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 Apple is buying Beats?
Yawn... Dr. Dre has a resume?
 That's exactly what I am suggesting. Personally, I don't consider Beats quality to be even close to the quality of Apple's products.
 Just curious. Which of these two attributes would you say is most closely aligned with Apple products? 1. Good enough for every day use. 2. Most accurate.
 ... or they could have bought a product out of sheer ignorance. It still happens to me. Not near as much as it did when I was younger. Hype thrown at a gullible audience has built quite a few companies.
 I guess you haven't been paying attention.
 Is Ive quitting?
 I agree. I was only talking about CM's 4G numbers. (I read one report that states 44 million iPhones are already owned by CM subscribers... and this was before the 4G rollout)
 Yes... it would be. ... and that seems very low considering that I would assume CM's initial rollout would cover at least 1%, or 7.8 million, of its subscriber base. I guess CM is taking the really really slow route.
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