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 I went to a dance show at one of the local high schools. Middle to upper middle. Almost all the girls that I saw in the audience, and I'm talking 120-150, were hanging onto phones. I saw a few 5, a few 5s, a few flavors of Samsung, a 4 or 4s or two, an HTC... but not one 5c... and I was looking hard (MOM!! What's that creepy old dude looking at??!!). Most of the parents seemed to be holding onto one type of iPhone or another with a few Samsungs in the mix. I expected to...
 Uh, no... what matters more is the effect the ad has on sales. Up is good... sideways and down are bad.
 You haven't been around that long, have you... (unless I have mistaken what it is that you are saying)
 Oh.. so the 5c doesn't look or feel premium? This just gets better and better.
 The arguments for why the 5c is the best thing since IHOP aren't quite as prevalent as they used to be. Why, just the other day I heard someone say that they rarely see a 5c in the wild... or something to that effect. A total reversal from past rants.
 If they priced it $100 higher then it might take off in China.
 So what is your reason why this is happening?
 So... are you saying that the 5c isn't as good as the 4 or 4s, so more people would prefer the 5s? Didn't you say the 5c sold better than the 4 from the year before? Or... wait... hold it... okay... uh... just a minute... I'm not quite getting your argument.
 That's not what his statement said... it said that Steve did not want to release the iPod. F***, man... read.
 lol You're such a serious guy. Oh... and Steve did want to release the iPod. He wouldn't have asked Rubinstein to assemble a team had he not. Or... oh, did you know him personally? Sorry. Lol. Silly.
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