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As I said... it's hopeless.
 LOL. Most often there is a good reason for that.
 Fixed that for you. (and I'm not talking about gay people)
 That's where I believe you are wrong. If the Jewish printers printed Nazi propaganda for other people then it would be wrong to deny a neonazi group the same business. (even though I think it's ludicrous to include neonazis as an example). If Muslims made pulled pork sandwiches for atheists but wouldn't make them for Christians... then that is wrong. Do you understand, yet... The bakers make wedding cakes for other people and by not including gay people then they are...
 Bad analogies and you don't even understand why. I'll give you a hint... if the gay couple asked the baker to make a cake depicting two men f*cking... then that is similar to your examples.
It's very scary to see so many people thinking that it would be okay for the USA to become a theocracy.
 Now you're changing your argument. Why don't you discuss your examples from the earlier post and explain to everyone how they are the same as/similar to not serving gay people.
 Really? Those are your examples. I'm not going to say anything beyond that because I know it's hopeless. (or, I have again misinterpreted what someone is saying)
 Does a married heterosexual couple have better housing rights than two brothers living together?
 Hmmm... I'm curious. When was the last time you were refused service and why?
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