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 Hmmm... you might be right but the first thing I thought about was that a black 5c would look really cheap.
 Yeah... you're right. Apple sure has suffered from all those past mea culpas (real and otherwise).
 I keep hearing that but I've seen no evidence of it from Apple.
 As stupid as Steven P. Jobs.
 What happened to that same efficient estimating and proper planning with the 5s.
 I can almost guarantee you that they will say it is selling well, just as much as I can almost guarantee you that they won't say it isn't selling as well as they had hoped.
 Wrong. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/07/technology/07apple.html?_r=0
 If Apple stays true to form and doesn't break down the units sold by model number then how does the earnings call help us determine the 5c's popularity?
 Actually, it was probably true that orders were cut but when that happens in January it's because of weaker demand, not weak demand. That's where WSJ got it wrong. When it happens now, then that could indicate weak demand.
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