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 I can't wait to hear the explanation for this little tidbit.
Couldn't have happened soon enough.
 Aren't those 2 characters in Game of Thrones...
 Thank you for the informative reply.
Does anyone know much (or anything, actually) about Rdio?
 Everything that you said makes a lot of sense... and I get that. If it was just for the music and the streaming etc. I get that. For close to a $ billion I still get that. I still cannot wrap my head around Apple getting involved with headphones, though, which, I think, makes the deal so expensive and therefore nonsensical.
 It's an expression, damnit. Get over it.
 Like any technology (or anything for that matter), there is a shelf life. ITunes and other businesses like it showed there first decline last year. Streaming services, on the other hand, are showing significant increases each year. Though relatively small in comparison to the music selling business, streaming or something similar will grow as the only viable alternative. Just as vinyl succumbed to tape and tape to cd and cd to online sales, the music selling business will...
 WTF? I'm sorry, but now I know you've lost it.
 Jumped off the deep end? Pardon me? this from someone who translates a statement like "Cook needs to get his head examined" to "brain damaged idiot". I asked you to give me an example of one angle that I was not seeing. Your scientific logical brain wanted me to imagine something that does not exist to the best of your or anyone else's knowledge. You wanted me to imagine something that I am not seeing. A fairy tale in other words. Something that even you have not been...
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