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U mad, bro?
Has anyone bothered to notice that Sept. 12 falls on a Wednesday? Traditionally, Apple likes to announce new products on Tuesdays, yes? (No, really!) Discuss.
Yea, I'm not seriously expecting it, but if they can somehow manage to get it in there, it would make sense to put it in the 3rd gen. iPad redesign. By that I don't mean the 4th ten. iPad, but the re-design that's supposed to happen to include the new dock connector next month.Why even deal with these idiots. I doubt many of them even know what schadenfreude means. haha
Here's to hoping the new iPhone 5, iPad mini, along with the soon-to-be redesigned iPad 3 will have 802.11ac support. Right along some new Time Capsules in 3TB ($299)/4TB ($499) flavors.
The device identifier will be iPhone 5,1. Enough said.
Exactly. Just like the iPhone 4 ruined my iPad experience until the iPad 3, both of which continue to blow my mind almost every time I use them, because those displays are so insanely gorgeous. And now that we've got the 15" MBP screen done, all that remains is the 27" size.@kotatsu, you're probably trying to talk people out of 4K HDTV's, too, as anything greater than 1080p has some algorithm that makes it unnecessary, right? haha...right. And by the way, after 4K will...
Ahhhh...No 27" Retina iMac??? Can we get the 27" Thunderbolt and/or LED Cinema display(s) with 4K resolution to hold us over? 4K wouldn't make it Retina technically, but I could deal with that. (north of 200ppi) lol I would totally pay $2k for a 4K 27" display, although ideally, it would have a resolution in the neighborhood of 5120x2880. My favorite killer combo remains a MacBook Pro plus a 27" Thunderbolt or "LED Cinema" display to get both the iMac and MacBook Pro...
I agree with the verdict. As an American (Californian even haha), I'm also happy with a U.S. win. :-P I hope Samsung won't try anything in the way of trying to disrupt Apple's supply chain, as there are quite a few Samsung parts in the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook's. For example, I REALLY like the 256GB Samsung 830 SSD, which is in all the new Retina MacBook Pro's as well as at least half the Mac Book Air's, which Apple renames "Apple SSD SM256E". And whenever you find...
Celebrating anyone's "losing their livelihood" in these economic times seems backwards. Plus, if you can't see anyone's face or reaction to something someone does to them (positive or negative alike), where is the entertainment value for you?Besides, if Apple canceled every manufacturer's order that had a mole in their midst, there wouldn't be an iPhone 5 on 9/21. There wouldn't even be an iPhone 4S Second Edition.
OK, it's all B.S.! I was too quick on the trigger by posting about my 2.6GHz/16GB Retina MBP supposedly producing zero lag and I apologize. It was irresponsible for me to do so. After more carefully launching the same amount and type of apps as well as connecting my projector, for example, the Mission Control feature does have the same lag as my now former 2.3GHz/8GB Retina MBP! Period. Again, my apologies. I have crossed out the part in the above quoted text that is...
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