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 Which was exactly my point... if the other member believed that Apple would not implement a home screen choice because it is too complex then what the hell are we to make of "Settings".
 I'd have to agree that "Apple" would like everyone to have their own device.  That was one of my many arguments... if people can navigate "Settings" then they would be able to use a user choice button on the home screen... but... whatever... lol.
 Naw, wasn't me. Probably sog35. I was debating the complexity of using a multi-person interface with another member who said that it would add a level of complexity to the end user that would boggle the minds of mere mortals. Har!
"While Cook's lunch came in with a much higher value than its listed value, the last-second price was still less than half of what another auction from the Apple CEO earned a year prior: $610,000."   Oh oh... better buy Beats to get your mojo back. lol
 What you are saying goes entirely against everything we know about Apple. Apple in the accessories business? Really. ... and what you are saying about Cook and the contracts. Really? Where the f*ck in my comment could you have even gleaned that little tidbit?
 ... and Apple should have bought MOG. Late to the party, imo.
 I think you're both wrong. 65S5C Apple won't put a plastic phone in the middle. It will just keep the 5S and drop the 5C into the 4S slot. lol
Oh oh... another naming debate... 5 months before announcement.   Buckle up, kids!!
 Hard music is down everywhere. It took its first hit in 2013. Streaming is the way to go. It's on the upswing. I just don't think that Beats is the best deal for $3.2 billion. It doesn't fit Apple's MO, imo. Apple changing its routine? Not a really great sign for investors to have a company go from solid to "who knows what the hell will happen".
 1. Take it as a given. 2. I haven't ignored it but we've had this conversation before about what Apple is capable of doing themselves for $1-2 billion as opposed to buying a company. I really  really don't think that Apple is going to keep the HW. It's not in Apple's business model. They dumped that type of merchandise over a decade ago. The question I am seeing, is Apple going to get enough back from the HW to make the fledging music service worthwhile at any price. To...
New Posts  All Forums: