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 I don't seem to recall saying that the colors would only appeal to girls.
 We talked about that as well. That the white model [might] have the widest appeal.
 I was wondering that the other day. We were trying to figure out the designation for the 5C replacement and what specs it would have. Now that Apple has changed the lineup, it looks a tad confusing for the introduction in 2014. As someone else mentioned... we'll just have to wait and see how Apple handles it. Meanwhile... I'm waiting for the 3rd week of January to see then numbers for the holiday quarter.
 ... and that is what we were saying the other day when somebody (rhetorically, I think) asked who was being targeted by Apple with the 5C. The consensus: the main group being, young females.
 I'll keep this post handy as well. [you've forgotten one thing... actually, one big thing. Apple didn't do the same thing this year as last year... or the year before... or the year before... or... well, you get it. It's a different positioning. New product. No matter how you spin it, it aint the 5. It's an unknown. It's new. ... but, please, keep pretending you are brilliant. It's amusing]
 I'll keep your post handy for later use.
 I don't quite get the positioning of the 5C when the 5S is only $100 more. I think the 5C will sell less than what Apple is expecting and the 5S will sell more. Which won't be a particularly enviable position for Apple if the 5S line suffers from supply problems.
Had to put my glasses on.... I thought it said, "s" is for seniors.
 Hard to say... they are all just placing bets. Otherwise we wouldn't have lotteries.
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