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If Apple is really thinking about acqui-hiring Iovine and Dre as consultants because Apple is at sea when it comes to the music business, then who is consulting Apple about the hiring of these two and what they are actually worth.
 1. You said that you never mentioned anything about individuals and fledling businesses. 2. Then I have no idea what you've been going on about. I have always maintained that I think that buying the company for the revenue from the headphone business is very unApple. Apple got out of peripherals a long long time ago to focus on its core products.
 1. Reread my first post. I said exactly the same thing. [sorry, when I said, "what it means to Cook and Apple personally"... that's what I meant... "personally" was just a bad choice of words] 2. Does it not seem that individuals and a fledgling streaming business are a part of this deal? Wouldn't that have to be a part of the valuation? Or do you suggest that Apple is only buying the headphone business?
 I've always said that I think this deal is bullshit.
   You go on and on and on... as if you actually know the deal... as if you actually know Beats... and Billboard... ... and yet, on the other hand, you also continue to tell us that Billboard wouldn't know certain things. Well, they would certainly know a helluva lot more than you and you seem to be pretty cock sure that you know everything that is going on with this deal. Hmmmmmm.... strange.
 I think it's pretty fair to say that Billboard knows something about the music business. Wouldn't you agree? If this acquisition was only for the headphone business I'd agree with you 100% about Apple being in the best position to evaluate the business. The financials would tell you everything you need to know. When you start talking about the value of individuals and about the value of a very fledgling business (streaming), then there are people in the music industry who...
 Don't be so f*cking arrogant. You think I would say something about Billboard without knowing what it is. What you don't seem to understand is that Billboard would know about things that Apple wouldn't have a clue about. The intangibles. Do you really think that Billboard wouldn't know shit about Iovine and Dre? Really? Sure, Apple gets to look at the financials and if this was as easy as you make it sound, a bunch of financial knowledge, then Apple would already have...
 Well, I'm glad to see we have someone from Billboard to help us assess what Billboard knows and doesn't know.
 I would think that Billboard would have at least as good an idea of the valuation of a company whose primary business is music. Billboard would know a lot more about Iovine and Dre's contacts and contracts and what they are actually worth. The only thing that Billboard wouldn't know is what exactly Beats means to Apple personally because only Cook and Apple's Board can come up with that answer. Whether or not they ["they" meaning Cook and Company] are correct in their...
 Dingbat entertainment publication? Hahahahaha I'm sorry, Anan, but that's the silliest thing you have ever said. You don't don't keep a magazine going for 120 years by being a bunch of dingbats. A business trade magazine at that...
New Posts  All Forums: