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 Apple sold the 4 and the 4s alongside each other in 2011.
 It's not actually a fact. I was reading another article about an iPhone survey (USA only, again) done by this company and it said they took less than 500 "qualified" people out of a pool of 6500 for their survey. Stats majors will be able to calculate the error rate, I can't. I would imagine, though, that it would be quite high.
 Honestly... with all the effort that Apple is putting into the 5c... I would expect 7/33/60 at the very least.
 Actually all the figures from this data are suspect... but let's just say they are right for argument's sake. The same data from last year shows that the 5 sold a 68% share. So... using this data as gospel we find that the 5c is indeed cannibalizing 5s sales. ... but as someone mentioned, the margin of error probably wipes out most of the differences in the data.
Just to note:   This is a U.S.A. survey only.
 Oh, don't let facts get in the way of a good argument.
 Who cares? Well, you seem to care.
 Apple could have added stripes and polka dots. I'm sad to see that Apple didn't include brown. [ remember blue dalmatian and flower power. ]
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