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I feel like I've gone back in time... back to the early 90s.   The type of decision making that I would attribute to [Spindler, sorry, not Amelio].   I hope I'm wrong.
 That applies to all of us.
 Technically astute shoppers probably account for a very very small percentage of iPhone buyers. For the vast majority of people if the thing works, does what they want it to do, then all that is left is aesthetics. I'm on the fence about that angle of the 5C (aesthetics). My heart says plastic, gimmicky... but with a hell of an OS that will work really well and do what people want it to do and then some. ... but so does an Android phone (to a degree where a lot of people...
 I agree with you. Let's face it... out of the millions of people that might buy this phone, how many even knew about the 5C designation. How many even read any tech analyst comments. A few people "might" have heard that Apple is bringing out a "cheaper" phone, and it did. The 5C is what it is and the market will decide if it's worthy on its own merits... not on what some tech analyst said 6 months ago.
 Hahahahahaha... oh, sorry. It just sounded funny. I think if we were talking about $1000/$500, that might be huge... but we're talking $199/$99. At Walmart that might be huge... but in reality... it aint... considering what you get for the difference.
 I guess you didn't bother to read Dick's comment.
 Sounds like a race to the bottom. Very unApple.
 Ouch! Well, I have to say that I am on the fence about the 5C... tilting towards soft sales. Like you, I don't wish ill towards Apple and hope I am wrong.
 It could be that Walmart thought (as I do) that there isn't enough price differentiation between the 2 models and wanted to make sure they moved the 5C. It's also a perfect opportunity to draw in some customers that might not otherwise shop at Walmart.
 The answer might surprise you. Walmart has made billions selling to people who aren't in their... Well, you get the idea.
New Posts  All Forums: