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 I guess we'll have our first answer in about 4 months as to whether or not the analysts concerns are real or imagined.
 Well, one down... cheaper phones. 2 to go. Looks like that degree is paying off.
 Both these statements probably make sense to you.
 Nagromme said "has been 'way' higher". So yes... has been. Higher now, yes... but not 'way" higher.
 You lost  track, didn't you. ... but so did I... I thought it was you who started this... it was nagromme. You jumped into it though.
 I think the 5S will sell as well if not better than the 5... but I think the 5C needs to be bumped down at least $20, but no more than $30. To me, $130 difference sounds much more than $100 difference.
 You obviously care. You started this.
 "still' being the operative word. ... but not "way" higher. [I love how people pull out this old chestnut as if it means something. Like AAPL would never have reached $700 under Steve. All I see is a stock that is running out of steam... and, in my opinion, Steve's steam. If the analysts are right this time then expect a drubbing on AAPL in the new year. ]
 "has been" being the operative words.
Hmmmm... everyone declaring that Apple is going to sell millions and millions of phones... as if it's a given. Absolutely no doubt.   For the first time ever, I'm on the fence about sales of iPhones in the holiday quarter.   Will be interesting.
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