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Apple should just hire Americans to fly overseas and come back with their luggage stuffed full of cash and bring the money "back" that way. Customs checks are so infrequent and superficial, it would create tons of jobs to send those folks back and forth on money runs. As others have said: "Hey, I'm no expert".
Got my Apple TV a day early and my new iPad today. This is in densely populated Los Angeles.
Ivy Bridge is supposed to support USB 3.0 at the chipset level, so Apple would have to somehow disable them and really, that would be rather stupid. Even if they do, I guess we'll have to get a jailbreak for the new MacBook's. With USB 3.0, any speed issues for Gigabit Ethernet would be moot if you really needed to use a dongle to get Ethernet. Needless to say, Thunderbolt is another way to get all the Ethernet you can handle. I do make use of Ethernet still as well,...
IPS displays with high-res and high pixel density "Retina" displays on a 15" MacBook Air please! Even better: A "Retina"-like/type iMac and/or Cinema/Thunderbolt display. I'd buy all of the above on day one!
I never thought I'd read "...and PC makers are also struggling with the MacBook Air's low price tag of only $999."
So it was New Year's Eve and thanks to iMessage, I knew I could let every one of my friends know that I wished them a Happy New Year, including those on non-iOS devices, despite the fact that I only have the $5 "entry-level" texting plan that gives me 200 messages every month. The 200, 1000, 1500, etc., messaging plans are no longer an option for those who don't already have them and are grandfathered in. It's all or nothing with AT&T as far as texting is concerned, so you...
The store employees know nothing. They generally don't find anything out until they literally get the shipments in. Incidentally, you can get Hulu Plus to work on Apple TV if you jailbreak it ("hack it"). Jailbreaking is completely legal and it opens up a ton of additional options.
Yea, I know. That's exactly what I wrote. Too much Matroska? (it always reminds me of Russian vodka lol)Man...this year will be an expensive one but it's all worth it to me. P.S.: OS X 10.8's Notification Center is super useful! This is one heck of a stable "dev. preview".
Woohoo! YEAA!! lol...Well, I don't use iTunes much except for the AppStore but it'll be great to be able to stream to my Apple TV2 for my GF's kids, while mirroring another movie to my projector on the upcoming Apple TV 3. All without any downscaling from 1080p and without any buffering. That's where those quad core i7's come in handy.
Apart from all these amazing possibilities that AirPlay mirroring via Apple TV open up, it's also going to be just a great convenience. In my case, I won't need to disconnect my LED Cinema Display from the end of my Thunderbolt chain and replace it with the MiniDisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter and HDMI cable that runs to my projector. Although I got it down to less than a minute now...
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