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How about THIS for an amazing capability of OS X 10.8 and Apple TV 3: Since you can mirror anything in 1080p (probably), won't this mean that we can run VLC player and play ANY container/codec combination (a.k.a. ANY file extension), switch to full screen and click on the AirPlay icon in the menu bar? No more conversions, no more tied to iTunes...true freedom!!! Or am I missing something???
AirPlay mirroring from the Mac is HUGE!!! I am running OS X 10.8 as of three hours ago, but I haven't tried it yet. Initially, I thought that Apple might be using Intel WiDi (Wireless Display) feature, which is found in current and recent Macs' Intel's CPUs. Then again, WiFi and Apple TV gives Apple more control, which makes sense. Either way, this is SWEET! I'm ready to but the 3rd gen Apple TV. (iTV3?)
I LOVE it. GONE will be the optical drive at long last making way for a thinner logic board and with that a significantly thinner body. I'm looking forward to USB 3.0 inclusion by way of Intel's Ivy Bridge chipset without the need of an ExpressCard. And, perhaps most of all, I'd love (L-O-V-E) to see anything in the way of a better display. For example, Retina but no IPS would make me happy. IPS but no Retina would make me happy. Ideally, of course, Retina AND IPS, or...
...what he said!
Since when are Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 wireless standards??? And most of you don't know your bits from your bytes. Anyway, if there is anyone wanting to know as to when Apple will support USB 3.0, I have the answer for you: Now, if you have an ExpressCard slot in your MacBook Pro, or a PCIe card for your Mac Pro and the rest of us will have to buy a new computer this April or May when the new Intel Ivy Bridge CPU's will be released. Intel will support USB 3.0 at the...
And can someone at Apple perhaps include the apparently far-fetched idea of using IPS panels??????????????? I love my MacBook Pro and the screen is nice, but nowhere near as nice as my Cinema Display, iPad and iPhone. I'm all for extreme high res and 250+ PPI (drrrooool!) but please...no more TN trash.
Ive's in a studio? I didn't know San Francisco's real estate prices were that high.
Sweetness!!! 2,880x1,880..."Retina" displays. Yes, I'll buy it on day one, and let's have them be IPS displays please. How is it that iPhone, iPod touch, iPad 1 & 2, iMac (24", 21.5" & 27") can ALL have gorgeous IPS displays, but MacBook Pro's cannot? I guess it's cost, maybe, but whatever, let's at least make it an option - an expensive one if need be, so that Apple can rake in its monumental mark-up's per MacBook sold. I'll gladly pay for it. :-D
The tagless thing had nothing to do with looks and everything to do with his overall issues with authority. If it had been about looks, he would have taken the license plate border off, too!
Some of you might as well wear shirts that say "We are the 99%" Money....is....awesome!
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