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  Could you at the very least use a more up to date article. This one is a year old.
On one of the 2nd story window ledges:  
"Apple has just begun a $60,000 interior demolition on the new store, the permits indicate. The company is thought to be targeting a 2015 opening."   Sounds like Apple lucked out and was given basically an empty shell. $60,000 doesn't buy much these days.
 ... and I read another report just last week that Sharp is the 3rd supplier for the screens.
 I can't wait to hear the explanation for this little tidbit.
Couldn't have happened soon enough.
 Aren't those 2 characters in Game of Thrones...
 Thank you for the informative reply.
Does anyone know much (or anything, actually) about Rdio?
 Everything that you said makes a lot of sense... and I get that. If it was just for the music and the streaming etc. I get that. For close to a $ billion I still get that. I still cannot wrap my head around Apple getting involved with headphones, though, which, I think, makes the deal so expensive and therefore nonsensical.
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