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 Actually... MaxiHard!
 Why are you asking me these questions?
 It looks like 2 dozen customers and 3 dozen people from the media. Maybe it was controlled knowing that Cook and Guohua would be there. Photos that I've seen in other parts show lines of people... but nothing like you see in the US... but the phones have been reserved, so you would expect the crowds to be less.
 Richard Stallman is in second place. Har! Cast your votes for RMS!
 Did the "Interactive CD" create the bsd on your computer?
 Spawn? No. No. A lot of us went through the 80s and 90s... we have a long history of hating Microsoft.
 ... and does he sweat buckets.
 Sorry, I'm missing the negative side to this story. Could you point that out for me.
 You think I haven't. How does that change anything?
 All negative what? I was stating that I don't think that everything that Google has done lately is necessarily a bad thing. I never mentioned anything negative about Apple until you brought it up... and it wasn't that negative anyway. It was just an extension of your thought process. This whole idea of Apple good, Google bad is just asinine. They are both companies. They are not friends of mine. Lately one hasn't helped me any more than the other. Would I root for one...
New Posts  All Forums: