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Why all the bickering?
SJ says Apple need to think BIG? So does that mean no more "Hobbies" but instead deliver real ful fledged products, not betas. An AppleTV with a real TV screen perhaps. Scrap the old AYV completely and really deliver something and while your at it gives us a refund for that hot lemon jukebox disguised as something really uselful? Come on Steve, Apple is now an electronics company now, right? You've forgone on computers the last 3 years. Where's our i5 laptops? Deliver the...
Does that include iGore? No thank you.
They must not be very good or else he would have quoted from them verbatim or provided us with link upon link. He's so predictable.
What flavor is your kool-aid this morning? I never said they're weren't any useful apps , that's only what you inferred.
At least not until Apple adds the "explicit" section of iTunes .
I'll have to try the antimosquito- I get bit all night in summer cause the neighbor has a pond.
I can just hear Little Jonny running his fart apps thru those big iMac speakers. Talk about a nightmare.
True dat- but that's why we use bootcamp and parallels.
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