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sniff sniff sniff What's that I smell? Oh... it's desperation.
 Google posted a loss?
 If it's good enough for the Biebs... http://www.torontosun.com/2014/02/05/bieber-buys-iphones-for-young-fans
 ... and, yes, there is that.
 but but but... they cited 3 senior executives...
 No... sorry, acting and reacting are two different concepts. "Citing three senior executives with knowledge of Apple's plans, The Economic Times claims the company is looking to shoehorn its way back into the burgeoning markets as sales slid due to a lack of low-priced models." When you act their is no need for reaction. Had Apple done this in the beginning, before it was noticed that it was losing share, then that is acting. Instead, Apple's act was a reaction to market...
 Apple will probably stick something below iOS 7 in these puppies.
 This sounds like a stop gap measure to me with no guaranteed positive results. Apple reacting instead of acting.  Fairly uncommon.
 Can't offer the 4s or 5c at dirt cheap prices without affecting the products currently for sale in other areas.
With what version of the OS?
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