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Wow, that's quite a bit of time...Oh well, we have some iOS 4 feature in OS 3.2.
That's one city. What a joke. But even if they had as many stores as Apple around the count...I mean world...why would anyone go there to buy what reportedly will be some kind of "deal" on existing Windows Mobile devices. Windows Phone 7 isn't anywhere near even a beta release. I wouldn't go there if they gave away free phones. I wouldn't want to jeopardize my place in the line to the Apple Store.
HAh! IPS, LED backlight, 960x480, 326ppi, 720p HD video...that ALONE would do it for me. Now we just need IPS for the MacBook Pro's. ONLY screen on Apple products that does not have IPS. Grr... As for the Mac Pro, MacBook Air, and other devices: Doesn't WWDC just kick off with the keynote? It goes on for another 3 days, yes!?? Safari just got updated to version 5, both Windows and Mac! We're hardly done here.
Speaks for itself. CNN is doing this LIVE with a 10-minute "tape-delay"!!!
I just drove by the Apple store in Pasadena, CA at around 9:30pm PT, and the line to get in for one of the first iPad's had just started forming. KABC-TV had three vans out front and the employees inside the store were taking down the entire iPhone/MacBook window advertising. I don't know if I want to wait for hours on end tomorrow morning. Actually, I do know that I don't want to wait at all, but I also want the darn thing. lol... I wish I wasn't out of this: How is...
...is what I would like to know as to whether or not is possible. I have a second iPhone 3GS in black, which I would like to switch to, and give my white one to my girlfriend. However, it runs 3.1.3, and I can live without the jailbreak for now, but I do need to be able to tether every now and then. I found this step-by-step guide, but it's from before the 3GS was released. I have tethering set up exactly how it is described in this blog, but by downloading this...
I would REALLY appreciate IPS panels for maybe the Macbook Pro series. If the 9.7" iPad can have IPS, and obviously the Cinema displays (although a refresh here would be nice, too), and the 21.5" and 27" iMac's all have IPS, why not a 15" or 17" panel for the Macbook (Pro)?
Actually, I don't think the iPad is a joke, but I really want IPS, too. The current Macbook's have been around for a while, so when can we expect a refresh? What exactly is the reason as to why Apple is unable to include IPS at least in the Pro series. If they can do IPS on the small end at 9.7" in the iPad, and 27.5" on the biggest iMac, why not a 15" or 17" panel for Macbook's...???
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