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 You and jungmark are the only ones who have said anything about by comments. When Anan, jragosta, TS and a few others say something, then I'll listen, but not to a couple of amateur no nothings that have no more clue than I do.
  So you are saying that yoy growth is not a significant factor? (btw - thank you for the 'raw data' comment. I agree completely. Raw data is not something that we have or will ever have... if I understand you correctly)
 Boy, you find it hard to admit that you don't really know. You give me absolutely no figures to support your assumptions. No yoy in Europe, no yoy in China, no yoy anywhere except the States... and then you say that I am spinning the story. I tell you what I know. A questionable study came out that showed yoy growth in the US in the mid tier Apple phones was 23% vs. 27%, 4s / 5c... a statistical dead heat. I also know that it might not even be a valid barometer of...
 So no 5c units were sold in Europe or the rest of the world? The 4s wasn't sold in China or the rest of the world? The margin of error rate between 23% and 27% You've forgotten a few things. That was a US study. Get over it. We don't know availabilities of either phone in the US. A study of yoy growth in China and Europe might tell us more. Not sure. Is the 23% vs. 27% even a valid barometer (I like that word) for yoy growth? I don't know. You don't know. ... but you can...
 Well, people who have invested heavily in AAPL will want some form of barometer on how well Apple is doing, and, probably more importantly, how well Tim Cook is doing. The 5c seems to be a new strategy for Apple under Cook and they want to know that it is working. if it doesn't seem to be working then they will move onto the next thing, the new iPads. If there is a change in strategy there as well then they'll be watching it. If it does really well then Cook might get a...
 Hmmm... I haven't done that yet, why would you think I will do it now.
 It's my new softer side. Idiocy in the face of adversity.
 No no no! That 27% figure is for the US only. For all you know they shipped 3 million units to China with only a 15% sell rate. The 23% and 27% figures are not even valid for a real discussion unless you know the numbers available and sold in the US for the 4s last year and the same for the 5c this year. [iow - the yoy growth in the US, according to the figures used form that study, was a statistical dead heat.]
 Your problem is that you keep telling me that I don't know certain things. Of course, the flip side of that is that you don't know things. You should just leave it at that. We both don't know. You can no more prove your figures than I can prove mine. We're both equally right and we're both equally wrong. How's that for you. Have a nice day.
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