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 I see nothing that indicates that a 4.3" to 4.8" iPhone would water down the brand. Moving from 3.5" to 4" didn't water it down.
 Since you like that comment maybe you can explain how adding a 4.3"-4.8" phone to the lineup waters down the brand. (5" to 6" is just silly)
 Lower profit per item but not necessarily lower net profit.
 I don't think Wall Street wants Apple to have them all. I think Wall Street wants to see a gain for the plan Apple chooses before the share price will increase. If Apple lowers margins then Wall Street wants to see increased market share to the point that eps increases. If Apple increases margins then Wall Street wants to see revenue and earnings increase  to the point that eps increases. This is not to say that Apple is doing poorly.
 ... and I'm still waiting for you to comprehend what the original poster said. [... even though razor blades is not a good example] [... actually, upon rereading the original post I see that I must have combined it with another post concerning margins and volume. So... as "I" see it, Cook has chosen the devil he knows, higher margins. This is not to say that lowering margins wouldn't produce more eps, but it also does not guarantee it.)
 This could be nothing to do with anticipating demand.
 Last year's holiday quarter was great... but basically flat yoy... and the stock continued to tank throughout the year. Until Apple shows some continued earnings growth I think we can expect AAPL to stay range bound.
 You keep saying "cheap", when in actual fact the other person said "cheaper". There is a big difference.
This is no surprise.
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