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 Buddhist Bale wasn't available.
Ashton Kutcher. Because he did so well the first time.
 You're right. I took it the wrong way. My sincere apologies. I f*cked up.
 ... and then you overlook everything I just said. Classic.
 Then why are you trusting what Cramer is saying. Fomenting is a short term strategy. Good for a few hours in the day, and, while a company is not reporting, good for less than a week. Apple has been in this pattern for a long time now. Locked in a channel. Fomenting or any other short term strategy is not what is affecting the stock. The price is a reflection of investors belief in the stock, derived from quarterly info and forecasts.
 Oh, good. Now I at least know which analyst you trust.
 Oh, yes... because I always go to Jon Stewart for my investment advice.
 Hedge fund?
Here we go... another 80 comments about how AAPL is being manipulated.
6 pages of horseshit. Cool.
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