US only and with a high margin of error rate. We still haven't seen any figures from anywhere else. It...
 Let me say it again. I wish they'd break down the numbers. Now, look at your reply. If I had said "should' as in, They should break down the numbers, then your reply makes sense. Just wanted to point that out. I also wish Apple would break down the numbers. You probably wish they'd all break down the numbers too.
I wish they'd break down the numbers.
  You might want to wait until November to see the October numbers on that chart. 3 days worth of data, intro data at that, doesn't tell us much about the ongoing success of a product. Especially when 2 of the carriers were selling more of the S4. If the 5c is still in the #2 spot in 2 of the carriers for October then I'd say it is selling well in the US. Hell, 41 days of data doesn't even tell us that much.
 Lol. You just wouldn't listen to the fact that it is a USA study. I have no clue about? How about the things you don't know about: 1. How many 4s units were made available last year. 2. How many 5c units were made available to the US this year. 3. How many 5c units were left in the channel 4. How many 5c units were sold in China (oh, btw, if the number jumped from 5 million to 9 million that's an 80% increase... so, if China is included and last year 2 million units were...
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