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 I stick my phone in my front pocket. If it was 4.7 to 5 then it would be a lot better for me, easier to see, and I could still stick it in my pocket. As you say, it's more than just a phone and, in my opinion, having a larger screen allows you to use one device instead of two.
 Apple has already gone from 3.5 to 4. I see no change in the direction that Apple is going if Apple puts a larger screen in its next phone.
 That still doesn't sound like Apple would be changing direction. I think you are just changing the goalposts.
 You said that person is asking Apple to change directions... but that person didn't ask Apple to change directions. So... it must be you that says that Apple would be changing directions. I ask again, in your mind what direction do you feel is being changed by Apple by making a larger iPhone?
 I use two hands regardless, so does my Wife, so do most, if not all, of my friends. Keep the 4" for people like yourself. Give people a choice by having a larger phone as well. (but that has already been said)
 ... and what direction would that be in your mind?
More and more every day I see young people, teens and early twenties, using large screen Android phones.   Even a year ago I saw more iPhones in use but that trend seems to be changing amongst people in that age group.   Anecdotal evidence... true... but...   (oh... and I have never bought the 5.5" iPhone rumor)
 I was surprised that you answered the first time.
 Interesting. Considering that Apple hasn't done that in quite a while.
 I'll answer that with a question:Do you think that Apple will release any iPhone or iPads between June 2 and September? 
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