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You're like the only other person to vote haha...I guess Mac people don't care what's in their Macs, but I do, and for those who care also, I've spent extra time at my Apple store to look up how many of the display models were Samsung and out of the dozen or so I've seen, they're ALL Samsung, i.e. Apple SSD SM256E or SM512E. Upon closer examination, they're the Samsung SATA III (6Gbps) PM 830 series, which is great, because that model is consistently at or near the top...
All I want to see happen is for Apple to fire the employees who work on servers, even those who had nothing to do with it. I also want them blacklisted, so they won't find another IT job again, ever. That will teach everyone else a lesson about the value of having a job at Apple. In addition, I also expect a full refund for my Retina MBP for the inconvenience. I think I'll go back to Snow Leopard.
I also think the iMac will get a hardware refresh only, but not Retina. The design change, along with another hardware refresh (Haswell and co.), but with Retina or a near-Retina panel. 4K comes to mind, so 3840x2160 (if it is to retain the 16:9 aspect ratio) would be fine by me. Naturally, anything higher than that in the 4k x 2k category would be highly appreciated, such as 4096x2300. Mmmmhhhhh...:-P Ideally, the 27" Thunderbolt display will get the same treatment that...
In all honesty, I could care less what Apple, Samsung, Google, etc., engage in as far as their respective legal depts. do. I'm nether proud, nor disgusted, nor do I think any one party is "the bad guy" that so many people seem to like to portray Apple as. I used to love a good fight between Microsoft and Apple, but MS is so far back in Apple's rear view mirror, they most often show up in "Other" in most Apple's pie charts. haha
Actually, the 256 refers to the amount of storage (GB), so you have a 512 GB flash drive from Samsung. :-) My attempt at a poll was obviously written quite poorly, seeing as nobody has participated. lol
Arghhh...sorry....double postx2. :-(
I'd really like to know what percentage of the new Retina MBP owners have Samsung Flash storage as opposed to a drive from Toshiba. You can easily find this out in just a few clicks by clicking on the Apple menu, selecting "About This Mac", then clicking on the lower left button that says "System Report", which will open System Information. Finally, select "Serial-ATA", which is towards the bottom of the Hardware menu on the left-hand side. Once you click Serial-ATA, it...
I've seen a little choppiness on rare occasions but never on external displays. There are some cases where customers have reported "ghosting" who need their MBP's replaced.
120 miles north on the 5 freeway is one of the largest school districts in the country. L.A.U.S.D. is issuing 5-10 yr. old and beat-up devices with Windows CE to special ed students with no training of any kind. What a joke. Nice going, San Diego!
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