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I wish they'd break down the numbers.
  You might want to wait until November to see the October numbers on that chart. 3 days worth of data, intro data at that, doesn't tell us much about the ongoing success of a product. Especially when 2 of the carriers were selling more of the S4. If the 5c is still in the #2 spot in 2 of the carriers for October then I'd say it is selling well in the US. Hell, 41 days of data doesn't even tell us that much.
 Lol. You just wouldn't listen to the fact that it is a USA study. I have no clue about? How about the things you don't know about: 1. How many 4s units were made available last year. 2. How many 5c units were made available to the US this year. 3. How many 5c units were left in the channel 4. How many 5c units were sold in China (oh, btw, if the number jumped from 5 million to 9 million that's an 80% increase... so, if China is included and last year 2 million units were...
 One thing that hasn't been mentioned is that Apple 'can' increase production of the 5s. In contrast to all the people who have been saying that the 5s is harder to make. Sure doesn't sound like it. It seems as if the 5s is as easy to make as the 5c. Drop the production of the 5c, increase the 5s.
 So you are sticking with the theory that if Apple would not have sold units to China this year then the number of units sold would have been 6 - 6.5 million in the 3 day weekend. (for those that give a shit, I'll explain if he bites) [ a very simplified version of where I was going... Andysol is claiming that 9 million units were sold in the USA... and we all know that just isn't true]
 a. the study from your link includes everything until the end of September. b. the company that did the study had another set of figures for another study last year and in that article we learned that they polled less than 400 people from a pool of just over 6000 people. Any statistics major will tell you that if the same number of people is used for the current study then the margin of error between 23% and 27% is damn near a dead heat. c. the study from your link is U....
 Again, you are just making up stuff to support your theory. ... and the link has absolutely nothing in it to support your fantasy figures. Silly.
 I think you could have just quoted the first sentence. That was all that was needed. Actually... you could have ended it at 'flop'.
 Please... don't use made-up crap to counter posts. It just looks silly.
 Crushing the 4s sales from last year? Huh? Where'd you get that from... please. The iPhone 5c should be doing at least 33% and preferably 50% better than 4s sales from last year at this time. From everything I've seen it look like a dead heat when you factor in the error margin.
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