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 I have the same medical affliction as Tallest Skil.
 Yellow??!! That was my least favorite color followed by green. OK... to make my theory correct I'll just pretend that Apple agreed with me and didn't make too many of the yellow phones.
 Unless they want to ensure retail inventory on introduction day.
 ... and, although the 5 sold well, there were inventory shortages and Apple could possibly have sold even more.
 Spindler tried to produce Mac models that would appeal to the masses. Making cheaper models in an attempt to gain market share. Although Mac market share did make some gains, Windows market share grew substantially more.
 Yes... really. I was talking about the decision making process. Nothing to do with Steve Jobs at all.
 Sure... it's a rigged game to some degree... but not to the level that you are suggesting. Nobody wants to be left holding the bag. Cook with Jobs is unproven... regardless of the stints while Jobs was away... Jobs was still in the picture. If the holiday quarter is a runaway success then maybe some trust will be breathed back into Apple's stock... but not until then... and there also has to be a follow up. These guys are looking down the road... 2 to 3 years at least.
 a. Your comment came long after my edit to my comment. It has happened before (edits not showing up) and I find it a bit odd. Anyway... I meant to say Spindler. b. I don't seem to remember saying anything about Steve Jobs.
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