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 I said September and October. Is this not when the products that constitute 90% of Apple's revenue are announced. Within a one month span.
 I don't think Anan said there wouldn't be anything in 2014. What was said is that a few of us think that this boom bust cycle of announcing everything in the 4th/1st fiscal quarters is not the right way to go.
 Figure what out? That Apple might possibly, just maybe , might happen, could be great around the corner introduce something. Yeah... every big investment house will value a company on wishes and dreams instead of growth.
 That's fine and all that but has absolutely nothing to do with my original comment. That being, do you really think that Jonny Ive and Apple would build a 16 X 9 phone with a 5.1" diagonal? I find it highly uncharacteristic of both Ive and Apple... so my answer would be, "No". Had this article been about a 4.7" phone then I would have said, "Yes". You on the other hand seem to believe the article, saying that Apple is building a 5.1" phone.  I'll continue with this in the...
 Do you really believe that Jonny Ive and Apple would create such a monstrosity? Really?
 Produce a giant 5c and he'll need his manhood taken away.
 iPhone - 4"iPhone Pro - 4.7"iPhone Air... head - 5.5"
 Don't forget about the HTC One Mini at 4.3" which, apparently, is going to be updated in May. Though still not outselling the larger phones, to the best of my knowledge.
 I guess you didn't actually read my comment. Here, I'll give you something else not to read. I never said it would be the exclusive larger phone.
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