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 I had absolutely no fear for Apple's near term future when Sculley took over either. It's Apple's long term health that I wonder about... as I did then. You can have the best team in the world... but if they don't have the vision to see that one more thing...
 I get tired of this old saw that TC was CEO during Apple's most significant growth period. Let's go back a few years and have a look at Sculley. Apple did very well under him as well... until it didn't. Sculley kept going back to the SJ well, until it went dry. He just never had the Steve Jobs touch. Right now it seems to me that Tim is also still going back to the SJ well. Let's hope that Tim knows that one thing in a hundred that will sustain Apple's fortunes. My...
 Let's hope Tim doesn't prove his point.
 You're not getting it. It is an incremental movement when considered q to q but it a move downward when looked at yoy. What is supposed to be Apple's best quarter and, for all intent and purpose, the quarter where you would expect margins to be sustained from the last q. When you say that +.9 balances out -.7... are you kidding? Really? Start adding up the difference between earnings from each quarter and then you will find out that the two don't even come close to...
 Just wait to see what happens when TC introduces a new product line into the market. Wall Street analysts are going to have a microscope shoved so far up his butt he'll find it hard to breath. ... but I do hope that any new products are well received. I've always liked Apple products and I want to see Apple do well far into the future.
 .7% yoy ... which is plenty when you also consider that margins dropped last year as well. The question becomes... "when will margins hold steady or rise?". As I said... to Wall Street, Apple is all about margins.
 Margins is what Apple is all about. Sustaining margins? You need glasses.
 Sure they exist... in relation to Apple's s/p. Zero or slow growth is poison to the s/p. For the health of the company... of course not. Apple has cash to burn.
 So here you are telling me how it is on Wall Street... but, somehow or other, you want things to magically change so that it's fair for Apple. ... but that's the game and even though you say it yourself, you still want it to be something else. I don't know what to tell you.
 Which is exactly what I said. 
New Posts  All Forums: