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 Don't you mean 500+?
 Leap year at least makes sense.
 Apple introduced the 5s and 5c on Sept 12, AAPL @ $ 472, and the stock took a slight drop into the weekend and then dropped to $450 on the following Monday. AAPL was slightly oversold at that point and buying picked up. That Friday the stock had risen $17 that week to $467 and 3 days later it announced that 9 million phones had been sold. AAPL jumped $22 to $489. Things leveled off but then Tim announced that revenue would be at the high end of the forecast. The stock...
 At least Apple will have lots of inventory to supply these new additions.
 That would be the thinking at Blackberry. Not Apple.
 So what else did Tim and Peter say when you were talking to them?
 Really? That's only because of the buyback? Okay. Sure.
I'm shocked!
Carl does what's best for Carl.   ... but I smell a lawsuit coming up in the near future.
New Posts  All Forums: