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 Sure, pumpkin. [I like it when he gets so bossy]
 This is the best thing about having a stalker... they point out your typos and then you can go back and correct them.
 You're saying that the US population increased that much yoy to make that much of a difference. Wow! Sorry, I didn't know that.
 Only if I was you.
 Seems to me that you are the one making up numbers for your agenda. I have no agenda.
 When Apple has to actually announce that they will be on the high side of guidance then you can imagine that there will be quite a bit of money that doesn't want to be left on the short side at the end of the month.
 Apple didn't up its guidance. Apple just let everyone know that earnings would be in the upper region of its earlier guidance. I keep hearing this talk about stock manipulation. You'd think Apple was a penny mining play. Too many shares; too many shares traded daily; to many shares in the hands of big investment houses... for this to be out and out manipulation. This launch was a failure? Oh boy. The 5s alone could keep Apple afloat for a long long time. I don't see...
 So, 23% compared to 27%, yoy in the US, with a margin of error that makes it a dead heat. I agree.
 Hmmm... last I looked the S4 was at least outselling the 5c (at intro nonetheless) on 2 carriers. Let's see how it looks at the end of October. [actually, for anyone who really thinks about it, those carrier rankings don't mean a helluva lot without some actual numbers or, at the very least, some percentages]
 You and jungmark are the only ones who have said anything about by comments. When Anan, jragosta, TS and a few others say something, then I'll listen, but not to a couple of amateur no nothings that have no more clue than I do.
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