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 ... and does he sweat buckets.
 Sorry, I'm missing the negative side to this story. Could you point that out for me.
 You think I haven't. How does that change anything?
 All negative what? I was stating that I don't think that everything that Google has done lately is necessarily a bad thing. I never mentioned anything negative about Apple until you brought it up... and it wasn't that negative anyway. It was just an extension of your thought process. This whole idea of Apple good, Google bad is just asinine. They are both companies. They are not friends of mine. Lately one hasn't helped me any more than the other. Would I root for one...
 If Apple is in the best position then I'd hate to see the worst position. Without Apple's expansion into China where would Apple be? What happens when China is saturated? Everything that you say about Google's precarious position applies to Apple as well. Apple's position looks very similar to where Sony was in the 80s... and to Panasonic as well. [ I always have to giggle a bit when people give me their opinion about why a company is doing what they are doing]
 lol! Do you really think that the acquisition of Motorola Mobility was about making money. The first reason was about patents. It might not have helped Google much but the worst case scenario for Google would have been Apple purchasing Motorola Mobility. The second reason is now coming into play. An in-house electronics manufacturer (in the same sense as Apple). Combine that with Nest, make a few mistakes, let stew for 3 or 4 years, and then see what develops. Google is...
 I guess you haven't been around that long. I heard the same things said about Apple... first with the iPod, then with the iPhone and then with the iPad. "Apple is a computer company. Do they really believe they can enter into these other markets?!" I also heard a lot of discussion about how Brin and Page were going to fail when they went up against Yahoo over a decade ago. Unless you have accurately predicted the future in the past (which I know you haven't), then I...
 ... and, in the end, this might be Apple's downfall and Google's gain. Apple could be focusing on the wrong things, while Google's diversions help it gain experience in other fields. Only time will tell.
 Google's not paying its bills? Apple isn't putting any money into diversions?
 Should I trot out this line every time that Apple buys a company...
New Posts  All Forums: