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 Again, you are just making up stuff to support your theory. ... and the link has absolutely nothing in it to support your fantasy figures. Silly.
 I think you could have just quoted the first sentence. That was all that was needed. Actually... you could have ended it at 'flop'.
 Please... don't use made-up crap to counter posts. It just looks silly.
 Crushing the 4s sales from last year? Huh? Where'd you get that from... please. The iPhone 5c should be doing at least 33% and preferably 50% better than 4s sales from last year at this time. From everything I've seen it look like a dead heat when you factor in the error margin.
 You're right. I remember all the advertising for the 4s in September 2012 and for the 4 in October of 2011. Ads on the telly, ads in the bus shelters, huge posters in the malls... the advertising was everywhere, it was relentless... oh, wait... Context, context, context.
 I was thinking about a clear one and then I wondered if the word 'Samsung' could be seen through the back. All hell would break loose.
 He'll get into a tweet war with Ballmer and Schmidt.
 Why not? He was asking how stupid Apple would look right now for a mea culpa and then lowering the price. Jobs did it and lived with the consequences.
 Hmmm... you might be right but the first thing I thought about was that a black 5c would look really cheap.
 Yeah... you're right. Apple sure has suffered from all those past mea culpas (real and otherwise).
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