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 Maybe you should re-read my comment... you know... the part about "maybe Apple didn't intend it". Or maybe the part about other people's constant chants that Apple is a premium product. Or maybe the fact that when some people said what you are saying, that Apple is not a premium phone as in the vein of RR, Rolex etc., then all you got was an endless stream of people refuting the idea that Apple isn't premium. You either haven't been paying attention or, as others have...
 Actually, that's not quite true. I can remember quite a few people who were upset that Apple had started using plastic.
 I'll give you #2 to a degree (plastic is still cheap to me regardless of the manufacturing process) but #1??!! Are you kidding??!! That is all we hear on this forum. Apple is a premium phone!! Apple is a premium phone!! You pay more because you get more!! Maybe Apple didn't intend it, as you say (although I don't agree), but almost every Apple fan on here would agree that Apple's image is that of a "premium" phone maker. [... and I never said that Apple based its premium...
 Hardly debunked... going from aluminum to plastic and then back to aluminum. Tells me that Jobs didn't think that plastic was the way to go so he went back to the material that best gave him that premium feel (even though the 3GS was far from ugly... but it was plastic). Obviously Cook feels otherwise.
 ... and Apple moved away from that to give its phones a premium feel. Apple didn't want to be just another plastic phone manufacturer.
 So, basically, Apple is willing to trade their "premium" brand status to save a few bucks. [believe me, Apple sells enough products, and also has Cook's expertise at controlling the commodity buying, that aluminum prices wouldn't factor into this decision too much... especially when you sacrifice the brand in exchange)
I really want to be surprised and see the 5C sell like hotcakes (or is that hot cakes).   I can't help feeling, though, that Apple is having a Performa moment.   Can someone tell me the #1 reason why Apple chose a plastic phone? I mean, really, does plastic, any plastic, say "premium" to you.   I thought Apple was classy. Top of the pile. Wouldn't stoop to cheap (or not so cheap) tricks to entertain the masses.
I think they should stop having J Ive doing the promo videos. He's just too easy to parody.
 That was my first thought... the 5C doesn't come across as a premium phone and that Apple has become like everyone else. It just seems to cheapen the brand. Time will tell.
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