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 Actually, I don't think Steve would have released it.
 Is that you, Tim?
 ... and yet, the contrary seems to be a common thread when people discuss Android phone users on AI.
 Hmmmm... I guess it depends on one's description of a "flop". I have always contended that it hasn't lived up to Apple's expectations. Whether that could be called a flop or not would be up for debate.
 I read that report over a month ago. So far nothing has come of it.
"However, Google has taken steps with the Android operating system to restrict usage of external storage, likely in an effort to ensure handset performance is not slowed. As a result, Android applications cannot be installed to external storage, and any inserted memory card can only be used to host media files and documents."   This statement is a little bit silly because the reverse could be said about phones without external storage. Yes, they can load more...
 Well, in my opinion, his voiceover is weak. Oscar or no Oscar. All I can hear is Mork. [... and, you are ill-informed. He never won an Oscar for his role in Dead Poet's Society]
 That should tell you something about the Oscars.
 I wouldn't say the ads are terrible. Not great, maybe. ... but I do agree about Robin Williams, he doesn't have the heft to pull it off... plus, using the same words for both short spots... uh uh... that doesn't work for me at all.
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