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 Google was expecting to pay $5.5 billion for the patents regardless of future outcome. They paid less than that in the end. Most of the patents are still owned by Google, so they are still owned property... no loss as far as Google is concerned. Just the same as the Nortel patents that Apple owns. As you say, it's past history to Google... and they are even getting something in return for dumping MM.
 ... and there's your answer. Cook should be slagged upon for not maintaining a steady rate of growth... and I'm not talking about 40 or 50% yoy. 10% yoy would keep some folks happy... 15% would shut up anyone who would say otherwise.
 I only used it because you used it. Obviously it must mean something to you. What is it? As I said... it's your expression... tell me what you meant by it... and that would be your answer.
 Concerning any deals between Paypal and Apple... that will all depend on what Cook is planning to implement and how well it is implemented. Concerning the rest of the payment transaction landscape... well, with Ebay pulling Paypal's strings, you're probably right. Paypal on its own might stand a better chance at becoming something more.
 I'm not sure. It was your expression. You tell me.
 You forgot the $3 billion in cash that came with the deal when Google bought MotoMobile. ... and the $1 billion tax credit.
 Cook should be nailed for not attaining at least a 10% growth level yoy. It has nothing to do with where the stock was previously. I don't remember ever seeing any article that says that TWTR, GOOG, AMZN and FB are going to go up forever. Besides... they are separate companies and all have to be looked at individually.
 I can't speak for everyone else. I have always been unsure of Cook. ... but in the statement that you quoted I was not being either judgemental nor critical. [... and the $700 peak was a bubble created by speculation. The price should have peaked at $550, imo]
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