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$79 sounds a lot better than $99.   I think that $20 could make all the difference for the 5C.
 2 years between updates in the C line. Hmmm... that seems like a stretch to me... but who knows.
 That's a novel opinion.
 But wouldn't that mean that the 5C drops out of the line-up at some point. I've never seen Apple do a hardware update on an old version of the iPhone. Could be what you are saying. That would be a different strategy for Apple... like this year. Now I'm looking forward to seeing what they are going to do with the line-up next year. My Wife's iPhone (4S) contract is up next October.
 Where in the line-up are the 5C and 5S? What price? What chip? Does the new 5C get a different chip? Is that a new 5C? No, it's an old 5C. Oh, the new one has a better processor? No, it has a different color. So, it's the same but a different color? Yes. What's the price? They're both the same price. ??????? or What's the price? The old one is free with a contract and the new one is $99 with a contract. But only the color is different? Yes.
 Neither... but you have your opinion.
 This is where it gets confusing. Next September do they offer the 5 in place of the 4S, or is it the 5C? What then replaces the 5C? Does the 5S get dumped entirely? Hmmmmmm...
 I think that spins both ways. If you aren't in total agreement with everything that Apple is doing then you get called a liar, an idiot, a paid android/samsung schill etc. That's not too pleasant either.
I wonder if Cook has underestimated 5S demand and overestimated 5C demand. Thinking that the 5C will take up the slack, keeping pressure off the 5S inventory.   Or maybe just underestimated 5S demand.   The next 3-6 months should be interesting.   Definitely a watershed moment for Tim Cook.
 We'll see.
New Posts  All Forums: