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 OK... do this for me... wrap something around your wrist... now pretend you are sending a text... pretend you are searching on a website... pretend to do a lot of the things you do on your phone. After a minute or two you'll fully understand what I am saying. Can you do i?t... sure. Is it awkward?... you bet. About as awkward as that pocket watch on a chain compared to a wristwatch. Not everyone uses a phone with one hand. I'd go so far as to say that only about half the...
Still can't get my head around this iWatch idea.   To get people to start wearing watches again it would have to be cheap... and very functional with a lot of practical applications.   Not saying Apple couldn't do it but I keep thinking about how uncomfortable it would be to have something on my wrist being anything other than a watch.
 Add: It is a mobile payment device
 I find it hard to believe that this mythical iDevice will be an iWatch. I know that Apple has developed devices that have been successful where others have failed, I know that Apple has also got us to buy a phone that was ungainly large at the time... but the idea that we're all going to go back to wearing a watch. Hmmmm... Not impossible, for sure... but improbable, imho. I'm quite anxious to see what Apple brings to the table. 
 I really believe that Apple is going to introduce an iDevice that will lend itself really well to the ubiquitous nature that will be required for Apple to get into more hands... and, at the same time, introduce a proprietary iOS mobile payment system. ... okay... hoping more than believing.
 Hahahaha... oh boy. You are a funny guy. You admit that Apple has bottomed out and you are not worried at all. One quarter? The 5c was Apple's best effort? Okay... you're right... Tim Cook is looking pretty good about now because we could have someone with your attitude running the company. Thank you for underscoring exactly what I was saying. I remember a couple of flubs of Steve's where he got reamed royally [ the Cube... are you shitting me or are you just really...
 Obviously you are not a shareholder. Nuff said.
 AMZN is basically flat from where it started at opening bell this morning. GOOG is definitely heading north.
 AAPL might still go down a few more bucks but buying tomorrow morning isn't going to hurt at all.
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