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 I agree. I was only talking about CM's 4G numbers. (I read one report that states 44 million iPhones are already owned by CM subscribers... and this was before the 4G rollout)
 Yes... it would be. ... and that seems very low considering that I would assume CM's initial rollout would cover at least 1%, or 7.8 million, of its subscriber base. I guess CM is taking the really really slow route.
"780,000" ? 780 million [fixed] ... and 2.8 million 4G subscribers seems very low, even at this early stage of the game.
 Re-read the title a few times. Pay attention to the comma. It might take some time but all will be revealed. I also had to go over it a few times. lol
 I'm going to be kind, no matter how much I feel otherwise. Could you please show everyone exactly how I have defended Samsung in my comment. Thank you.
 That's the way I feel about all the fast food establishments.
Samsung should advertise on toilet paper.   [I'm sure it would sell well to quite a few AI members]
 You wouldn't know that's the point by reading these comments. It seems that a lot of people think that this about stopping the sale of Samsung phones.
 Google Glass will destroy your sense of self respect much quicker.
 You answered my question. None. Do you really think that workaround wouldn't be implemented in all new models... tomorrow.
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