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 You actually answered that comment. Har! Basically, the person that made that comment is saying Apple should be put on the same level as Google. ... and someone actually added to his reputation? Oh, boy...
 How many links are you prepared to read today?
 How about if you actually follow the thread. Here, I'll even assist you... Original discussion was pedro saying that Apple should get into "Search". Anan responded: "I'd rather that Apple focused on: (i) getting Safari right for iOS; (ii) getting its mail and iCloud right in both OSX and iOS." See how simple that is... ... but guys like you run off at the mouth thinking that it's okay for Apple to be sloppy, be like everyone else etc. etc. ... and all this is about is one...
 That's what v5v said.
 Well, then... that's just sad.
 OFFS. At least follow the discussion. This is about focus.  (or maybe it's okay with you that Apple acts "just like one of the other guys". Hell, Samsung does it, why not Apple! Microsoft sold buggy shit all the time and they made really big money... Apple should follow their lead. )  We're talking about browser software. Is it really beyond Apple's capability to have a new version of a browser to be less buggy. Really? I sure as hell don't want them releasing a...
 Are you shittin' me? A company like Apple that is supposed to be a producer of premium products puts out a buggy release of Safari and you think that is being focused. Hell, some developers have even called the release "sloppy". ... and that's okay with you. Pet peeve? Okay, man, sure... whatever.
 If Apple was actually "focused" on improving Safari then it wouldn't have had so many iOS problems/bugs. (... and please don't give me the silly little... "I've never had any problems"... in response. So... a little more focus would be an improvement.
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