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 If that isn't enough... from January 2013: “Beginning this fiscal year, we are reorganizing the presentation of our results to provide greater transparency,” Oppenheimer said. “In recent years, our guidance reflected a conservative point estimate of results every quarter that we had reasonable confidence in achieving. Going forward, we plan to provide a range of guidance that reflects our belief of what we are likely to achieve.”
 You're joking, right.
 I think that flat guidance has worried a few analysts. I'm sure they expected guidance to be at least a tad higher considering that China Mobile just signed on.
 Well, okay then... "Yes."
 This is why I always believed that the 5c was meant as a complimentary phone to the 5s... not a phone that was in competition with the 5s. The 5c was meant for a different crowd, another market altogether.  ... but the 5c didn't live up to those expectations and sales remained similar to Apple's other 2nd tier phones over the years.
 Didn't have to.
 Which is exactly what the other guy said.
 Let's set this straight. The 5c was not a failure. The 5c just did not live up to Apple's expectations. By any other standards, the 5c sold better than every other phone on the planet except the 5s... but, 5c sales did not fill the gap that Apple was hoping it would fill. (I'm sure Apple was hoping for another 7-10 million sales)
 You're not wrong. It was a mistake. It still doesn't stop these guys on AI from thinking that you can put all these really bright guys from Apple in a room and everything from here to eternity will come up smelling like roses. Hopefully something was learned. Hopefully the team at Apple isn't having a head scratching moment. Hopefully they'll just move on knowing that there batting average is still really good... just not 1000.
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