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What's the official name? iPad HD or iPad 3?
Well of course his health is the singular reason why he resigned as CEO, but that doesn't mean he's going to pass away any time soon(though it doesn't look like he'll make it more than another year or two). I'm sure the move was to free up more time for his family.
Retina display or not, iPad 3 is going to shine like a diamond in the rough.
It's times like this when I think back to the myriad of nay-sayers who droned on and on about how iPad wouldn't amount to much. Now every tablet out there is trying to emulate Apple's success.
Smart move on Apple's part to expand iPad sales to a toy store. It's just one more thing the competition has to try and meet or exceed when trying to peck away at Apple's dominance in the tablet market. .
Great article, chock full of information. But we've basically heard it all before.
Even though there really aren't any worthwhile details, I'm glad to hear this collaboration is in the works!
Damn, I guess I'll have to wait another year to upgrade iPad. iPad 2 is great, but it "ain't all that".
10am Pacific Time, 1pm Eastern
I was implying there soon won't be anymore iPad 1's to sell, so therefore Apple doesn't need to think about cutting its price.
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