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You're KIDDING me, David Pogue! Really? You're disappointed by no Ethernet, FireWire, optical drive and "only" 2 USB ports? That was the whole point with this new MBP. No more optical drives. I haven't used them in almost TEN years and when I did, I always hated the experience, so good rid-dens. Only 2 USB ports? Get a HUB. Get a Thunderbolt dock! Same goes for Ethernet and FireWire, although for the latter two, you can get dedicated adapters. I also like Ethernet, which...
Woohooo!!!!!! Yay, China Mobile!
Two more interesting tidbits: At least 3 of those stores told me that outside of the models put out on the floor for display, they have yet to receive a shipment for any of the Retina MacBook Pro's for actual sale. One store rep. claimed that they had received indication from Apple not to expect any shipments for a decent number of units for several more weeks. I have one on order from Apple's Online Store. Have any of you received yours yet? Any luck in stores?
Nokia used to be the gold standard in cellphones. Highly respected for its products' durability, excellent reception and highly regarded for its consistency in making high quality devices. Now? Not so much.
1080p makes SUCH a difference when you're using a projector. I see the difference on my 46" HDTV, too, though. Everything is just that much sharper and crystal clear. I like how Apple operates. They didn't support 1080p for the longest time, but boy, now that they do, since March when they released the 1080p Apple TV 3, now they're REALLY supporting it. iTunes has TONS of 1080p content. Apple clearly always cares about the experience. They don't want to do anything...
Open me!
They're probably saving the complete redesign for "Haswell", Intel's next-generation 14nm "Tock". I was hoping for a Cinema/Thunderbolt Display (or iMac) with Retina-ish resolution, too, and both DP 1.2 and HDMI 1.4, along with even the integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics all support at least 4Kx2K.There are also quite a few Pro users that I've seen comment on waiting for the 14nm Haswell chip, but I do agree that this so-called upgrade to the Mac Pro was a joke, if not a...
3-4 weeks huh? I'm glad I got my order in when it had just started showing 2-3 weeks, up from 5-7 business days. My local Apple store - well, one of the many in L.A. - still hasn't gotten any Retina MBPs. I called a few others yesterday and same result. It feels as though I'm standing in line for a MacBook Pro.
It would be great if you could stream on both 2.4+5GHz in the way some newer 802.11n routers work. With 3x3 MIMO on both frequencies: 450Mbps+450Mbps=900Mbps. What would be even nicer if we had 802.11ac lying dormant in the new MBPs and this new Express station, or, sweeter even, upcoming AirPort Extreme and Time Capsules with 802.11ac support.
  Into a Thunderbolt port as soon as Blackmagic gets their head out of their.....
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