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  Not really motion seconded.
Actually, it went from "5-7 business days" to "2-3 weeks" yesterday evening. I know because I was calling stores to see if they had it, but every store only had the "regular" updated MBPs, so I finally ordered online last night and it had switched to 2-3 weeks then. We're talking around 4pm Pacific (7pm Eastern), so it wasn't even that late. I tweeted about it when I found out, so I can look for the exact time if need be. Have we come to the point where we have to stand...
They pulled this before. And later, to "unlock" the 802.11ac, an unlock fee applies. lol...I hope I get offered the fee because I really want the new WiFi.   Simultaneous 2.4+5GHz in AirPort Express still doesn't mean 450Mbps+450Mbps=900Mbps, unlike is the case for a bunch of routers that also have 3x3 MIMO and channel-bond both frequency ranges to achieve that speed. Just checking...?
ASUS has a 1.75Gbps 802.11ac router released (well, almost) with 2.4GHz+5GHz channel bonding or something to that effect. If Apple wants to continue to be the first with WiFi, as it has claimed to be in the case of 802.11b, g, and n then this kind of has to include the new 802.11ac standard in at least one router.
    Sweet! My wishes that I had expressed less than 24 hours ago came to fruition today, as Belkin has significantly upgraded its Thunderbolt dock solution with a price tag of a slightly higher $399, but it now is set to include a 1m (3.3 ft.) Thunderbolt cable as well as a miniDisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter. So instead of 3 USB 2.0 ports, they will ALL be USB 3.0 ports and there will even be an eSATA port. With that, it will be the most complete Thunderbolt dock by...
    In your lame comment, you mean to imply that FW800 are speedier than USB 2 drives in any truly meaningful way? Hardly.
I don't like the idea of losing Ethernet, but 802.11ac would make that a moot point. However, aren't you guys forgetting something??? With new WiFi, there will have to be new AirPort Extreme routers and new Time Capsules. I'm going to guess 4TB in the $499 version and still 2TB (as opposed to 3TB) in the $299 version, so as to make the higher-priced TC a better value.   As for the Retina display, I have one "issue": We've heard a lot about 2880x1800 for the 15"...
The Belkin has the all-important 2nd Thunderbolt port for chaining in other TB devices. I also prefer having the HDMI port (Belkin) vs. that ugly (and huge) DVI port in this Matrox dock and it just looks better. However, it doesn't have USB 3.0 (grrr...otherwise, it'd be the perfect dock!), which this one does have. Fortunately, Belkin can still do the right thing and incorporate USB 3.0 into its as yet unreleased docking station. :)   A lot of it depends on what the...
3D is so-so? Really?? Apple bought C3, a mapping company a little while ago, and that's what's going into the new Maps. Actually, it will BE the new Maps. Stunning Bird's Eye views and extremely accurate.   http://www.slashgear.com/apple-acquires-c3-technologies-for-next-generation-3d-mapping-29191834/
Looks like they will continue to sign both iOS 5.1.1 builds, 9B206 and 9B208. I have the former and neither iTunes nor Software Update on my iPhone 4S allow me to "upgrade" to 9B208, the one that was released yesterday. They had two builds of another iOS version before. 9A405 and 9A406. I don't remember that it mattered before, so could it be that Apple is just trying something out? That would be some co-incidence, though, but they do happen.
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