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 Back peddle? Oh boy. This is obviously way over your head.
 Nope, there's your comprehension problem. I gave a context for calling it a flop. (... but not a failure) Selling in droves was not in that context as was noted in the first paragraph. Next.
 ... and then you'd have to read what Mr. Cook said about the 5c not selling up to expectations and then apply that thought to the context of my comment. My guess... this is all way beyond you. Show us how smart you are... c'mon, you can do it.
 ... and then you'd have to look up the word "even", because it seems to have escaped you when I used that word in my comment.
 Well, first of all, you'd have to point to the sentence in my comment that says I think it's a failure.... either that or just be a good boy and run along.
 There's the quandary for Mr. Cook. Is it not selling up to expectations because of the 5s, is it too expensive, is it just not liked or is it a combination of the three. Tim has to figure out if the 5c is worth keeping in the line-up. My guess... he'll pull the pin on the 5c before September. I'm thinking that there will be a drastic price drop and then the 5c will just disappear. If Apple rolls it out again in the fall it will be one of those phones that has a very dated...
 Is comprehension a tough thing for you.
The 5c might have sold more units than the 4s in the same spot last year but it still didn't live up to the expectations that Apple had placed upon it, which is to grow the brand even more... possible even as high as 50% more than what has sold already.   That accounts for the 5-7 million missing units from the last quarter (or more if Apple was hoping the 5c would take some pressure off the 5s.   In that sense it is a flop.
 Your reference to the Salem Witch Trials is very apt, but not for the reason that you give.
 I'm a bit surprised to know that person can write.
New Posts  All Forums: