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 ... or; You could read it this way: We are making a product that looks just like one of our other products but a reasonable person would look at it and realize that it is a new category for Apple.
 Oh, boy. You can lead a person to knowledge but...
 OFFS. It doesn't matter how popular it was before Apple made it. If it was available to consumers then it is only a new product category in Apple's line-up... regardless of its popularity prior to the introduction. A new new product category is something that was never available to consumers prior to that time... the first cars, the first steam engines, the first computers, the first home computers... or any other zillion different products. If it was available on the...
 I think Tim Cook has always been chatty... apology letters etc.
 I don't think Cook was speaking to the public at that moment. I think it was a "wink wink, nudge nudge" moment for Wall Street's ears. BTW... your second sentence says the same thing twice.
 I was watching a PBS show about 1964. When the 1964 election was discussed it reminded me that both Johnson and Goldwater were in their 50s at this time. Both around the same age as Tim. Both looked even older than Tim. Both men looked to be late 60s, early 70s. Johnson died young, in his early 60s. Goldwater lived to be 89.
 For Apple it was a new product category... regardless of how many other tablets had come before it. Just as the iPod was a new product category "for Apple". Unless, of course, someone really believes that the iPod is exactly like an iMac.
 OFFS... have you looked at Intel's 10 year chart. Apple can sit on its hands if it wants to. No problem. Just keep shipping new iterations of its current devices... ... but don't expect the stock to be a growth stock. That's all that Wall Street is saying.
 I don't need a dictionary to tell me what is and what is not innovating. To say that the mouse wasn't innovative until Apple used it with its computers; to say that the gui wasn't innovative until Apple used it with its computers... * ... well, that's just silly to me. ( * fill in any innovation that comes to mind that was or wasn't used years later in a financially successful product)
 Oddly enough, taking pictures with a tablet looks great to me. I always loved 8 X 10 view cameras, as clunky and heavy as they are. Being able to actually step back and view the whole scene was great. Squinting through a little hole to frame the view was always a pain in comparison. ... but that's just me.
New Posts  All Forums: