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 I remember reading an article from around 1906-1908 that said the same thing about telephones.
 For some of my guests that would be absolutely perfect.
 That's why I mentioned 50-60 years as a starting point where we will see at least half of all buildings having been partially or completely built for smart tech and in 100 years the majority of buildings will have been built for smart tech. Anything over the next 30 years will definitely be hit and miss and, yes, will have to be retrofitted but will begin to improve beyond that time frame... very similar to buildings/houses that were built in the late 1800s having to be...
 I would imagine that home building will be quite different within the next 50-60 years. The home and driveway will be clad in solar cells, connectivity will be easy and abundant, exterior and interior. Within 100 years the smart home will be quite complete... but most people today might not call the results aesthetically pleasing... even though the design will be clean and efficient. 
 So, you're saying that if it's done half-assed then it can be accomplished now.
 As Anan mentioned... this would have to be years in the future. Mentioning pie in the sky dreams seems very unApple to me. That's Google's game.
I see no mention of the med-tech that Apple has been sourcing.
 I rest my case.
If Apple is really thinking about acqui-hiring Iovine and Dre as consultants because Apple is at sea when it comes to the music business, then who is consulting Apple about the hiring of these two and what they are actually worth.
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