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 Then they would be Below the Surfaces.
When will they stop trying so hard to look stupid...
 Anyone who believes that my ego would be shrunk when faced by design professionals must believe that they are, by default, correct and that I am wrong. Sounds like a fairly large ego to me.
 It sounds to me like I'm not the one who needs to have his ego shrunk. Just saying...
 The lock screen can stay the same as it is now for people who do not want multi-user. That would be the default. ... but I know about things leaking out. That buggy faulty iOS. Sheesh... C'mon, dude.
 ... and if there is only one user then nothing changes. Simple.
 Bingo. Does your Father need to know how to use the settings to operate the iPad? Are their settings that your Father could use that are currently on the iPad that would change his experience with the phone but he still does not use them? Are those settings visible to your Father and do they get in the way of his user experience? I'm sure I know your answers to each question. You could put "multi-user' in the place of settings for each scenario and the answers would not...
 So... in conclusion... you are saying that Apple dos not have the ability to make this a simple procedure for people? If I was designing the software I'd make it so that the default phone was absolutely no different than the phone you are using now. If someone wanted multi-user then it would be up to them to set the controls in whatever way they wished. It would be up to the users to decide how they want to operate the device. Apple doesn't have to advertise the function,...
 My point being... Complex does not mean that it has to be visible to the end user. Do you keep all your controls on the desktop? Really?
 Microsoft made billions doing that in the 80s and 90s.
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