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 I'm waiting for the numbers from the big 4 at the end of October.
 Yes... JamesMac alerted me to this as well. Thank you. [ 21.8 million units into the channel over 102 days. ]
 I don't remember saying anything at all about analysts.
 ... and they are advertising the crap out of it. Very good. You've shown that you know it is 'different'. It does not 'look' like the 5 in any way. It is not being handled the same. Hence... a different strategy.
 Yes... two week's worth. The same two weeks that were used to base my opinions. ... and, the same two weeks that were used to base your opinions.
 Oh, c'mon. Let's go through it again. I'll even let you fill in the blanks: Which phone became the mid-tier phone when the next generation was announced over the last few introductions? Which phones in the mid tier were different than any phone made to that point? Which mid-tier phones were advertised?
 All that based on no data and two weeks of speculation?
 11.4 million in the channel for the 2012 4th quarter? Wow! I think even that is high.. 21.8 million in the channel for both quarters... well, that sounds more in line.
 So far, Apple has not broken down its phone sales by product.
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